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Barbie vs Bratz

Parents of young girls have been following this controversy for several years. Mattel, which has made “Barbie” dolls a household name, does battle with the upstart “Bratz” line of dolls from MGA. “Bratz” dolls entered the scene in 2001 and immediately began to take market share from “Barbie” and Mattel.

In December 2008, Mattel won a lawsuit contending that an MGA designer had developed the concept for the dolls while working for Mattel. Mattel was awarded $100 million and the US district court ruled that MGA must stop manufacturing the “Bratz” line of dolls.

That did not stop MGA, as they had a federal court overturn the decision this past summer. So, look for “Bratz” to be back at full strength for the Christmas 2010 selling season...
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Innovation First Labs Hexbug

This is a great new robotic creature that even kids can control. The original Hexbug will change direction, and react to physical obstacles in its path, even changing directions to loud sounds. The line has been expanded to include an Inchworm, a Crab, an Ant, and the new Nano. The Nano even flips over by itself, and can be put through its paces in several habitat sets.

This is NOT a clone of last year’s unpleasant “Zhu Zhu Pets,” instead this is a step forward in true robotics. Prices range from $7.99 for an individual Nano upwards to $49.00 for a fully loaded habitat. Go to to get more facts, or to to make a purchase.
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Fisher-Price Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster

Fisher Price might have a winner on their hands here. This remote control Bigfoot really has a personality and the ability to do some tricks that little kids will dig.

For instance, it can roar on command, throw balls, pound his fists, raise his hands, and even chew and burp. The remote is in the shape of a Big Foot. I think you could become the envy of a circle of kids pretty fast with this one.
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