DNA Experiment Kit – A Building Block for the Future

ToysBulletin.com reviews the “DNA Experiment Kit” from ScienceWiz.

DNA Kit 1The “DNA Experiment Kit” from ScienceWiz is made with learning and fun in mind. This kit is a great gift for any 8+ year old boy or girl that has an interest in understanding how our DNA works using a kit that explains it in a fun and challenging way. There are 8 specific projects in the kit and they can be done repeatedly as most of the materials are re-usable or can be found around the household. Upon opening this kit, we were impressed with the detailed organization of the materials and the high quality of the workbook that is actually attached to the box itself, so no worries about losing it after completing a project.

Before diving into a project, I read through the workbook which outlines detailed explanations of cells, nuclei and DNA. The graphic images are very colorful, with all of the important words in bold print and highlighted in yellow, making it fun to read. The author does a great job explaining about cells by comparing them to Legos. After all, every kid understands that type of comparison.  A direct quote from the workbook states, “So it is with living organisms which are made of individual building blocks called cells.”

DNA Kit 2After learning about cells, I chose to do the activity titled, “Build a DNA Ladder.” The pieces needed were labeled and clearly pictured.  It was easy to see that a DNA molecule is made up of basic cells that can only pair with each other. The pattern made looked just like a DNA cell that you would see in a text book. I then shaped it into a double helix by twisting the model. The plastic pieces are of very high quality, making it easy to bend and shape it, while the structure stayed intact.

Once assembled, there is a nice summary describing the DNA molecule and how it was discovered in 1953. Overall, I think kids would really enjoy working on this project, especially with a parent or older sibling.

The “DNA Experiment Kit” retails for around $23.00. Look for it at Amazon.com.

-Amy Goodheart


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