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Rubbabu – Safe, Fun Toys for Young Children

We at Toys Bulletin recently came across an award winning toymaker called "Rubbabu." They basically manufacture toys out of very strong rubber foam, and each is covered with nylon flock sourced from Switzerland, which creates a very smooth satin like surface. In addition, they are anti microbial, dust, mite and mildew resistant, as well as hypo-allergenic and flame retardant.

They can be cleaned with a simple wet damp cloth, and the foam surface can also be spruced up with a soft brush.  "Rubbabu" does remind parents that this is not a teething toy, as small children could bite the rubber foam.

Their product line includes an extensive line of cars, animals, boats, airplanes, puzzles, playsets, and even swords and shields, just to name a few.  Every item is brightly colored and each has been created by world renown Indian designer Arunkumar H.G.

We were so excited about these toys that we are providing three back to back reviews covering multiple items within the entire"Rubbabu" product line.  This is a first for Toys Bulletin.

Rubbabu: Vehicles Review

In this review, we are going to look at "The Pink Ambulance," "Cleanupper, the Dump Truck,""Charles the Airplane" and the "Torino Racer." Each of these is intended for ages 0 and up, so these can be given to very small children.

Our focus group enjoyed playing with each of these toys. The favorite was probably "Cleanupper, the Dump Truck," because of the ability to raise and lower the bed of the truck. Each was neatly designed, with four foam wheels attached to plastic axles. They each rolled easily on hard surfaces and even carpeting. Because of the soft rubber foam, they simply bounced off walls and furniture with no damage to the toys or to the house.

They were also very light and easy to pick up and maneuver around, something the parents noticed right away. The basic size of each did vary but none were much longer than 8" and the height of the larger sizes was around 5". The "Torino Racer" was longer and shorter but matched the intended profile of a sleek racing car. Most of these toys come in several different sizes as well, ranging from small up to large.

Based on the smiles we observed on the kid's faces, and the satisfying look of their parents, we highly recommend any and all of the "Rubbabu" vehicles without reservation. The vehicles can be bought at, and depending on the desired size, look for retail prices between $8.00 and $25.00. This group of "Rubbabu" toys receives our highest "Gold Rating."

-- RJ Cullen
*Gold Rating*

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Hot Wheels RC Stealth Rides

Mattel has always been successful with its Hot Wheels vehicles and race sets. Now they have pushed the envelope once again, introducing one of the top toys for Christmas 2010.

The new Hot Wheels RC Stealth Ride vehicles are foldable racing cars that measure a bit less than 3 inches in length. They actually fold flat and fit into a slim carrying case, which easily fits into a youngster's pocket. The case doubles as a miniature remote control devise as well, allowing the car to race, turn and spin.

To get things started, simply slide the car out of the case, and press the transformation button, which returns the car to its normal size. Then, using the small case as the remote control, push buttons, or combinations of buttons, and put the car through its paces. The remote has a range of about 15 feet. There is a slight drawback to this item, and it must be mentioned.
Each vehicle takes 3 button cell batteries, and the remote takes 2 button cell batteries. The battery life equates to about 45 minutes of playing time. This reviewer stocks lots of AA and AAA batteries, but not many button cells.

Although each new Hot Wheels RC Stealth Ride vehicle provides some batteries, they will likely be used up before noon on Christmas morning. Buyers may want to stock up on AG13 button cell batteries. The price is cheap, about $2.50 for 10, or buy as many as 100 for $7.50 or so.

There are currently 5 different models or colors to choose from, including a very sleek looking Batmobile Tumbler. Each Hot Wheels RC Stealth Ride vehicle retails for around $32.00, and are intended for kids 8 years old and up. Check them out and watch a video at

Silver Rated........not Gold because of those darn batteries. -- RJ Cullen
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Air Hogs Moto Frenzy Remote Controlled Stunt Bike

This is a pretty neat little concept for only $24.99. This Christmas is really shaping up to be high tech and value centric, as you can see by this inexpensive remote controlled motocross bike as well as some of the other toys we've looked at recently such as Paper Jamz and the Havoc Heli.

The Air Hogs Moto Frenzy is a mini motocross bike that can pop wheelies and pull other stunts. For the price, it's not a bad bet.
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