Cuddle Barn – Plush and Much More reviews a pair of musical plush toys from Cuddle Barn.

Cuddle Barn 1Want to dance with a new stuffed toy? Well, we found some great products to get you started. “Cuddle Barn” designs stuffed toys with sounds and music that will surely get you a toe tappin’. Today, we will review in detail both “Party Parry,” and “Trooper,” two of our personal favorites.

“Party Parry” is a 10 inch red and yellow parrot who sings and dances to the sound of “Jump in the Line (Shake Senora).” She comes dressed ready to party and hit the salsa dance floor with colorful purple, red, and pink feathers that even sway as she dances. On top of her head, she wears a straw hat filled with a cloth banana, lime and apple. Her beak is cleverly designed to move exactly to the words of the music so she appears to be realistically singing. She is simply a delight to watch, and we are certain that she will please even the smallest child. “Party Parry” is recommended for ages 2 years old and up, but our staff here at Toys Bulletin had her performing every time they passed her by. She retails for $34.99, and can be purchased directly from the Cuddle Barn website. To really appreciate the sounds of “Party Parry,” scroll down from that link, and watch a great video of her performance.

Cuddle Barn 2“Trooper”, our second review product from “Cuddle Barn,” is a smartly dressed 12 inch German Sheperd police dog who will sway rhythmically as he sings the classic song, “Bad Boys” originally featured on the “Cops” TV show. Dressed in his navy blue uniform, he wears a nicely coordinated trooper cap complete with a police badge, a look that leaves no doubt he means business. His mouth, much like “Party Parry,” is also in perfect sync with the lyrics from the song. This member of the K-9 police department is a great fit for a little one who loves policemen and is sure to bring smiles around. He would even be a fun gift for someone working in the law enforcement field. “Trooper” is very well made, colorful, and built to endure some rough play – a real hit for sure. “Trooper” retails for $29.99 and can also be purchased directly from the Cuddle Barn website. “Trooper” also has a video featured at the website, so don’t miss watching.

Cuddle Barn 6 Cuddle Barn 5 Cuddle Barn 3 We have only scratched the surface of all the products that are available from “Cuddle Barn.” In fact, we have to mention a few more that caught our attention. We spent time with “Karmeleon,” a green 12″ Chameleon who sings “Karma Chameleon,” and even glows and moves his tail. There was also “Gerry,” the giraffe, holding a bright yellow sunflower, and standing 12″ tall. His neck somehow grows taller as he sings “(Your Love Lifts Me) Higher And Higher.” There was “Bingo My Name-O,” an 11″ puppy who flaps his ears, claps his hands and even barks, while singing “Bingo.” Every plush collection needs a monkey and “Cuddle Barn has one called Cuddle Barn 4“Vacation Monty,” whose cheeks glow a bright red, while he sips a piña colada through a  straw while singing “Escape (the Piña Colada Song).” Then there is “Finn the Shark,” who dances and spins to the sounds of “You Spin Me Right Around.” Of course, “Cuddle Barn” also has an 8″ zombie named “Run Run Frankie,” who scampers along the floor to the Cuddle Barn 7 Cuddle Barn 8 sounds of “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” Lastly, and one of the cutest releases is “Lil Bub,” who purrs just like a real cat, and is patterned after a real-life rescue kitten. In fact, “Cuddle Barn” donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of “Lil Bub” to the “Best Friends Animal Society.” It is worth noting that all of the plush toys mentioned do require batteries, but are easily turned on by simply squeezing a hand or foot.

Cuddle Barn 9It seems to us that “Cuddle Barn” has every type of animal covered in their vast collection of plush toys. I think you will agree that there is something for every occasion or person (big or small) who might need a reason to smile or dance.
–Mary Kay
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