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Katamino – The Perfect Puzzle Game

katamino reviews a challenging geometric game from Gigamic distributed by Back Alley Traders.

“Katamino” is not a new game, but if you do not have a copy on your game shelf, you should order one right away. “Katamino” is a high quality educational puzzle game that includes 20 wooden pieces, a game board, a wooden slider and a spiral bound set of rules with challenges ranging from simple to a near genius level. Twelve of the wooden pieces are pentaminos, which are actually 5 juxtaposed squares, with each square measuring about ¾”. Each of the pentaminos is of a different shape and can be turned in any direction. The remaining eight wooden pieces are smaller singular and double size squares. { READ MORE...}

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Fandooble – Steal More Gold and Win the Game

Fandooble looks at an exciting dice game from Mindtwister USA.

“Fandooble” is a great little game that we ran across at the recent New York Toy Fair. Before we began writing this review, we had to know the meaning of the word “Fandooble.” It turns out that the best definition we could come up with was that it was similar to the word “fandabidozi,” which means super, fabulous and marvelous. In the actual game the “Fandooble” is a master thief, who does a fabulous job of stealing gold from other players. { READ MORE...}

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Dodge Dice – Roll ‘Em but Avoid a Score

Dodge Dice reviews a unique dice game from Gamewright.

“Dodge Dice” is a fast moving dice game that includes 10 six-sided dice and 18 skip chips. Among the 10 dice, there are 8 dodge dice (all identical), each of which has 3 blue sides, 2 green sides and 1 red side. There is 1 penalty die that features the same 3 colors, but also has the scoring numbers 10 on the blue sides, 20 on the green sides and 30 on the red side. Lastly, there is 1 action die that has a red octagonal “stop” sign on one side, a purple skip chip on another side, x2 (times two) on a third side, x3 (times three) on a fourth side, a “minus” sign on the fifth side and an arrow on the 6th side. The object of the game is to avoid collecting points during the game, with the winner being the player with the lowest number of points. { READ MORE...}

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Splash Attack – Catch and Eat the Fish to Win

Splash Attack looks at a very kid friendly game from Gigamic Games distributed by Back Alley Traders.

“Splash Attack” is a perfect game for children ages 5 years old and up. It is suggested for 2-4 players and a typical game lasts only 15 minutes. The object of the game is to be the first player to catch three fish (orange, purple or green), and then have the one hungry red fish (resembling a piranha, but not scary at all) eat all three of those fish before any of the other players. { READ MORE...}

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Pyramix: A Strategic Game of Careful Identification

Pyramix reviews a new game from Gamewright.

It seems like more and more games today are being designed with a shorter set of rules, fewer components and a much reduced playing time, thus allowing the consumer to get the game up and going almost immediately. “Pyramix” is just such a game. It is suggested for 2-4 players ages 8 years old and up and a typical game can be completed in 15 minutes or so. The game components consist of 56 cubes which are randomly placed onto a base tray to form a pyramid that roughly measures 6″ long on each of its three sides and stands approximately 3½” tall. The object of the game is to remove more high value cubes and accumulate more points than your opponents. { READ MORE...}

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Special Double Feature: A Fun Pair from Patch Products

Stinky Pig 1 reviews two unique items from Patch Products.

First up we are going to look at a great party game for ages 6 years old and up called “Stinky Pig.” With a name like that, it sure sparked our interest, and we were not disappointed. “Stinky Pig” is actually a squeezable pink pig that stands just over 4 inches in height. When you press on his belly, he hums a version of “pop goes the weasel” which ends with a short but very identifiable toot. The toot, of course, is intended to sound very much like the audible discharge of intestinal gas. We all know the sound. { READ MORE...}

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Gravity Maze: Move a Marble and Hit the Target

Gravity Maze reviews a new single player game from ThinkFun Inc.

We did not think it was possible to create a game to rival “Laser Maze,” a ThinkFun release from 2013, that was chosen as one of Toys Bulletin’s “Best of 2013.” But somehow, ThinkFun has done it once again, with its newest game, “Gravity Maze.” Although it has some strong similarities to “Laser Maze,” it easily stands on its own as an exciting new challenge for ages 8 years old and up. { READ MORE...}

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Santa’s Bag: Be an Elf and Build Some Toys

Santa's Bag looks at a Christmas themed game from Griggling Games, Inc.

Everyone loves Christmas and it only seemed appropriate to review a new game entitled “Santa’s Bag” as the holiday shopping season approaches. The game is aimed at youngsters ages 7 years old and up, but there will be plenty of adults who will want to get in on the fun. “Santa’s Bag” is designed for 2-8 players and a typical game can generally be completed in less than 30 minutes. Each player takes on the role of a competing elf. Each elf builds various toys for as many children as possible. { READ MORE...}

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