Construction Toy Review: Wrecker and Spike from the Dino Construction Company

dino reviews a pair of unique dinosaur vehicles from Educational Insights.

“Educational Insights,” always among the leaders in children’s toys and games, has created quite an interesting vehicle for kids who like either or both dinosaurs and large earth moving equipment.  Their “Dino Construction Company” line of toys includes 4 vehicles, all featuring the look of a different dinosaur.

We are going to take a look at 2 of these toys, “Spike, the Ankylosaurus Steam Roller,” and “Wrecker, the T-Rex Skid Loader.”  Each of them is kid-powered, and requires no batteries.  They are recommended for ages 3 years old and up, and can be played with indoors or outdoors.

“Spike” measures approximately 8” W x 20” L x 10” H.  It is made of sturdy high quality plastic and is colored blue and orange, with grey roller wheels.  Its head swivels back and forth and its jaws snap open, with plenty of room in the lower jaw to hold a nice chunk of sand or dirt.  The tail swings back and forth like a real dinosaur, and the body pivots nicely from side to side.  In the center you find the orange colored cab, featuring both a seat and steering wheel.  But the vehicle highlight may be the two huge roller wheels that can swiftly smooth out most any outdoor surface, or glide along the carpet if playing indoors.

“Wrecker” measures about the same size as “Spike,” and features the same high quality construction.  “Wrecker” is green and orange, but is moved by rubber track instead of wheels.  As the rubber turns, it is designed to leave “dino tracks” in the dirt or sand.   The front of “Wrecker” includes the snapping jaws, which are both larger and allow for slightly more digging power compared to those on “Spike.”  Also, the neck and head can be moved to a vertical position looking straight up at the sky.  The orange protective cab sports a steering wheel and black seat, with plenty of room for a favorite action figure.  The backside includes a flexible tail to complete the final detail.

The Toys Bulletin staff was very impressed with the size and playability of both “Spike” and “Wrecker.”  The design of these toys was genius, combining two of a kid’s favorite things, dirt-digging toys and dinosaurs.  How could you go wrong?  We tried them inside and outside and everything worked perfectly each and every time.

The retail price of “Spike” comes in at $36.99 and it can be purchased at, while “Wrecker” retails slightly higher at $39.99, and can also be found at  And remember, be on the lookout for the other two vehicles in the “Dino Construction Company” line of toys,  “T-Top, the Triceratops Bulldozer,” and “Boom, the Brachiosaurus Backhoe.”
— RJ Cullen

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