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My Friend Teddy – Customize Your Own Cuddly Teddy Bear

My Friend Teddy looks at a new interactive Teddy Bear from Genesis Toys.

“My Friend Teddy” is a soft squeezable Teddy Bear that measures just under 12″ tall in a seated position. Our review Teddy featured tan fur, a blue short-sleeved shirt, brown eyes, brown nose and a cute tuft of golden hair atop his head. The most exciting thing about “My Friend Teddy” is that he can be customized to speak, tell stories, play games and memorize lots of facts input by its owner. Here’s how to set things up……


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Ronnie Rocket – Wow! reviews a toy for toddlers from Wow Toys distributed by Reeves International.

Ronnie Rocket 1Wow is right! “Ronnie Rocket” is sure to be a “blastoff” hit with children up to five years old. This colorful yellow and red space rocket includes its own action figure, Major Tom, a little removable spaceman who sits atop the rocket and helps children take off on their celestial adventures. Little ones will love the pull-cord motor which begins a countdown to launch, and parents will be pleased to learn that no batteries are required. Besides simply being a great toy, “Ronnie Rocket” is a sturdy imaginative product that encourages and develops fine motor skills and social development.


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Robbin’ Eggs! – Math and Fun All in One Game

Robbin' Eggs! reviews an exciting educational game from “The Haywire Group, Inc.”

The game is “Robbin’ Eggs!,” and this little gem is both educational and highly addictive. The game features a plastic Robbin’ Nest that measures approximately 8″ in diameter. Inside the nest, there are 18 round slots that can hold 18 Robbin’ Eggs. Each of the eggs has a number on the bottom of the egg revealing positive numbers from 1-12 or negative numbers from 2-7. The positive numbered eggs are blue and the negative numbered eggs are green. There is a special 20 sided die, with the numbers from 1-20 on the faces, and the game also includes 30 game cards, a score pad, pencil and some easy to follow rules.


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Cinema Box- Kids Get Their Own Movie Theater reviews another fine product from Moulin Roty distributed by Magicforest Ltd.

Cinema Box 1There is no doubt that kids love to make movies and show them to their friends and family. Well, the French company Moulin Roty has created a most unique product that makes showing movies a very simple process for even the littlest of children. It is called the “Cinema Box.” On the outside front of the box, you will see the French words, “Au Cinéma ce soir…la séance va commencer!” Our rough English translation for that is “The Movies tonight…..let’s start the show.” And once you open the box lid, which is nicely tied with ribbon, several surprises await.


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Tumblin Buddies + Frankie Frog and his Flying Machine is looking at two toys for the younger set both distributed by International Playthings LLC.

Tumblin Buddies 1First up is “Tumblin Buddies,” which is a interactive plush cube geared for kids 18 months old and up. It measures approximately 7″ x 7″, and features colorful pictures of different animals on each of the six sides. The animals include a duck, dog, cat, elephant, lion and monkey. To get things started a parent rolls the cube, and asks the child to name the animal that came up on the top side of the cube. Next, the child is given one of the cards (there are 4 cards for each animal) that matches the background color and type of animal shown by the cube. The parent then reads aloud the question displayed on the Tumblin Buddies 2back of the card, with the child acting out the answer. For example, if the duck is rolled by the cube, one of the duck cards reads, “How does a duck walk?” The child would then try to walk like a duck in response to the question. Anyway, I think you get the idea. We read all of the questions available on the animal cards, and found this to be a highly educational interactive experience for young children and a great teaching tool for the parents. Plus it will surely garner lots of laughter from the kids and parents alike. “Tumblin Buddies” retails for $19.95 and can be ordered directly from the International Playthings website.


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Compose Yourself – Quickly Create Your Own Musical Compositions

compose yourself reviews an amazing new product from Thinkfun.

Wow! will be the first word out of your mouth when you first try “Compose Yourself,” maybe the most original way to write music ever conceived. Toys Bulletin was first introduced to an early version of “Compose Yourself” at the New York Toy Fair this past February, and we felt something special was coming. Now we have the final boxed product, and it is really something to see and hear.

compose yourself 2Originally designed by Maestro Philip Sheppard, “Compose Yourself” provides 60 transparent music cards (2 each of 30 different cards). On each card, there are a series of notes that can be used to create your masterpiece. Better yet, each of the music cards can be flipped or rotated producing 4 different possibilities from each card. Each of those 4 possibilities is identified by a different 4 digit number in the upper left corner of the music card. Generally, the number of notes shown on each card ranges from 3-6 notes, some intended to be played faster and others held longer.


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Discover With Dr Cool – Earth Science Kits

Science kit 1Kids love to dig in the dirt and part of the fun is not knowing what you might uncover. We recently tested a few kits from “Discover with Dr Cool” that take the experience of digging in your back yard to a whole new level. Today we will take a look at the “Learn How to Pan for Gold” and “Break Open Real Geodes” kits.

It is not uncommon to find museums that offer kids the chance to pan for gold. Science kit 3This first kit offers everything you need to do it at home in a simple, easy to use package that includes a bowl, a gold collection bag, retrieval tweezers, a sand mixture with ‘gold’ pieces and a magnifying glass. You simply add water and let your kids dig through the sand mixture until they identify something they want to keep.


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Robo Bug & Squishy Zombie – A Fun Pair

Robo Bug reviews two unique items from SmartLab Toys.

We recently discovered another toy company that has a vast catalog of great looking products, that being SmartLab Toys. We are going to look at two of their offerings, a “Robo Bug” and a “Squishy Zombie.”

First off, let’s discuss the “Robo Bug,” which is a motorized Robot with glow-in-the-dark wings, that comes ready to assemble with just 24 separate parts. The kit is suggested for kids 7 years old and up, and the instructions are easy to follow. The completed bug measures just over 5″ in length and stands about Robo Bug 23″ high. It is powered by 2-AAA batteries in its belly, and this six-legged creature moves nicely while its front pinchers open and close. There is even a convenient on/off switch located at the rear of the bug. We really liked the way the parts were connected together, using tiny press on plastic bolts that held everything amazingly well. Lastly, there is a fun-to-read pamphlet included that discusses the insect world from top to bottom, with great photos of various insects/bugs, even showing an actual beetle side by side with our “Robo Bug.” So, kids get a fun building project plus some great information too. “Robo Bug” retails for just $14.99, and can be purchased directly at the SmartLab Toys website.


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