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Chrono Bomb! – A Race to Stop the Detonation

Chrono Bomb 1ToysBulletin takes a look at an exciting new toy from Patch Products.

“Chrono Bomb!” is a new type of experience for kids ages 7 years old and up. Players will be asked to cross a field of well placed laser beams (using taunt strings to replace actual beams of light) and stop a large bomb from exploding in front of them. The word “chrono” generally means “time,” and in this case it is very appropriate, as the “Chrono Bomb!” is very much a timed devise, but it can also explode if one of the laser beams attached to it is disturbed by even a tiny bit of movement. { READ MORE...}

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Flash & Thunder- A New Type of Game Experience

Invicta Challenge looks at an innovative new style of entertainment from INVICTA Challenge Inc.

The Toys Bulletin staff was not sure what to expect prior to opening the “Flash & Thunder” game box. From the description, it seemed to be some kind of video game, but there was also an action figure and a graphic novel inside. As it turns out, the game actually includes all of those features plus much more in the first of a series of leadership stories and games released from INVICTA Challenge. { READ MORE...}

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Lost Cities – Both a Card Game and a Board Game

Lost Cities card game looks at a pair of “Lost Cities” game releases from Thames & Kosmos, LLC.

It is rare to see one game released as both a card game and a board game. But “Lost Cities,” which is now distributed in the U.S.A. by Thames & Kosmos, is available in both versions. Each game is suggested for players 10 years old and up, but the card game is strictly limited to 2 players, while the board game can entertain 2-4 players. It should be emphasized that each game is different enough to easily stand on its own, and although there are also many similarities between the two games, it our opinion that both deserve spots on your family game shelf. { READ MORE...}

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Bears! – Survive or Be Eaten

bears! reviews a dice game from Fireside Games.

“Bears!” is another exciting product in the line of games produced by Fireside Games.  It is their only dice game and can be played by those ages 7 years old and up. The game is suggested for 2-4 players and it is a fast and furious contest from start to finish. “Bears!” includes 40 six-sided dice (20 white camp dice & 20 black player dice), along with some handy scoring reminders and a short set of rules. A campground is the setting, and the object of the game is to score points based on various dice combinations, which include successfully shooting a bear, grabbing a tent and running away, or sleeping through everything, which may or may not lead to disaster. { READ MORE...}

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Stack Attack – A Balancing Act with Dice

stack attack looks at a new dice game from Patch Products, LLC.

“Stack Attack” combines a strategic dice game with some manual dexterity. It is simple to play, and is designed for 2-4 players ages 8 years old and up. The object of the game is to score more points than your opponents by rolling certain numbers on your dice, then stacking them up to form a dice tower, all the time making sure it does not topple.

The game includes 20 six-sided dice (4 different colors of 5 each), 4 matching dice cups, a small “quake plate,” used as the base for the dice tower and a short set of rules (spanish language included). To set things up, each player takes a matching set of 5 dice and 1 cup, while the “quake plate” is placed on a flat level surface, so that all of the players can easily reach it. The “quake plate” is a small round plastic disc measuring about 1 ½” in diameter that slightly rocks from side to side, providing a challenge when stacking the dice. { READ MORE...}

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Code Master – Program your Avatar

Code Master 1 reviews a new programming challenge from Thinkfun Inc.

We have to begin by saying that we simply loved play testing this game. “Code Master” is a single player game for ages 8 years old and up, and in addition to being fun to play, it also introduces youngsters (and some oldsters too) the basics of programming, stressing flowcharts, movement, direction, and even conditional decision making. The object of the game is to complete programs which direct an Avatar along a path from a given point on a map to an ending Portal using various tokens. { READ MORE...}

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Roll for it! “Deluxe Edition” – The Perfect Dice Game

Roll for it Deluxe reviews an exciting dice game from Calliope Games.

Here is a simple, fun dice game with easy to follow rules that can be enjoyed by everyone ages 8 years old and up. “Roll for it!-Deluxe Edition” can be played by 2-8 players and a typical game can be completed in around 30 minutes or so.

The game includes just a few key components, 48 six-sided dice (6 dice in 8 different colors), 2 decks of game cards (30 with silver backs and 30 with gold backs) and a set of rules. Each of the game cards shows various die images from 1-6. Some of the cards show only two images, while others show up to six different images. For example, one of the game cards shows the three dice images, 2, 3 and 6, while another shows the four dice images 1, 1, 2 and 2. The object of the game is for a player to roll six dice trying to match the dice images shown on game cards placed face up on the table. Players collect points as shown on the game cards when a match is made. The first player to accumulate 40 points wins the game. { READ MORE...}

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Robbin’ Eggs! – Math and Fun All in One Game

Robbin' Eggs! reviews an exciting educational game from “The Haywire Group, Inc.”

The game is “Robbin’ Eggs!,” and this little gem is both educational and highly addictive. The game features a plastic Robbin’ Nest that measures approximately 8″ in diameter. Inside the nest, there are 18 round slots that can hold 18 Robbin’ Eggs. Each of the eggs has a number on the bottom of the egg revealing positive numbers from 1-12 or negative numbers from 2-7. The positive numbered eggs are blue and the negative numbered eggs are green. There is a special 20 sided die, with the numbers from 1-20 on the faces, and the game also includes 30 game cards, a score pad, pencil and some easy to follow rules. { READ MORE...}

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