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Heartland announces Rodeo Rummy

Heartland, the company behind the successful Square Shooters game, launched its second title Rodeo Rummy at Toy Fair. The game comes with the signature cards on dice and a spinner to “spin, roll and win.”. We think it’s a fun family or children’s game. Retail price will be around $18.

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New Star Wars spy kits and Fruit Ninja interactive game from Jazwares

Jazwares had quite a few new products launching at Toy Fair. Two that we thought were cool were the new line of Star Wars spy toys and the Fruit Ninja interactive game console, based on the popular app.

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Switch & Go Dino’s and more from Vtech

Vtech unveiled a number of new items at Toy Fair.

The first one we saw was the Alphabet Activity Cube which is basically your kids activity table on steroids. One side offers interactivity while the other three offered playability activities.

We also saw Cogsley, which could be a kids first robot. Itks, reacts to voice commands and even requests to be fed. Kids use simple discs to interact. He also dances and has a pack back to store all the chips. Available in the fall.

The biggest news from Vtech may be the Switch & Go Dinos that can be a car or a dinosaur. In car mode it has four different drivers with 20 different sounds and phrases. It can go into Dino Mode in just a few quick changes that even little kids can do. In Dino mode, it again has four faces and 20 sounds. The toys come in cars, trucks and airplanes. The top end of the line is Brok, the largest of the group, he’s a brontosaurus that stomps and moves its head and neck.


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Nukotoys previews the forthcoming merging of technology and games

We just caught a private sneak peek of a forthcoming card and mobile app line that may be the future of gaming.

Nukotoys is focused singularly on the interconnection and merging of digital and physical game play. While not publicly available until mid 2012, what we saw promises to revolutionize current standards.

In the first example, which is a preview of an app being launched for Animal Planet, users can buy and collect animal cards and then simply tap them against the screen of their iOS devices to launch the “Wildlands” view. In the Wildlands view, animals spring to life and interact as they would in their natural habitat. Using the iOS accelerometer along with two thumb controls on the screen, users can make the animals move and see their point of view.

A couple other features we thought were amazing were the facts that you can have multiple animals inside the Wildlands and switch between them. And then there are other elements that users can interact with including weather or making a volcano in the landscape erupt.

For kids ages three to ten, this is the most amazing interactive experience they could ask for. The physical trading cards are a huge bonus.

Next up we saw a demo of an action packed app called Monsterology. This is a tactical turn based strategy game that again merges physical trading cards with a mystical digital app world.

Players can compete either against the app or connect and play against online competition. By scanning the cards right on the screen of the app, or cashing in virtual cards, players enhance their chances of victory.

This demonstration included some amazing game mechanics and creates a virtual world to interact in like nothing we’ve ever seen before. We can’t wait to see more.


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Game Inventor John Forte Shows Us Mine Shift

Caught up briefly with game inventor John Forte who has created a number of titles Mindware. His latest is Mine Shift, a fast moving game with board pieces that shift and change constantly making every single game different from one another. Definitely a game to check out.

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Two new board games from MindWare

MindWare, the company behind Qwirkle, one of our favorite games, showed us two new games at Toy Fair that we loved.

Look Look is a very cool pattern recognition game. The board consists of 8 pieces with shapes, symbols and numbers inside them. When a player flips a card in the center of the board it will indicate an action that must be taken and the first person to complete it on the board wins the card and its point value.

SCRAMBLiTZ is a race between players to assemble complex pattern boards with the winner being the first to complete their board.

There many more new items from MindWare. Stay tuned…


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CitiBlocs – a great new building toy

CitiBlocs are small uniform sized blocks that can be stacked to make elaborate creation as you see pictured below. The proportions of the pieces allow for precise stacking. They are available in 8 different standard colors along with new camo, neon and glow in the dark. For ages 3 and up. Bonus: all wood comes from New Zealand sustainable forests.

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App Crayon – a stylus for kids and their apps

We just demoed the App Crayon which allows kids to operate a stylus experience on their mobile apps while teaching them the correct way to hold a pencil.. It’s for ages 3 and up and works with any app and works on any iOS or Android device.

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