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Wikibear is the next generation of teddy bear

Wikibear was shown at Toy Fair. This intelligent, first of its kind bear connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth and uses its connectivity to answer any question a kid could ask. Everything from who the first president was to calculations. Arriving in stores this summer, this will be a fun one to watch.

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New strategy game – Bora Bora from Ravensburger

Ravensburger introduced a host of new puzzles and games including Bora Bora, a complex new strategy game.

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The Toys Bulletin is staff is on the ground at Toy Fair 2014 reporting on the latest and greatest new toys and games.

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New building set MyPlay from Playdin

Playdin, creator of the Zip Itz line of dolls, introduced MyPlay at Toy Fair 2014. MyPlay City is a construction set meets arts and crafts. Available this spring.

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ToysBulletin Live Blog From Toy Fair 2014

ToysBulletin will be live blogging from Toy Fair in NY beginning Sunday Feb 16. Stay tuned for all the new latest and greatest toys and games we discover at the show.

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Our List of The Best Zombie Products Available – Toys, Games, Books and a Few Surprises takes a look at some of the best Zombie products available. 

There is little doubt that one of the most popular media frenzies of the past several years revolves around a single word, that being Zombies. Quite frankly, they are everywhere. The public’s initial infatuation with Zombies may have begun with the release of the classic horror film, “Night of the Living Dead” in 1968. But more recently, the popular TV shows “The Walking Dead” and to a lesser degree, the Sundance Channel release of “The Returned” have continued to fuel the Zombie fires. Add to this the latest theatrical releases, including Brad Pitt’s “World War Z,” the Zombie comedy “Warm Bodies,” and even an animation hit, “ParaNormal,” and you have some idea what kids and even adults are putting on their Christmas lists in 2013. They want something related to Zombies. 

The staff at Toys Bulletin decided to put their heads together and create a list of some of the best and craziest Zombie items for 2013. We are not going to review these items, although we will admit to having purchased many of them as gifts for friends, family or ourselves. There are some creepy products out there, but we kept our list a bit more “family friendly.” Even so, many of our selections may not be appropriate for everyone. Consider the list a general guide to the world of Zombie merchandise. 

The format will be simple. We will provide a simple list (in no particular order), a brief description of each item, an approximate price, an age recommendation and, of course, a mandatory photo. All of the items can be found by performing a simple search on the Internet, and in many cases, is one of the best sources. You will laugh at some of the products, and be startled with others. In any case, have a good time. Here we go… 


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The Best of 2013 from Toys Bulletin lists its favorite toys and games of the year.


Each year this task gets much more difficult for our staff here at Toys Bulletin.  As has been the case in past years, we continue to see so many quality and exciting new products during the year that it is especially difficult to single out just a few standouts.  Plus, we also know that we cannot possibly test and review every toy and game released by every manufacturer in the past 12 months, so there is no doubt that we may have missed some good ones.

Here are the guidelines we follow in making our selections.  “The Best of 2013” is based solely on the toys and games that we have reviewed on our website from November 2012 through October 2013.  We have purposely excluded some older items, which may have been reviewed during that period, because that toy or game has been around for a number of years.  However, in some circumstances, we have also included an item that was new to us at Toys Bulletin, even though it may have been available for purchase prior to November 2012.


And most importantly, we followed our mission statement of providing a list of the “Best Toys and Games You’ve Never Heard Of...”

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Rubbabu shows off new products for 2013

Rubbabu makes some great natural rubber foam toys. We’ve reviewed several in the past. New for 2013, is a rocket ship, SUV, Nitro Monster Truck and Rubba Blox Basics.

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