Doll Review: Sweet Pea Diaper Baby – from Madame Alexander looks at a great first doll choice for the younger set.

SweepPeaDiaperBaby1Grandma Alert!  Madame Alexander’s “Sweet Pea Diaper Baby” is a wise purchase for those grandmas looking for a perfect gift for younger grandchildren.  Suitable for children from newborn to school aged, this 12-inch baby doll is everything a little one would want.

SweetPeaDiaperBaby2“Sweet Pea Diaper Baby” is a darling, blue eyed, brown haired newborn that has it all.  Madame Alexander has a reputation for quality and durability and it shows with this well made soft-bodied baby doll with a durable (and washable I might add) vinyl head.  The face is so sweet with delicate pink lips, apple blushed cheeks and perfectly painted eyes and lashes.  This doll is hazard free and parents can relax watching their child play with her painted brunette hair “curl.”  Also, there are no worries with having a youngster put this doll in her mouth, as it is phthalate free and completely washable.

“Sweet Pea Diaper Baby” arrives dressed for the nursery.  The well-constructed removable soft pink sleep sack, featuring actual “sweet pea” embroidery, is the perfect wardrobe for the little darling when she accompanies a child for their afternoon nap.  She is able to stay warm too, with her matching pink cap that can be taken on or off, and is nicely attached to the sleep sack.  Her cloth body is soft, yet dimpled in just the right places to highlight her chubby legs and knees.  As an added surprise, “Sweet Pea Diaper Baby” comes complete with a changeable diaper that is fastened with Velcro tabs, and finally she comes holding a soft pacifier in her fabric hand. 

SweetPeaDiaperBaby3This 12-inch doll is the perfect size for tiny arms to cradle and carry around the house, as little ones practice how to become the ultimate “mommy.”  She even fits nicely in strollers and baby cradles.

“Sweet Pea Diaper Baby” is sure to delight younger children, and purchasing this “first doll” is a great beginning to any Madame Alexander doll collection.  We consider the suggested retail price of $29.95 a genuine value, as this doll will certainly retain its “new” look for years to come.  This “Sweet” little treasure can be found at

— Mary Kay

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