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Niya: Two Japanese Clans Fight for Power

niya takes a look at a two-player game from Blue Orange Games. 

The game is “Niya,” and the setting is the Imperial Garden in long ago Japan, where two warring clans, the Genji and the Heike are battling for supremacy. Each of the clans is trying to outsmart the other by carefully outmaneuvering their opponent in a quest for ultimate power. We looked up the definition or meaning of the word “Niya” and found many different explanations, but the ones that seemed to fit best related to ancient civilizations, kingdoms and spies. Taking them all together, we had a fitting description of this exciting game. { READ MORE...}

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Perplexus Warp: Unique Shape Increases the Challenge

Perplexus Warp looks at the latest version of Perplexus from Patch Products.

We got very excited when we first saw the “Perplexus Warp,” as the challenge was no longer hiding inside a transparent plastic sphere, but rather in an odd shaped egg-like container called a spherical octahedron. The game is played in much the same way as the four previously released “Perplexus” models, but this time there is even more to captivate your senses. Toys Bulletin had previously reviewed both the “Perplexus Epic and Rookie” models back in December 2011, but we had been hearing about the newly shaped “Perplexus Warp,” and were especially anxious to get our hands on one. { READ MORE...}

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Jumping Jack: Can you Catch the Rabbit?

Jumping Jack looks at a new game from Goliath Games.

The Toys Bulletin staff always looks forward to the next game release from Goliath Games, and “Jumping Jack” was no exception. This time youngsters ages 4 years old and up are asked to carefully collect carrots in their baskets, but not to disturb the sleeping jack rabbit (Jack) who sits atop the bunny hill. The player who collects the most carrots may win the game, but if a player is quick enough to catch Jack when he jumps high in the air, he can steal a victory. { READ MORE...}

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Quickword: Not Your Typical Word Game

Quickword tests their word skills with the help of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

“Quickword” is definitely a word game, but it also so much more. From the playing board and spinner to the varied card choices, this is a true test of mental quickness. The object of the game is to be the first one to cross off all colored squares on the scorecard pad. This can only be accomplished by responding to a card’s instructions faster than your opponents and/or coming up with more unique answers than anyone else. { READ MORE...}

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Robots vs Dinosaurs & Zombies vs Wrestlers – Let the Games Begin

Robots vs Dinosaurs looks at two more Dice Battle games from Wiggles 3D.

Back in 2012, Toys Bulletin reviewed two exciting new games from Wiggles 3D, the first was “Army vs Aliens,” and the second was “Pirates vs Ninjas.” We were so impressed with “Army vs Aliens” that we selected it as one of our “Best of 2012.” Our staff still plays that game regularly because it is fast and furious fun for 2 players. Now, in 2014, we got our hands on two more variations of those first two games. “Robots vs Dinosaurs” has been designated as the 3rd game in the AvA (Army vs Aliens) Challenger Series, while “Zombies vs Wrestlers” is the 4th and latest release. Each game is suggested for ages 8 years old and up. { READ MORE...}

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Game Review: I Say, Holmes! – Revised Edition

I Say, Holmes looks at a brand new version of “I Say, Holmes!” from Victory Point Games.

In 2013, we reviewed the first edition of “I Say, Holmes,” and found it good enough to make our “Best of 2013” list. So, when we heard that a new edition was available, we were excited to see what the new version had to offer. We were pleased to see that the game was packaged in a box, rather than in a polybag, and noticed immediately that the color and illustrations had greatly improved not only on the exterior of the game, but on the game components and instructions as well.  One of our main complaints about the earlier version of “I Say, Holmes!” related to the small size of the game cards, but in this edition, the cards are large (playing card size) and easy to read. { READ MORE...}

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cropped-cropped-Toys1.gifThis site has been up and running for more than four years, and we have been asked by a few people why we have never updated the design. The short answer is that the site worked, and we’ve learned before that if something works online, don’t mess with it. But the time has finally come for a refresher, a new design and layout that provides a host of benefits for readers.

First of all this new site will load much faster. The previous site was code heavy and a bit of a patch work Frankenstein job that accumulated a lot of excess size over the years. This new site is optimized to run much faster. { READ MORE...}

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Game Review for Younger Players: Spy Alley Jr – Guess the Identity to Win takes a look at the Junior Version of the hit game Spy Alley.
Spy Alley Partners has released several successful and award winning games over the years, including their flagship game, “Spy Alley.”  Today, we are going to take a look at that same game, except with simpler rules, faster play, and a shorter game path.  It is appropriately called “Spy Alley Jr,” and is intended for ages 6 years old and up, although we believe there is appeal to even younger kids, if one or more adults are willing to play along with the children. { READ MORE...}

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