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Kaskey Kids introduces new mini packs

Kaskey Kids is a cool group making baseball, football, soccer and hockey figures that appeal to kids of all ages. We reviewed their full football package last year and loved them. They continue to license great teams and have now made it even easier to get in the game with the new mini packs that will retail for between $11-$14.

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A Girl for All Time brings Tudor era styling and history to doll line

We were contacted by a group from the UK called A Girl for All Time because they were at Toy Fair looking to bring their popular 16″ vinyl doll Matilda to US soil for the first time. This doll is unique because of its deep roots in the Tudor era and design features that resemble a young lady from that time period. The detail is amazing plus Matilda comes with other outfits including a cloak, ball gown, and a night dress.

In addition, A Girl for All Time offers a novel and a workbook to bring the character of Matilda to life even more. One thing is for certain. You have not seen a doll quite like this before.


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The Maya Group introduces new crossbow, RC flip bike and Magic Globe

The Maya Group at Toy Fair introduced a diverse range of new products, many of which stem from their popular Orbeez water filled magic balls.

One of the highlights was the introduction of the Exploderz crossbow which projects the water filled Orbeez pellets which explode upon impact without a trace. Kids will love this.

Also on the Orbeez note, Maya released a new magic light up globe that beams colors on the ceiling of a dark room.

The SuperXMoto remote controlled motorcycle was also a highlight. This RC bike differentiates itself from any other RC bike because it can do a full flip on the supplied ramp. The bike has a gyro wheel in the back which makes it always right itself, and helps it land the jump. This is one to see.


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New products and a chat with Go! Go! Sports Girls

We stopped by the Go! Go! Sports Girls booth. Readers may remember our review of these great dolls from last year, and for 2012 President Jodi Norgaard showed us what she has on tap.

First is a new book series related to the dolls. These books will create a story for each character adding even more dimensions to the dolls.

Jodi is pictured below holding two new Go! Go! Sports dolls. The first is Steph which is a Volleyball Girl. And then Roxy which is a cheerleader. All the Go! Go! Sports Girls are for ages 3 and up. We saw a lot of buyers swarming around their booth, indicating these could see a good run in 2012.


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Exciting new game lineup from Fundex for 2012

Fundex, creators of the Don’t Tip the Waiter game we reviewed last year, had a lot to show at Toy Fair. Here’s a small sample of some of the items we liked.

Word Speed is a rapid action dice game where players must quickly make words using vowel dice being spun in conjunction with letter cards in front of you. It’s super easy, and seemed like a lot of fun during our demo.

Phil-up Chuck is a creative game that kids might go nuts for. Listen to this premise. Players take turns trying to stuff foam blocks in Chuck’s mouth before he pops and all the pieces going flying. This is one we’d like to play again.

Then we saw Instructures which kind of like one of the challenges on the TVshow Survivor where you have to give directions to a team to build a structure that is pictured on a card. But only the person giving the instructions can see the card. The others have to build it from their instructions. Then they throw in some blind cards and other obstacles.

Lastly, we saw a cascade puzzle, which is series of pieces that fit like slates next to each other to create a picture. And it’s reversible so you get two pictures in one. Definitely a new way of puzzling that we loved to see. Fundex is on par for 2012.


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Word on the Street expansion set

The folks from Out of the Box games announced an expansion set for their popular Word on the Street game. Look for this in a week or so.

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New toys and games from Patch Products

We spent some time with the folks from Patch Products and got to see a range of recently released items.

First up is the Spurtle Turtle from the Big Little Games line. Press the turtles back to shoot out tokens and then the players try to find matches. It’s a fast, portable game that is going to retail for under $10 and it’s for ages 3 and up.

We also saw Cluck N Chuck where you roll the dice to see what chickens to move into the coop, but you have to be fast or they will all fly out. Neat little game. We didn’t get a price but it was ages 4 and up.

Next up was the Clifford Be A Good Friend board game. Having recently acquired the rights to the Clifford brand this was a great board game that Clifford fans will really enjoy. Perhaps even more so because each player can choose to be a different Clifford for their game piece.

And lastly, is the Lauri Tall-Stacker Mighty Monkey Playset. By stacking pegs, kids can create a jungle themed park for their monkeys to swing on. It includes a pulley, a slide and rope basket. Best of all, the pieces are compatible with the other Tall-Stacker sets. Ages 3 and up.


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Aimee Symington inventor of Blunders, a game about modern manners

We had the privilege to chat with Aimee Symington, who is the inventor of a line of games under the Blunders brand for Patch Products. The games teach kids modern manners in fun and creative ways. The series includes a board game that has different characters with personality traits that opens them up to various blunders that the kids can learn from. We thought this was a great way to introduce kids to these concepts. They also offer a smaller portable game, and disposable “placemat” games that can be carried to restaurants. While it’s teaching a subject matter that kids likely won’t fall in love with, it is done in a smart, clever and very fun way.


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