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Tall Dreams Ensemble – Life-Like in Every Way

The collectible doll, “Tall Dreams Ensemble,” is a one of a kind baby doll complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity.  Paradise Galleries has a history of excellent quality dolls and this life-like baby will not disappoint even the most discriminating collector.  Artist Michelle Fagan has done it again with her expertly designed features and craftsmanship.  She arrives in a sturdy Collector's box and the presentation of this little darling immediately steals your heart.

A realistic portrayal of a newborn, “Tall Dreams” measures 19 inches head to toe and is constructed with Paradise Galleries' unique trademarked Gentle Touch Vinyl arms and legs along with a soft doeskin weighted cloth body.  Her brown eyes, complete with realistic eyelashes, highlight her facial features and life-like nose, mouth, and ears... 
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Rippling Water, Odahigum – Native American Doll

Paradise Galleries has released their “Native American Legends of the Seasons Doll Collection” which includes “Valley Of Flowers, Algoma”, “Rippling Water, Odahigum,” and the soon to be released, “Red Cloud At Sundown, Sanuye” and “Winter Princess, Yepa.”  All four Native American dolls are individually dressed to represent each season and come with their very own dream catcher, which is basically a type of handmade hoop on which is woven a loose net decorated with sacred feathers and beads.

We will be reviewing the limited edition fashion doll, “Rippling Water, Odahigum,” representing the season of summer.  She was designed by Sandra Bilotto and bears the artist’s signature of approval...

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Sleepy Frog – A Baby Boy Doll from Paradise Galleries

Paradise Galleries’ promise for the highest quality standards for the lovable Sleepy Frog baby boy will be felt in your first glimpse of this adorable doll. You will not be disappointed with this yawning baby boy exquisitely designed by Michelle Fagan.  He arrives on your doorstep in a durable Collector's box that is suitable for storage. Sleepy Frog is presented in meticulous packaging complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity to let you know he truly is a one of a kind collectible doll. 

Measuring 20 inches in length from head to toe, Sleepy Frog has an exclusive weighted body for the "real" baby feel which indeed becomes a natural fit in your arms as you try to sooth him to sleep...

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“Journey A Passion For Pink” from the Marie Osmond Doll Collection

Paradise Galleries continues to amaze us with their selection of beautiful hand crafted collectible dolls. Inspired by Marie Osmond and her love of 70’s fashions and her hit song, “Paper Roses,” “Journey A Passion For Pink” is a 20” brown-eyed limited edition beauty complete with a hand numbered certificate of authenticity and hallmarked with Marie’s signature.

This doll was sculpted by Karen Anderson and has a lovely porcelain face.  Her long brown hair is braided and tied with two paper rose barrettes.  She looks very “groovy” in her black bell bottom pants with printed pink trimmed bells and an empire-waist top with matching bell sleeves. Her open toe sandals in vibrant pink show off her well-manicured feet.  As always, the clothing on this doll is impeccable.

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Adora Dolls – Even Better Than Expected

“Adora Dolls” are truly adorable. This California based division of the Charisma Brand has introduced over 150 new Adora Doll products. The collections we will review include “Playtime” babies, for ages 12 months old and up, “Giggle Time” babies, for ages 2 years old and up, “Nursery Time” babies, for those 3 years old and up, and the 20″ “Toddler Time” dolls,” for ages 6 years old and up.

=&0=& LittlePrincessBrnBrnGirl_2The “Playtime” baby is a 13″ baby powder scented vinyl doll weighing just 12 ounces.  The bean bag weighted bottom gives the doll a very lifelike feel, and is a perfect size for a 12 month old’s first doll. The baby comes wearing a diaper, sleeper, headband and even includes a baby bottle to complete her accessories.  The doll is machine washable, and Adora also offers a choice of 5 ethnically diverse skintones and eye combinations.  MSRP for the “Playtime” baby is $29.95. This particular doll was recently shown on the hit TV show, “Modern Family.”  The featured doll was of medium skin tone, with dark hair and brown eyes, just like the character Lily on the show. =&1=& 2021049carrier1We also loved the new 14 1/2″ Adora “Giggle Time” babies.  This doll comes with its own baby carrier, removable “giggle” mechanism, fleece sleeper and a magnetic pacifier.  Much like the “Playtime” baby, this doll is handmade from lightly baby powder scented vinyl, and is also machine washable, after removing the “giggle” mechanism from the back of the doll. The “Giggle Time” Collection is available in 5 styles, with 3 different skin tones and eye combinations. The detail on the hands and feet is incredible, and the facial features are extremely real.  Additionally, we were very impressed with the quality of the clothing, and the carrier too……so well made.  Any 2 year old would simply love this baby with its soft non-irritating giggle.  The dolls are age-graded for doll lovers 2 years old and up and have a MSRP of $39.95. =&2=& NurseryLtBRAfter seeing two incredible looking baby dolls, how could it get any better!  Well, both reviewers fell in love with the “Nursery Time” Babies.  This little cutie arrives in its own beautifully crafted cloth bassinet.  The 7 piece set includes……. a 16″ baby powder scented vinyl doll, a carrier, a ribbon edged fleece blanket, infant sleeper gown, a striped cap, diaper and a birth announcement. The shading and detail on the face, hands and feet of this doll were even more impressive than the previously mentioned dolls.  This baby has realistic looking eyes and eyelashes and the same soft doeskin weighted body for a true baby feel.  The sculpted hand allows the baby to even suck on their own thumb.  MSRP on this doll is $79.95, and it is very suitable for ages 3 years old and up. =&3=& DenimandDaisies_2Our next task as reviewers was more difficult.  We wanted to choose two 20″ “Toddler Time” dolls to review.  After much debate, we chose “Denim & Daises” and “Black Velvet.”  “Denim & Daises” is a blue eyed sandy blond haired toddler doll.  She is dressed in a mod denim and daises three piece ensemble.  Her layered look includes a warm mauve sweater over an emerald green shirt, with daisy capri pants completing the outfit. Again, we were blown away by the quality and detail of the clothing.  A lot of real baby clothes are not made this well.  “Adora” says it best themselves, “Each lifelike face is hand-painted and each costume is hand sewn……one by one…..using the finest materials available.”  How can we argue with that. BlackVelvetBlack Velvet” is another winning doll.  She has black hair with brown eyes.  She sports a black velvet dress, adorned with a hot pink and black polka-dotted bow.  Matching hair ribbons and leggings add to her charm.  White anklets and black patent leather Mary Jane shoes complete her look.  Again, the clothes are impeccably crafted.  The MSRP for each of the 20″ dolls is $94.95.  They are recommended for ages 6 years old and up. FOCUS GROUP COMMENTS Next, we introduced all 5 dolls to an age appropriate focus group. This time we decided to use a neighborhood focus group consisting of moms and little girls ranging in age from 18 months to 12 years old. One of the mom’s provided a great first reaction by exclaiming, “Wow, those look like real babies.” A second mom commented, “Look at the gorgeous eyes on these dolls, they almost look moist and animated.”The older girls gravitated toward the 2 well-dressed 20” “Toddler Time” dolls. They loved the flowered capri pants and pink sandals on “Denim & Daisies.” The girls thought the dolls were to easy to dress and undress. One girl asked if more outfits were available, and we nodded our heads.The 18 month old girl was handed the “Playtime” baby. She hugged the soft baby and then tried to feed the doll with the included baby bottle, after first trying it herself. She then proceeded to drag her baby around by the arm. The doll seemed to easily handle the abuse of the aggressive youngster.

All of the girls really loved the “Giggle Time” baby, and each took turns wearing the baby carrier. The “giggle” feature made them all smile the way little girls do, and they all enjoyed playing with the magnetic pacifier too. One mom felt the baby needed a little more pink shading in the cheeks, as she thought the doll looked more like a boy than a girl.


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