Drone Week Continues – Swift Stream Z-6 Drone

ToysBulletin.com reviews the second of four drones from Swift Stream.

As drone week continues here at Toys Bulletin, we are going to look at the next in the line of recreational drones from Swift Stream. We reviewed the Z-4 yesterday, priced at $30 and measuring 3” x 3”. It certainly proved to be a nice entry into the world of drones. The Z-6 that we are going to review today is a small step up in terms of price ($40), but it is bigger measuring 5 ½” x 5 ½ ” and offers a few new features that are worth noting.

swift stream z-6 2The Z-6 has a small removable battery that charges via USB, and the set includes an extra battery which we thought was important since you can fly with one battery and charge another at the same time. That simple fact makes the Z-6 a very attractive alternative, as it is only a $10 step up from the Z-4.

In addition, and this is something we will cover in more depth as we move higher up in the Swift Stream line, but the Z-6 brings the ability to do flips with the drone. Simply press a button on the right side of the controller and hit the joystick to the side and the drone will flip over and then catch itself to resume flight. It is a piece of cake to do it, and instantly makes you appear to be a drone expert. The kids in our test group loved it, and it is a trick many of them had never seen.

Swift Stream z-6 1The joystick is large and shares many parts and functionality with the high end drone models. In addition, the drone offers very intuitive, responsive controls with more ability for trimming than the Z-4 model. Trimming lets you dial in the controls so that maneuverability is improved. If the drone is pulling to one side or the other, you can correct it from the remote. We actually found subtle changes in the way you controlled the drone to be equally effective and faster to implement. You simply counter against whichever way the drone might pull, if it does at all.

The Z-6 also held up better in slightly windy conditions, as did the upper end models. Size really means a lot when it comes to holding your line in the wind. Like the Z-4 we banged this one up pretty good with a few ground outs on concrete. But the plastic is incredibly durable and we did not have any issues except for a few minor scratches which are to be expected.

At the $40 price point, the Z-6 is a no brainer. This is a nice sized drone, with good controllability, the capacity to do flips and a removable battery at a pretty amazing price. From here we are going to step up a little further and look at some drones that bring wi-fi video capabilities to them, along with even more great features. The price is going to jump up a bit, but so does the level of fun.  Stay tuned as our drone reviews continue tomorrow.

For more information about the Z-6, go to the Swift Stream website, or look for it on-line.

— Andrew Cullen, Editor

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