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Science X from Ravensburger

New science line from Ravensburger looks promising. Includes optics, Secret Codes, Simulating Nature, CSI Crime Scene Investigation.

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Block Crayon Table from Wooky

Here’s a great one for little kids. The crayons fit in their own pegs on the board and the paper rolls out over the table.

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Planet Sock Monkey from Patch Products

We’ve never seen sock monkeys like these new ones from Patch Products. Coming out later this year.

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Tom Quinn Inventor of The Game of Things

Cool party game (with attitude) from Patch Products. Great demo with the game’a inventor Tom Quinn.

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Zip Itz Dolls

Quirky soft dolls from Zip Itz launching from Toy Fair 2013. Also Cotton Candy Cutsies. Available on Amazon and specialty stores.

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Great new games coming from Haba

Here’s an assortment of new games coming from Haba. All games are made from German wood so they’re super high quality.

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We are about to enter Toy Fair 2013 in NYC. We’ll be reporting on the hottest new toys and games over the next 3 days. Tune in for regular updates.
Andrew and RJ

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KaiJudo – Another New Card Release

There has been a game update for “KaiJudo,” the collectible trading card game from “Wizards of the Coast.” Get ready to play “Evo Fury,” and summon creatures with even more power and new dueling capabilities. There are nine card booster packs available plus “Tornado Generator” competitive decks.  Each competitive deck also features one very rare and one super rare foil card.  There are 60 all new cards in total.  The packs and decks also include code cards, which let players unlock additional creatures in the KaiJudo online game.

Be sure to check out our original review of “KaiJudo,” and our recent update from September 2012.  The Evo Fury expansion sets can be purchased at  The Tornado Gernerator decks retail for $11.99 and the booster packs go for $3.99...

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