Crash Test Lab – Can “Impact Jack” Survive a Crash? reviews an interesting new toy from SmartLab Toys.

Crash Test Lab 1A Crash Test Dummy now comes to life right in your own home, with the release of “Crash Test Lab” from SmartLab Toys. This 23 piece set was designed for ages 8 years old and up, and allows kids to actually build a crash cart, position a dummy called “Impact Jack” right in the drivers seat and then test their creation to see if Jack is properly protected from harm.

The “Crash Test Lab” includes a chassis with 4 rubber tires, various rails, posts and bumpers, along with a seat, head restraint and even seat belts. And let’s not forget the most important component, “Impact Jack,” who measures 9 inches in height and, of course, sports his own protective helmet. To get things started, the crash cart must first be assembled and there are several options as to which accessories to include. For example, there is an optional roll cage that can be added to safeguard Jack even more.

Crash Test Lab 2Once assembled, Jack is positioned in the seat and buckled in for maximum safety. Kids will then press an impact sensor located on Jack’s chest, which will immediately begin to flash green. This signals that Jack is ready to go. Now it is time to test the cart, by crashing it around the house, or outside in the driveway. Test the cart with high acceleration and hard impact, or maybe crash the cart into a pillow. There are hundreds of ways to test its safety. After every crash, kids should take a look at the impact sensor on Jack’s chest. If it is flashing red, Jack did not survive, but if he continues to flash green, Jack has survived the crash. The instruction booklet that accompanied the “Crash Test Lab” says it best, “If it’s green, he saves his tail, if its red, an epic fail.”

After each crash, the impact sensor must be pressed and reset to flash green, before trying another crash test. Jack does require two AAA batteries, which are easily inserted into a battery compartment door on his back. We did discover that Jack can survive some substantial crashes, because of all the protection around him. Kids will enjoy testing the cart without bumpers, or even seat belts to see the effects of such dangerous decisions.

We had a lot of fun with the “Crash Test Lab,” and it can be purchased for $24.99 directly from the SmartLab Toys website.

–RJ Cullen


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