Crocodile Dentist by Winning Moves USA – A Great Travel Game For Young Kids

This is not a new game, but rather one that many now consider a “classic game.” Yet, in my talks with parents and kids, few seem to have ever heard of it. Back in 1991, Milton Bradley first published “Crocodile Dentist.” That version was larger than its current day counterpart, but the mechanics were basically the same.

In the current version of “Crocodile Dentist”, published by “Winning Moves USA,” players, acting as dentists, must push down teeth into the mouth of the Crocodile.

As long as you don’t push on the soar tooth, the game continues.  However, if the soar tooth is pushed, the mouth will snap shut on the hand of that player, and he or she is the loser.  It should be noted that the mouth of the crocodile closes very gently, and could not cause any type of injury.  It is more of a surprise, and obviously this game is intended for younger children ages 4-7.
This game is great for travel because of its small size.  There are also no loose parts, and it requires no batteries.  It is driven by springs inside the toy.  It is perfect for those long trips in the family car.  It can be played by 1-4 players and retails for $15.99.  Your toddlers and preschoolers will scream in delight.  Check out “Crocodile Dentist” at
— Lance Manion

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