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Go! Go! Sports Girls – Dolls with Personality

Back on October 25, 2010, Toys Bulletin compared two of the best selling doll lines, that being "Barbie" and "Bratz." Well, it appears that they both have some new competition.

"Go! Go! Sports Girls" are a new line of dolls from the "Dream Big Toy Company."  They are the creation of Jodi Norgaard, and the dolls have already won several awards and been featured in national magazines and on radio, as well as the Today Show on NBC.

Each doll features a sports related theme, including soccer, basketball, softball, golf, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, tennis and running.  The dolls themselves stand 14" tall, and each is wearing attire appropriate to their sport.  You won't see any makeup or other suggestive clothing on any of these dolls.  Instead, these dolls seem to bring a breath of fresh air and a fun healthy feeling with them when you first see and hold one.  It is hard to describe. 

We tested three of the dolls with our children's focus group, Cassie, the Soccer Girl, Kate, the Basketball Girl and M.C., the Dancer Girl.  As was expected, young girls ran immediately to these dolls.  They held them,hugged them and kissed them, and did not want to let them go.  They ran their hands through their hair 
and looked in the backpack, which was included with every doll.  The accessory backpacks each contained towels and in the case of Cassie and Kate, there was also a soccer ball and basketball, respectively.  The girls that could read also enjoyed finding a hidden message on the tummy of each of the "Go! Go! Sports Dolls.  For example, the tummy message on Kate, the Basketball Girl read "Dream Big, Swish it."  Even hair colors and hair styles differed between dolls making each one unique in its own way. 
The thinking behind these dolls is to let little girls be little girls.  The "Go! Go! Sports Girls" promote a healthy lifestyle with a loving package that is soft, flexible and always features a smiling face.  We found these dolls most appealing to those ages 3 years and older, and you can take a closer look at the complete line by visiting  The dolls retail for $19.99, and each would make a perfect gift for that special little girl in your life.

We give the "Go! Go! Sports Girls" line of dolls our highest "Gold Rating."

-- RJ Cullen
*Gold Rating*

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Melissa and Doug Trunki: Pack it, Pull it or Ride it

When families travel on vacation or simply stay overnight at grandma's house, the kids always want to pack their own things and bring their own bag. Well, the "Melissa & Doug Trunki" has solved the problem.

It is a really nifty piece of children's luggage. It is extremely lightweight, measures 18" in length, 12.5" in height, and only 8.5" in width. It is a perfect carry-on for your little ones when flying, and can even be used at home as a storage container.

There are several Trunki's to choose from, all in different colors, featuring easy to grasp handles, four integrated wheels, tow strap and locks.
The "Melissa & Doug Trunki" can also be used as a riding toy by your youngster, which might eliminate some of the boredom while waiting at airport gates, bus terminals or train stations.  Open up the "Trunki," and you find a great little mini-suitcase ready to fill with clothes, toys or just about anything.  There is even plenty of room for that special teddy bear or blanket that every child needs to take to bed at night.

A "Melissa & Doug Trunki" retails for $39.99, and is recommended for children 3-7 years old.  Check them out at  And here's a great video showing some kids and their Trunki.
-- Lance Manion
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