Doll Accessories: From Adora

Purr-fectly posh looks at several Adora doll accessories made for little girls and collectors too.

Fresh out of the California Playroom, Adora’s accessories are going to delight anyone – especially someone who already owns an Adora doll. They are really full of ADORAbility! Adora Dolls are very special – each one handmade with a perfect blend of sweetness and love. Now they have accessories to complement the doll line – what little girl doesn’t want to accessorize? I will be reviewing two unique outfits, a pair of tennis shoes, and finally a table feeding seat designed to fit most 12″-20″ dolls.

Purr-fectly Posh Outfit:  This ADORAble outfit will fit all 18-20 inch dolls and is not going to disappoint with its high quality construction and purr-fectly designed fabric. The pink flowered pants are gathered with pink flowers at the ankle, topped with a ruffled striped jersey skirt with pastel tulle pink overskirt. The screen printed tutu cute kitty cat adorns the front of the white knit jersey blouse. Of course it is not complete without matching pink bows on each arm. This outfit is sure to delight and retails for $34.00.

Adora pnk/white tennis shoesPink/White Tennis Shoes:  The superb craftsmanship is evident as you examine the bright pink soft bottomed and soft upper shoes. You will think they are made for real babies, and the packaging and presentation are also first-rate. These shoes will also provide great practice for any small child learning shoe tying techniques as the lace up the front is just like you would find on real tennis shoes, plus they are surprisingly affordable at just $8.99.

Pink Charmer Outfit:  Once again, this ADORAble two piece outfit will thrill any little girl who is wanting that perfect outfit for a tea Adora pink charmer 1party or special occasion. The frilly white lace pinafore lets you know this is a “fancy” outfit and time to play dress-up. The soft pink underdress and matching pantaloons are constructed with a fine cotton material and an attached tulle under slip. A lime green bow with pink rose provides the sweetness for this outfit, and two matching hair bow/clips are included. The retail price of $35.99 is reasonable considering the high quality of this outfit.

Adora feeding seat 1Table Feeding Seat:  The Adora trademark bright floral pattern with pink trim makes this cute seat very recognizable and a “must-have” for any little girl or serious collector. After all, a baby needs to eat. This easy to assemble seat has metal handles with pink grips for easy attachment to a table, and the durable pink floral fabric folds down for easy storage when not in use. This seat fits best on tables that are up to 1½ inches thick, and there is even a safety strap to insure that your “baby” will stay secure in the seat. This feeding seat is perfect for imaginative open ended play and will entertain for hours, plus the attractive pink box lets you know that there is quality waiting inside. The seat retails for $14.99, which we found very affordable considering the sturdy construction and quality.

All of these accessories and much more can be found at the Adora Doll website.

–Mary Kay

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