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Dr. Eureka – A Mix & Match Challenge reviews a new challenge from Blue Orange Games.

Dr Eureka 1“Dr. Eureka” is a game that provides a set of unique experiments. As an apprentice to the crazy Dr. Eureka, players must move the correct combination of molecules (colored balls) to a set of test tubes as shown on multiple challenge cards.

The game includes 24 colored balls (8 each of red, purple and green), 12 test tubes and 54 challenge cards. “Dr. Eureka”  has been designed for 1-4 players ages 8 years old and up. We actually play tested this game with a 93 year old great grandmother, and she kept right up, so it truly is a game for all ages. { READ MORE...}

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Dastardly Dirigibles – What a Name and What a Game reviews the latest release from Fireside Games, LLC.

dastardly dirigibles 1Toys Bulletin really believes that themes can many times make a successful game. Fireside Games has come up with a theme that automatically creates interest and excitement for their latest game, “Dastardly Dirigibles.” For those who are not quite sure, a dirigible is a flying machine, an airship that gains lift from gas bags, originally filled with hydrogen gas, which is less dense than the air around it. They certainly date back to the nineteenth century and became very popular in the 20th century, most notably the Goodyear Blimp, which is still in use for advertising purposes today. { READ MORE...}

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Balance Beans – A Seesaw Game of Logic reviews a new solo game from ThinkFun Inc.

Balance Beans 1ThinkFun has released loads of single-player games that provide solid challenges for players of all ages. Their latest game, “Balance Beans,” much like the successful “Laser Maze Jr” and “Rush Hour Jr,” is part of their line of junior logic games, and can actually be played by kids as young as 5 years old.

The game comes with a plastic seesaw, measuring approximately 3″ wide x 7″ long. The seesaw features a balance tray with 3 rows of 7 slots on the top of the tray. The slots are made to hold one or more colored bean shaped playing pieces (beans). There are 3 red stationary beans, a single, a double and a triple, along with 2 orange single beans, 2 yellow double beans and 2 blue triple beans (the non-red beans are considered movable). The game includes 40 challenge cards, from easy to super hard. The object of the game is much like it was back on the school yard. Can you position yourself and maybe some friends on the seesaw, so that the wooden plank (or tray in this case) balances perfectly level. { READ MORE...}

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Chicken Charades & Indoor Cornhole reviews a pair of games from University Games.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Chicken Charades Chicken Charades 1Everyone has played some form of Charades, but have you ever played a game of Charades holding and using a Rubber Chicken? Welcome to “Chicken Charades!” Chicken Charades 2The game rules are almost exactly as you might guess. Any number of players is split into two teams, with each participant taking a turn acting out clues that will enable their team to guess the secret word. Of course, you cannot say or cluck any words, but you do use a rubber chicken. The game includes 84 cards with 6 secret word choices per card. To begin play, one player rolls a die to determine the word. The player then grabs the rubber chicken and uses it as a prop to get his teammates to guess the word he was attempting to act out. Teams have only 10 seconds to guess correctly, or the opposing team gets a chance to steal the card if they can guess the answer. The first team to correctly answer 10 cards is declared the winner. At first, I really could not figure out how a rubber chicken could change a game of charades, but it actually made quite a difference in both how you act out the clues, as well as how your team members make their guesses. It was a lot of fun seeing people give mouth to mouth resuscitation to a chicken, give birth to a chicken, use the chicken as a toothbrush and even trying to make the poor rubber chicken look like a gun. It is hard not to laugh when playing “Chicken Charades” and sometimes the laughter stretches beyond the 10 seconds, allowing your opponents to steal the card.  But, it is all so much fun, it really does not matter. Overall, this is a party game with extra laughs included. There are some very interesting secret words on the cards as well, which will keep everybody on their toes for sure. “Chicken Charades” retails for $24.98 and can be purchased at the Are You Game website. Indoor Cornhole

Indoor Cornhole 1If you have ever wondered what people are doing throwing bean bags underhanded towards large planks of wood with a hole in the middle, they are playing a game called Cornhole, and it is an outdoor game phenomenon sweeping across the country.

The good news is that Front Porch Classics and University Games have created “Indoor Cornhole,” a game for ages 6 years old and up that is easy to set up and safe to play indoors. The game includes two boards that easily fold out and lean perfectly over each half of the game box. To get things started, mark off a tossing distance and break into two teams of one or two people. The two teams line up on the same side of one of the boards, alternating turns tossing bags toward the opposite board. Each team gets 4 turns to toss. The goal is to land a bag right in the hole, but points can also be scored by landing a bag on the board. { READ MORE...}

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Plunder – It is all About Pirate Treasure reviews another thought provoking game from R&R Games, Inc.

Plunder 1Ahoy Matey!!!

Plunder is a treasure stealing deduction game for 2-6 players distributed by R&R Games and designed by Jonathan Franklin. The game includes 36 dry erase crew cards, 54 clue cards, 18 map cards (6 each of island, marker and trap cards) , a treasure chest, 6 dry erase pens and 6 dry erase solution grids.

To set things up, players first choose to be one of 6 unique pirates. Each pirate receives a dry erase pen, along with the corresponding dry erase solution grid and crew cards (matching the number of players in the game). Next, the treasure chest is placed in the center of the table, with an open lid. Deal 3 map cards to each player, one each of island, marker and trap cards. Each player should look at their map cards as these cards indicate the specific hidden location of their pirate treasure. Don’t show anyone your cards-“Properly Warned Ya Be Says I” or you’ll be walking the plank! The remaining unused map cards are taken out of the game, while the map cards that were dealt out are turned face down until the scoring phase at the end of the game. { READ MORE...}

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Circuit Maze – Complete the Circuit to Win reviews another challenging game from ThinkFun.

Circuit Maze 1The folks at ThinkFun have done it again, following up their successful Laser Maze (see review from 27 August 2013), Laser Maze Jr. (see review from 22 May 2015) and Gravity Maze (see review from 10 October 2014) games with their latest maze game, “Circuit Maze.” This game is primarily intended as a one-player game, and is suggested for ages 8 years old and up.

With “Circuit Maze,” players must build a connecting path of circuits onto a 5 x 5 grid (7″ x 7″), and light up specified beacons to win. The game includes 16 circuit tokens, most with metal strips on them so that they can carry the electrical current. The circuit tokens each measure about 1¼” square and are approximately ¾” high. The tokens carry the current in straight lines, around corners, across pathways and even include switch and bridge options. There are 3 Beacon tokens included that light up to confirm that token placements are correct. Power is provided by a battery pack/token that uses 3 AAA batteries, which are not included. { READ MORE...}

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Buggaloop – Watch Out for the Hexbug reviews another great game from Ravensburger.

buggaloop 1“Buggaloop” is a perfect family game. It provides friendly competition for all ages with an easy to navigate playing surface and very simple rules.

The game arrives with 12 bugs, a 3-D yard, a special Hexbug® Nano V2® (powered by an included LR44 button battery), a game board and 1 six-sided die. The game is designed for 2-4 players, ages 6 years old and up, and set up is a breeze.

The object of the game is to be the first player to get their assigned bugs successfully across the game board to safety by simply rolling the die, moving the number of spaces shown on the die and staying on course. But, there is a pesky Hexbug running loose and it can knock a player’s bugs off course, causing them to return to start and begin again. The Hexbug creates a fun dynamic and continues to raise the level of drama and energy each time it bears its plastic antennas. { READ MORE...}

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“Find It” – Fun for both Kids and Adults reviews a pair of new “Find It” releases from Identity Games USA.

Find It 1“Find It” games are clever self-contained games that come in clear plastic cylindrical containers measuring 11″ long with a diameter of 4″. All of the fun rests inside the container, which is filled with thousands of tiny colored pellets hiding small items. Each of the “Find It” games has a specific theme and the hidden items relate to that theme. To view the items, the container must be twisted, turned or shaken, which allows the items to be spotted and identified. The container cannot be opened in any way. { READ MORE...}

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