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XPloderz X2 Mauler 1000 – An Extraordinary Shooting Experience

Maya Group, Inc. has released its new line of X2 Blasters, now featuring “auto-load.” The new Blasters have improved accuracy and also shoot for longer distances, when compared to last year’s models. And how could anyone resist something called the “XPloderz X2 Mauler 1000.”  Say it a few times, and you want one immediately.    X2 Blasters are intended for youngsters ages 8 years old and up, and feature a type of ammo that may surprise many of our readers...

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Ring Stix – Outdoor Launch and Catch Fun

"Ring Stix" is a game played by two players who toss a plastic ring back and forth using specially designed sticks that send the rings spinning and flying to each other. To begin play, each player receives 2 sticks, places the ring between the two sticks, and then by pulling each stick very quickly, the ring is successfully launched. The sticks measure approximately 25" in length, and the ring is about 5" in diameter. It takes some practice to get the distance and accuracy correct, but once that is accomplished, the receiving player can easily catch the spinning ring in one of his two sticks.

"Ring Stix" is suggested for ages 10 years and up, and the set included 4 sticks, 2 rings, one of which glows in the dark, and a handy cloth storage bag. The "Ring Stix" Pro Set we tested retails for $34.99, and can be purchased at

We decided to test "Ring Stix" at a local park with 6 teenage boys...
Posted in Outdoor Announces its Best Toys and Games List for 2011


It is a difficult task to compile a list of the year's best toys and games, since it is absolutely impossible to have played with every toy and game released in 2011. So, we have prepared our "Best of the Year" list based on toys and games that we have reviewed on our website from November 2010 through October 2011.

We have excluded some older items which we reviewed this year, because the toy or game had been around for years, but at the same time we have included some toys and games that were new to us here at Toys Bulletin, but may have been available prior to 2011. And most importantly, we kept with our mission statement of providing a list of the "Best Toys and Games You've Never Heard Of."

Here we go........

TOP TOYS AND GAMES OF 2011 (in Alphabetical Order)

Automoblox- from Automoblox Company, LLC

The best wood building toy we have ever seen (see review on 11-19-10)

Flip Six Card Game- from US Games Systems, Inc.

Easy to play card game, and so addictive (see review on 6-18-11)
Jukem- from Flying Pig Games

A simple, fun and fast football card game (see review on 3-14-11)
Khet 2.0- from Innovention Toys

A chess type game with laser beams, and simply amazing to play (see review on 3-25-11)
Kid's Safety Trampoline- from One Step Ahead

Sturdy, high quality and a focus group favorite (see review on 7-30-11)
Main Event Boxing- from Downey Games

An amazing Boxing simulation that can be played in just 5 minutes (see review on 10-1-11)
Puzzle Pyramid- from Ravensburger

An astonishing 3D jigsaw puzzle (see review on 7-26-11)
Redakai- from Spin Master Ltd

The new standard in trading card games (see review on 7-9-11)
Revomaze- from Ashton Pitt Ltd

The most fascinating, yet difficult, puzzle ever created (see review on 9-24-11)

Sword and Shield Set- from Rubbabu

Soft, flexible and unbreakable, young boys loved it (see review on 5-25-11)

The Wacky Whiddles- from Wacky Whiddles and More LLC

A truly fun word game, that is witty and clever (see review on 4-30-11)
Word on the Street- from Out of the Box Publishing, Inc.

So simple and easy to play, yet so rewarding (see review on 9-17-11)

-- List by Toys Bulletin Staff

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Kid’s Safety Trampoline from One Step Ahead – Release your Child’s Energy

This newly redesigned "Kid's Safety Trampoline" will be a real winner for parents looking for some indoor/outdoor entertainment for their little ones. This trampoline measures 35" long and 35" wide, with the jumping area approximately 2 feet square. The jumping surface is even skid resistant. The "Kid's Trampoline" also features a soft covered handle at a height of 32", allowing kids to hold on while jumping. Assembly is beyond simple, requiring only a Phillips Head Screwdriver to assembly the legs in less than 5 minutes of time.

The manufacturer suggested and we concur that this item would be best for those ages 3 and up, and less than 80 pounds. It should be noted that this is a very sturdy and high quality trampoline. It carries a suggested retail price of $99.95, and the words "you get what you pay for" fit this product very nicely. Keep in mind there is also a fairly steep shipping charge because of the overall weight.

Our focus group, both boys and girls, loved jumping on the "Kid's Safety Trampoline." They always seemed to grab the handle, without being told, and jumped as high as they could, many times simply bending their legs to give the appearance of jumping higher. Parents told us that they were also surprised how the trampoline seemed to resist sliding even on an indoor tile floor.

"One Step Ahead" has a solid reputation for only selling high quality baby and children's products. The "Kid's Safety Trampoline" is no exception. It can be purchased at Toys Bulletin awards this product our "Bronze Rating."

-- Lance Manion

*Bronze Rating*

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FyrFlyz – An Entire Light Show in the Palm of Your Hand

I-Star Entertainment has come up with a fun, colorful night time spinning toy that will get the attention of youngsters across the country this summer.

Fyrflyz is basically a small plastic mechanism nearly 4" in length and 1" wide attached at top and bottom to two strong 12" cords and color keyed handles. This middle piece is brightly lit up on both ends by two small 3V batteries, which are included, and controlled by a tiny on/off switch.

By gripping the handles and spinning the middle piece in circles, kids can create a colorful light show right in their own backyard. By continually spinning, circling, changing speeds and pulling on the two cords, numerous designs can be created at their fingertips.

FyrFlyz are best played with at night or in a darkened room to get the full effects of the light show. Our focus group loved playing with these, and the parents each wanted to try them out as well. It was contagious for sure. There are currently three different models of FyrFlyz, "Blue Angel" with blue and multi-colored lights, "NytFyr" with red and white lights and "Cyclone" with green and white lights. They are all fantastic, although the multi-colored lights of "Blue Angel" may have been the favorite.

Unfortunately, a written review cannot do justice to the fun created by this simple toy. We highly recommend that you go to and watch the demonstration video. "FyrFlyz" is recommended for those 8 years old and up and is scheduled to hit stores this summer with a retail price under $10.00. It also receives our impressive Silver rating.

-- Lance Manion
*Silver Rating*
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AFO – Alien Flying Object

"Waboba" has just released its new disc flying toy. This is reminiscent of similar toys that were first introduced back in the 50s and 60s. The old versions of this toy were generally known as "Twirly Flying Pull String Toys." The child would grip a plastic handle in one hand, and pull a string from the handle with the other hand. This would release a disk or a helicopter of some sort into the sky. In most cases, the disk would eventually find its way onto a nearby roof or get caught in a tree. But, they were fun for sure.

The new "Waboba" version of this toy, AFO, is built with more high tech features. It can be launched day or night, because of the battery powered dome on the top of the disk.

It actually lights up when sent off during darkness. This is a really cool feature that impressed our focus group. We have to admit, we did get the disk stuck a few times, having to fetch a stepladder to retrieve it. But, overall, it was a hit with the young kids.

The instructions give tips on how to boomerang the disk back to the same spot where it was launched and also explain how to use the AFO indoors or ways to launch the disk sideways. It takes some practice to perfect the proper launch technique, and the wind can cause havoc with the disk. It is best used on calm days in an area with lots of open space.

This is a new item, set to first hit retailers this summer. It will be priced around $25.00, and should be an exciting toy experience for the younger crowd. It is recommended for ages 5 and up.

-- Lance Manion
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Waboba – Bouncing Balls for both Water and Street

"Waboba" stands for "Water Bouncing Ball." The product name and company name were formed by taking the first two letters of each word (Wa+Bo+Ba). The first "Waboba" balls were designed and released in Sweden, and they first saw action in the U.S.A. in 2008. "Toys Bulletin" is going to take a look at both the "Waboba" bouncing water ball and the newer street ball.

The "Waboba" bouncing water ball comes in different sizes and weights allowing both general play or more competitive challenges. The balls are easy to grip and smaller than a baseball. The idea is to stand approximately 30-45 feet away from another player, while in water up to your waist. Toss the ball to the other player and watch the ball bounce off the water and see if your opponent can catch it. The extreme and pro models bounce higher and are generally faster than the lighter and larger Blast model, which we thought was better used in swimming pools.

Our focus group tried these balls on a lake setting. It was amazing that these balls did not take on water and continued to bounce perfectly throughout the afternoon. Depending on the distance and how hard the ball was thrown, it might bounce multiple times, or even on a severe angle especially around waves. Adults and teenagers loved these bouncing water balls, and several went missing when it was time to go home. Younger kids and many of the mothers liked the Blast model as it was slower and easier to handle.

The "Waboba" street balls are primarily for use on an outdoor surface. Players line up about 30-50 feet apart and throw the street ball directly at their opponent. The balls are not round and smooth, instead they contain strategically placed bumps and indentations around the ball, which is also smaller than a baseball. Because of the unusual shape, the balls bounce erratically, sometimes perfectly straight, and more often than not taking odd angular bounces. By changing speeds, the ball will take even more unexpected bounces. The object is for the opposing player to catch the ball thrown his way.

The street balls were more of a challenge to our focus group. At first, players stood too close to each other. But once, they each got at least 30 feet away, the ball began to react as intended, and the competitive juices started flowing. A couple of players remember doing something similar with tennis balls, but agreed because of the shape and size of the "Waboba" street ball, it provided much more playability and was certainly higher on the fun chart.

Both the "Waboba" bouncing water ball and the street ball can be used in an actual game or team setting. In fact, "Waboba" players can be found regularly on beaches and playgrounds around the country. It is a quality product and it is packaged in much the same way. The complete line of "Waboba" balls can be found at Depending on the model and style, "Woboba" balls can generally be purchased for around $8.00-$12.00 each. "Toys Bulletin" gives the "Waboba" balls its bronze rating.

-- RJ Cullen
*Bronze Rating*
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Daisy Red Ryder 70th Anniversary Edition BB Gun – Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out

Can you believe that the “Daisy Red Ryder,” first introduced over 70 years ago, is still being sold, and is a huge favorite of kids today as well? I never owned one while growing up, but I sure wanted one. Of course, the popularity of everyone’s favorite Christmas movie, “A Christmas Story,” which featured the famous firearm, has kept the “Daisy Red Ryder” right at the top of many of today’s Christmas wish lists. daisyThis 70th anniversary edition is really special.  Although the actual rifle is much the same as it has always been, this one has a commemorative medallion in the stock, and a bright silver barrel band.  It is primarily best shot from 15-30 feet at targets.  You just cock, aim and shoot.  It holds 650 BBs, and is very well made for the money. This is a great beginner’s gun and is perfect for young sharpshooters ages 10 and above.  Remember to wear some protective safety glasses when using the “Daisy Red Ryder,” and never shoot it indoors.  You can read more about this fine gun, and buy it here . And be sure and check out this enthusiastic review of the “Daisy Red Ryder.” — RJ Cullen
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