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Diggin Joust Tag

We loved this one. Parents are always looking for a safe sword play game for their youngsters. Well, look no further.

This includes two Velcro target vests, 2 inflatable swords, and 2 soft core scoring plugs. Tag the vest to score points and beat your opponent. Much like the sport of fencing, this is a winner. “Joust Tag” can be found for $19.99, and although suggested for those 5+, younger kids would enjoy this as well, maybe with a bit of adult supervision. Go to to make a purchase.
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“King Sports” Kid’s Punching Bag and Boxing Gloves

OK……….show this one to Dad. Does your little one have endless energy? Well, this item will keep him or her busy and improve their physical condition too. This is honestly the best youth bag and glove set I have ever come across.

It can be adjusted to different heights, can be used indoors or outdoors, and is very easy to assemble. It can be purchased for less than $49.99. Check it out at
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Diggin Wobble Deck

Kids stand on a platform, where the black footprints are clearly marked. The Deck will begin to wobble and music will play. There are three activities to keep things interesting while on the deck, a memory match, speed play and freestyle. It reminded me of the famous “Simon” game, except this is done with your feet on a wobbly deck. You, of course, match colors, numbers and sounds.
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