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Primary Science Color Mixing Set: Explore the World of Color

primary color mixing set looks at a new science set from Learning Resources.

Ever wonder how you learned to mix colors?  It was probably done the hard way by trial and error. Well, the newest addition to Learning Resources’ Primary Science line, The Color Mixing Set, is sure to surprise both kids and adults with just how much fun mixing and learning about colors can be.

Once you open the box, you will find durable quality pieces perfect for little hands.  A total of 10 double-sided laminated experiment cards are included in the set which have easy to follow instructions featuring clever explanations of both primary and secondary colors. Each of the 9″ x 6½” inch cards (with extra large print) gives a quick visual of what “tools” are needed and provides several options for how to “experiment” with color. Each card even provides you with questions to ask your little one as you explore this world of color, and the lessons are short and so easy to follow. The set also includes a customizable kaleidoscope with color chips, a 6 piece translucent color wheel, 3 test tubes with lids, a dropper in a stand, a spinning top with interchangeable color mixing discs and one pair of kid-sized color mixing glasses (yes, the kind you put on your head) with 6 different lenses.


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Baa-Baa Barn – Kids’ Toys Don’t Get Any Better

Baa Baa Barn reviews an impressive toy for toddlers from B.Toys.

“Baa-Baa Barn” distributed by B.Toys is one of those classic toys that is sure to last for many years filling your child with delight and fond memories. It is an interactive, musical and educational toy experience perfect for children and even some adults. B.Toys is a unique marvel that somehow provides sensory stimulation, fun and safety, yet always keeps environmental concerns in the forefront. For example, B.Toys provides totally recyclable packaging (including the ties used to protect the toys in transit) and soy-based inks are even used on their packaging. The toys are designed to be so sturdy that they are recycled the old-fashioned way – by being handed down from one child to another.


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Breyer & Canterwood Crest: Horse and Book Set

Breyer Canterwood Crest 1ToysBulletin reviews a classic horse and young adult book distributed by Reeves International, Inc.

Breyer Animal Creations is world renown for their exquisite equestrian models. They are huge favorites among collectors, and we at Toys Bulletin are especially excited to review our first today. In fact, as a bonus, we are looking at the initial release of a horse/book combination set based on the best selling Canterwood Crest book series from Jessica Burkhart (See photo).

Breyer Canterwood 2The horse included in the package is named Charm (a thoroughbred/belgian mix) who stands approximately 6″ tall and measures 9″ long, which is about 1:12 scale. Charm is brown in color with a white blaze running along the bridge of his nose, white markings just above his front hoofs and a slightly lighter tail.


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Watch Vegetables Grow: Root-Vue Farm

Root-Vue Farm decided to do some planting courtesy of HSP Nature Toys.

It is always fun for us to try a long term educational project, because the entire Toys Bulletin staff really gets into it. This time, we got our hands on the “Root-Vue Farm” set, which allows young amateur gardeners to plant seeds, watch them grow and harvest the crops. The kit includes everything you need to get started–some grow mix, three seed packets (1 each of carrot, onion and radish), a lightweight but sturdy growing area complete with an acrylic viewing window, built in water basin, an 18″ self-watering wick, and an illustrated 16 page booklet with step- by-step instructions and loads of related information.


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AREAWARE: Fun Creations for All Ages

Cubebot reviews a pair of wooden objects from David Weeks Studio and AREAWARE.

We are big fans of most anything from AREAWARE, which is best known for manufacturing some of the most unique items around. Their full line of products is both playful and thoughtful, with considerable appeal to all ages. Today, we are going to look at the new multi-colored “Cubebot,” as well as “Hanno Jr., the Wooden Gorilla.”

Cubebot 2Although the “Cubebot” itself is not really a new offering from AREAWARE, the multi-color version was recently introduced and is a great addition to the line of available “Cubebots.” Designer David Weeks was influenced to create the “Cubebot” from Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles that originated in Japan. In English, Kumiki means to “join wood together, and Shinto is the indigenous religion of the Japanese people. The result is a wooden puzzle in the shape of a cube (with 2.5 inch sides). If we counted correctly, there are actually 15 wooden parts, each attached to another using carefully hidden, but amazingly strong, elastic bands.


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The Young Scientist Series: 3 Complete Science Kits

Young Scientist Club looks at Science Set 1 from The Young Scientists Club.

The Young Scientists Club was founded in 1999 with the purpose of challenging and teaching youngsters about the marvels of science. The Young Scientist Series includes an amazing total of 12 different science sets, with 3 kits in each set. We are looking at starter Set 1 in our review, which features various experiments relating to Recycling, Scientific Measurements and Magnets. When you first open the box, you are greeted by 3 separately wrapped packages, each containing one of the 3 kits. This made it especially easy to find any of the materials needed prior to starting an experiment. There are actually two sets of instructions in each kit, one for parents or a supervising adult, and a second set written in a much simpler form for the kids themselves helped along by Celsius the Science Bug.


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A Toys Bulletin Quick Look: Chomp Stix – An Alternative to Traditional Chopsticks

Chomp Stix 1 looks at a clever new eating utensil from the Rush3 Product Design Studio.

We actually ran across this item at the New York Toy Fair this past February, and although not a toy or game, it most certainly caught our attention. Rush and Judy Dixon, both architects by trade, run a family business (Rush3, LLC), in South Carolina, and they have created a most ingenious product called “Chomp Stix.” They are actually a kid-friendly version of chopsticks.

Chomp Stix 2There are three different versions included in the “Chomp Stix” line, and each measures approximately 9″ in length. We got our hands on Chum, the blue Shark. Chum is made of polypropylene, and has a separate flexible upper body and lower body connected near the tail. By squeezing each half together, it is simple to pick up food and easily hold it in place, sometimes a tricky maneuver for a small child using a pair of traditional chopsticks. Chum features small teeth in the front of each section making it much easier to grip the food, and there are also a pair of fins strategically placed on top and bottom, allowing children to place their little fingers in just the right spot.  Check out the photos surrounding this review for a better visual look at “Chomp Stix.”


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Wooden Puzzles – from Red Fish Toys

Red Fish reviews a pair of high quality educational puzzles.

Red Fish Toys is located in Bayville, New York, and was founded in 2010 by a mom just looking for the best quality products for children everywhere.  Her travels led her to start a line of wood puzzles.  But this is not your ordinary line of puzzles, rather these puzzles are made out of rubber wood and crafted by hand in Sri Lanka.  The quality is superb, and all puzzles use non-toxic coatings which meet or exceed all U.S. testing standards.


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