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Quoridor – Kids’ Edition

Quoridor kids looks at a kids’ version of “Quoridor” from Gigamic and distributed by Back Alley Traders.

Toys Bulletin originally reviewed “Quoridor” in 2014 (see our review from 24 March 2014), and we were impressed enough to name it one of our “Best of 2014.” Now, there is a special edition of this fine game with some very appealing features for the younger crowd.

Quoridor kids 2For those unfamiliar with “Quoridor,” it is a game for 2-4 players, where competitors must move their player pieces from their side of the board to the other side before their opponent does the same. On each turn, a player has the option to move his playing piece or place a fence anywhere on the board, which can effectively block his opponent from moving forward, thus hindering his travel across the board. Player moves can be in any direction, but only one square at a time. The fence pieces can be placed horizontally or vertically, and are large enough to block two squares at a time. The only rule that has to be followed is that there must always be at least one open path to the other side. In other words, players cannot run a fence line straight across the board making it impossible to get to the other side. { READ MORE...}

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Qwixx – A Dice Game Full of Surprises

Qwixx reviews a dice game from Gamewright.

Our readers really love dice games as they are generally easy to set up, and quick to play. “Qwixx,” a 2-5 player game for ages 8 years old and up, fits that description perfectly.

“Qwixx” is also advertised as a fast family dice game, and it did not disappoint. The game contents include just 6 dice (2 white, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green and 1 blue), an all important score pad and a very nicely written set of rules. The object of the game is to score the most points by crossing off as many dice rolls in the 4 colored die categories shown on the score pad as possible. Here is how it works. The score pad has 4 rows of numbers in each of the colors, red, yellow, green and blue. The numbers in the red and yellow rows go from 2 to 12 left to right, while the green and blue rows go from 12 to 2 left to right. Each player receives a score pad of their own, and then take turns rolling all six dice. The player calls out the sum of the two white dice to begin a turn, and all players can then cross off that number on their score pads in any color of their choosing if they so desire. That same active player (but no other players) is then allowed to add one of the white dice together with any one of the other four colored dice, and cross off a number of that color from their score pad. { READ MORE...}

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Laser Maze Jr. – More Than Just a Beam of Light

Laser Maze Jr reviews the junior version of one of our favorite games from “ThinkFun.”

Back in August 2013, we reviewed a game called “Laser Maze” (see our review). Later that year it was named as one of our “best of 2013,” and the Toys Bulletin staff continues to play that game today. So, it is easy to see why we were especially excited to see that “Laser Maze Jr.” was now available for kids as young as 6 years old.

For those readers unfamiliar with the basic concept of the game, “Laser Maze Jr.,” like the original game, is a one person game where the player must carefully place small Satellite Mirrors and sometimes a Beam Splitter in an arena, such that a single Laser beam is diverted, allowing the beam to hit and light up the intended target. To add even more interest, there is a Science Fiction theme attached to this version of the game. When the Laser is activated by the red switch on the arena, it is supposed to provide instant ignition to the rockets, but in some cases the Laser is blocked by Space Rocks, or it takes those specially designed mirrors and the Beam Splitter to help the Laser beam find the rocket target(s). { READ MORE...}

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Crash Cup Karambolage – A Game of Collisions and Rebounds

Crash Cup Karambolage reviews an exciting game of skillful driving from HABA.

We always love it when we get a hold of a game from HABA. There is a feeling of quality just holding the box, and as always, we were not disappointed with “Crash Cup Karambolage.” First of all, we had to look up the meaning of the word “Karambolage,” and we found that it meant “carom,” “collision” or “smash-up.” Those are perfect descriptions of the game we are about to review. { READ MORE...}

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Kerflip! – A New Twist in Word Games

Kerflip looks at a well conceived word game from Creative Foundry Gameworks, Inc.

We met Damon Tabb, the designer of “Kerflip!,” at this year’s New York Toy Fair, and we remember him asking if we were ready to see a great new word game. He proceeded to demonstrate a few sample rounds of “Kerflip!” with us and we are so glad he did. We honestly thought we had seen most every type of word game variation in existence, but we were wrong. “Kerflip!” is really something special. { READ MORE...}

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Color Pop – The Game of Moving Counters

Color Pop reviews another fascinating game from Gigamic distributed by Back Alley Traders.

We continue to run across games that offer something different and out of the ordinary. Although there is much to love about “Color Pop,” it is especially fun to see and use their unique game board, which not only holds all of the game pieces, but continually changes (on its own) throughout game play, even popping out the used game counters for easy collection at the end of every turn. { READ MORE...}

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Kooba – A New Type of Game

Kooba looks at a magnetic target game from InPlay Products Inc.

“Kooba” is an interesting new game which will quickly get the attention of both kids and adults. It has similarities to a game of darts, but it is so much more. “Kooba” arrives in a specially designed game box, that also serves as a carrying case, including a built in handle (using two of the game pieces). The game includes a large magnetic game board measuring approximately 23″ square that easily attaches to any flat surface, either indoors or outdoors. There are also 2 black metal sticks, used for launching, each about 22″ in length with a diameter just under ⅜”. The other game pieces include 3 Aeros, which are the triangular magnetic devices used to send a Kooba shot towards the game board, 4 magnetic markers and 1 magnetic Kooba. { READ MORE...}

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A Toys Bulletin Quick Look: Little Storm Farm – A Dice Game for the Youngest of Players

LIttle Storm Farm looks at a “Yahtzee” type dice game from Four Esses.

We ran across this interesting little dice game while roaming the aisles at the recent New York Toy Fair.  The game is called “Little Storm Farm” and it originated in the country of Denmark. The game includes 5 six-sided dice, with five sides picturing farm animals….a chicken, goat, pig, horse and cow. The sixth side shows a tractor, and each of the animals and tractor are drawn in a different color, making them easy to distinguish. There is also a very important pad of score sheets that keep track of individual scoring for each competing player. { READ MORE...}

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