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Cooperative Game Review: What’s It? – Win as a Team reviews a quick thinking game from Peaceable Kingdom.


“Peaceable Kingdom” continues to release challenging cooperative games for the whole family.  Today, we are going to take a look at “What’s It?”  By now, most of our readers are very familiar with cooperative games, but just to be safe, we want to remind everyone that in a cooperative game, all players join together to try to beat the game.  There are no individual winners or losers.  Instead, the players win or lose as team.

The objective in “What’s It?” is for the players (2-6) to work together trying to think alike and match answers while looking at various doodle cards.  Matching answers score points for the team, but wrong answers score points for the “Doodler” (the game).  If the team point total reaches the top of the scoreboard before the “Doodler,” the team of players wins the game.  However, if the “Doodler” gets there first, the team loses and they can try again...

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Game Review: Stop It – Play Fast and Take No Turns reviews a new card game from Winning Moves Games.


“Winning Moves Games” has a nice track record of successful games including “Pass the Pigs” (see our review on 23 July 2013) and “5ive Straight” (see our review on 24 May 2013).  Another recent release is a card game called “Stop It,” which is intended for ages 8 years old and up and requires 3-5 players. 


The game contents include 54 cards, with five different colored suits, green, black, yellow, red and blue.  In addition to 4 special “Stop It” cards, each suit contains 10 cards numbered from 1 through 10.  There is also a pair of score pads.  The object of the game is to get rid of your cards first, keeping in mind that there are no turns, simply fast sequential play... 

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A Family Math Game Review: Sumoku – Find the Multiples and You Win reviews a crossword style math challenge from Blue Orange.


Sumoku” is a nicely packaged math tile game from “Blue Orange.”  In fact, it arrives in a cone shaped fabric travel pouch, colored with bright numbers, and filled with 96 tiles and 1 die.  The tiles are numbered from 1-8, with the 6 being used as either a 6 or a 9.  There are 12 tiles (2 of each in six colors) for each of the 8 numbers.  The individual tiles measure approximately ¾” square.


The object of the game is for players to take turns laying down tiles in rows or columns which add up to multiples of the key number rolled on the die at the beginning of each game.  Each player tries to accumulate the most points by the time all of the tiles are exhausted...

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An Educational Game Review: iTrax – Use Your Eyes to Build the Path reviews a fast moving game from Learning Resources.


“Learning Resources” continues to create fun educational games for young kids.  One of their latest is called “iTrax.”   The game is designed for 2-4 players and is suggested for ages six years old and up.  “iTrax” arrives with 25 double sided game cards, each measuring 8” x 8”, along with 36 multi-color rods and 8 multi-color cubes.


Each game card is filled with numerous paths featuring one or more of four different colors, but only one path contains a cube at the beginning and end of the path.  The object of the game is for each player to view the same game card placed in the middle of table, while trying to locate the path with both the starting and ending cube... 

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Game Review: Out of Control – A Rummy Type Game With a Twist reviews a strategy game from Talicor/Aristoplay

Talicor and Aristoplay were originally two small independent game companies.  They merged together because they had similar philosophies regarding their desired customer and the type of game/puzzle experiences they wanted to create.  Today, they have combined those resources and produce a wide variety of board and card games, along with a full line of puzzles.  Their entire product line is both entertaining and educational...  

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Educational Card Game Review: Flag Frenzy USA – Do You Know the Flags of the USA? looks at a flag matching game from Geo Toys.

Back on 20 November 2012, Toys Bulletin reviewed “Flag Frenzy,” a terrific flag matching game, which included flags from countries all over the world.  By the time you were done playing the game a few times, you were suddenly an expert on recognizing and identifying a wide assortment of flags.  It was great fun and educational too.


Now, “Geo Toys” has taken things a bit further, and released “Flag Frenzy USA.”  If you are like me, you have lots of friends who watch the Olympic opening ceremonies and try to name the country as soon as they see the flag bearer.  Do you think those same friends could name the state in the USA simply by looking at its flag?  If the answer is “no,” it might be time to check out “Flag Frenzy USA,” which features the flags of all 50 states plus USA territories... 

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A Game Review for Younger Kids: Rivers, Roads & Rails – An Entertaining Matching Game reviews an educational game from Ravensburger.


As with all products from Ravensburger, the packaging and game contents for “Rivers, Roads & Rails” was of extremely high quality.  This is not one of those typical matching games aimed at children as young as 4 years old.  Instead, “Rivers, Roads & Rails” very much resembles a simpler version of “Carcassonne,” a more advanced game from Z-Man Games that involves matching playing pieces to form cities, roads and farms.


This game was first published in 1969, and the version we are reviewing today is basically the same as the original game.  The game includes 140 scenery cards (2” x 2”), each one depicting a connecting river, road or rail, or combinations of a river, road and rail.  Certain cards may also change directions and many times a river, road or rail network may end on a card.   The object of the game is to connect matching cards, so that the river, road or rail continues without interruption from card to card...

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A Spooky Game Review: Ghooost! – Rid the Mansion of Ghosts reviews a new game from Richard Garfield and Iello.


We opened the game box for “Ghooost!,” looked over the contents and thoroughly read the rules.  We did not see a need to reread the rules, which we usually do, as the game seemed simple enough, and we were fairly certain we were ready to play.


We quickly found that although “Ghooost!” was easy to play, there was more to the game than we first realized.  This was not just a game of luck, but instead required some strategic thinking in order to consistently win.  Card management was very important, and we got better by playing multiple games, and yes, we did go back and reread those rules...

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