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New look and writing board from Doodleroll

Doodleroll is a great travel activity for young kids to keep them entertained. It’s a long roll of drawing paper that’s 15 feet in the small version and 30 feet long in the large version.

New at Toy Fair, Doodleroll introduced all new packaging and a writing board that the Doodleroll kit can connect to.

This booth was swamped. Lots of interest from the retail buyers.

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New interactive playmat from Prince Lionheart

Prince Lionheart makes a range of high quality kids toys including the Woody rocking horse (we reviewed on July 20) which just won a Top Children’s Products award from NAPPA.

New for Toy Fair from Prince Lionheart is the interactive playmat you see pictured below. The mat is expected to ship in mid to late March and is ideal for infants all the way to five years old.

What makes this mat particularly cool is that the mat allows the parents and children to interact around the scenes in the mat. And it’s reversible so you get two scenes for one.


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Wowopolis launches creative new series of children’s games

We spent some time with Ari Weinstock, the founder of Wowopolis who showed off 3 new games and a great craft project for kids.

He has combined sound and a challenging matching concept to create a line that stands out from the crowd. That’s what excited us the most. Even at Toy Fair, we didn’t see anything quite like these games.

Sound It! Found It! and its travel version Sound It! ask players to make sounds and then identify what they are on the elaborate game board. Kind of a Where’s Waldo for noises. We think the idea of kids making sounds and players having to listen is a creative approach. There are 96 different cards and 8 scene boards.

Next is PUZZLE MATCH that combines puzzles and memory games. Players must find two halves of a whole image rather than two identical images. This is what makes it different. And the whole puzzle can be assembled into a giant scene.

Lastly, we saw COLORGAMI that allows children to color on special perforated paper and then fold their creations to form three dimensional characters and scene sets, including one featuring the entire alphabet. We like this one because it really brings children’s creations and art to life.


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New fantasy role playing board game: The Gate

Once in a while you stumble on something really neat and unique. This seems to happen more often at Toy Fair than other places, but we think we found a really innovative new board game.

The Gate: A Game of Myth and Magic is a fantasy role playing board game in which players battle both monsters and their opponents trying to be the first player to reach the Gate, which ensures victory.

What makes this game stand out to us is its unique combination of fantasy played on a traditional game board. The team responsible for this game is really excited about its release and we look forward to writing a more in depth review of this game later.


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Keji introduces Brobo and friends robots from the future

Brobo is a plush robot from the future with a shine force “button” on his cheat that can be activated by a sensor on his hand. The shine force can light up, blink and vibrate. There’s a line of friends for Brobo and YouTube videos with extra learning content using the characters. Bonus: the light shuts off automatically and last for 60 hours. Perfect for kids 2-6 to give them that robot experience early.

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Squishable introduces new big and small versions

We reviewed the cool Squishable last Oct and now they are releasing two new versions. The first is the Micros which can almost fit in the palm of your hand. Available in 8 different styles. Then we saw the Squishable Massives which are 24 inches in diameter. These are available in 7 varieties. Hitting stores now.

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Be a Broadway Star the Board Game

Here’s a great new game we were anxious to see in person. Be a Broadway Star has gameplay that involves players moving around a board taking on different challenges related to a theater theme. One example we saw was a card requiring the player to recite a quote with a Russian accent. Players encounter agents, fans, Tony awards and auditions as they try to reach the Broadway Hall of Fame to win. Retail is $39.99.


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New card sets and expansion packs for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Konami, one of the leaders in strategy trading cards, showed us new card sets and expansion packs that will be released over the next few months.

First is the Dragon Collide structure deck that includes 37 cards, some special cards, a dueling guide and a deluxe game mat.

We also saw the Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Collection in a special tin with foil cards.

The Starter Deck: XYZ Symphony is being released in a little over a month and it is intended for first time players. We’d like to put this through a full review.

Coming this July is the Hidden Arsenal 6 set based on the special cards dispensed through the Yu-Gi-Oh! specialized arcade machines which can be found around the country.


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