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A Toys Bulletin Quick Look: Chomp Stix – An Alternative to Traditional Chopsticks

Chomp Stix 1 looks at a clever new eating utensil from the Rush3 Product Design Studio.

We actually ran across this item at the New York Toy Fair this past February, and although not a toy or game, it most certainly caught our attention. Rush and Judy Dixon, both architects by trade, run a family business (Rush3, LLC), in South Carolina, and they have created a most ingenious product called “Chomp Stix.” They are actually a kid-friendly version of chopsticks.

Chomp Stix 2There are three different versions included in the “Chomp Stix” line, and each measures approximately 9″ in length. We got our hands on Chum, the blue Shark. Chum is made of polypropylene, and has a separate flexible upper body and lower body connected near the tail. By squeezing each half together, it is simple to pick up food and easily hold it in place, sometimes a tricky maneuver for a small child using a pair of traditional chopsticks. Chum features small teeth in the front of each section making it much easier to grip the food, and there are also a pair of fins strategically placed on top and bottom, allowing children to place their little fingers in just the right spot.  Check out the photos surrounding this review for a better visual look at “Chomp Stix.”


Posted in Information, Learning Update – New Site and Content Migration

cropped-cropped-Toys1.gifThis site has been up and running for more than four years, and we have been asked by a few people why we have never updated the design. The short answer is that the site worked, and we’ve learned before that if something works online, don’t mess with it. But the time has finally come for a refresher, a new design and layout that provides a host of benefits for readers.

First of all this new site will load much faster. The previous site was code heavy and a bit of a patch work Frankenstein job that accumulated a lot of excess size over the years. This new site is optimized to run much faster.


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New electric guitar from Loog Guitars

Loog Guitars, makers of our favorite 3 string guitars for young kids, introduced a new electric version that will available in April. We love the original acoustic version, can’t wait to see more of the electric version.


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Think Fun introduces a game for teaching coding to youngsters

We are huge fans of teaching coding to young kids as it is going to be the “foreign language” to learn for the future. Think Fun is out in front with a new game called Robot Turtles, teaching coding basics for ages four and up. This is a game every family should own.


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Patch releases a fun new fast paced card game called Yowza

Patch Products is a super dependable name, making great stuff no matter what the category. Among their new offerings being shown at Toy Fair 2014 is a card game we loved called Yowza.


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Hohner showcases Green Tones musical instruments

green tones, a brand of Hohner, offers an authentic music experience with Eco friendly packaging for all ages starting with newborns. Really inventive and cool stuff from this exciting new brand.

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Thoughtful Toys Introduces Modarri Line of Vehicles

Thoughtful Toys introduced a great new line of Italian inspired modular cars with interchangeable parts. Features real working suspension and active steering. We are looking forward to reviewing these when they are released in May.

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New Marie Kruse Stylista doll at Toy Fair

New 14.5″ doll from Kathe Kruse allows young girls to sew their own clothes with glitter glue and rhinestone decals, all included in template clothes designs. Shipping in March.

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