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S.C.O.U.T. – A New Line of 16″ Dolls reviews one of the “S.C.O.U.T.” dolls from The Manhattan Toy Company.

SCOUT Finch 3The Manhattan Toy Company recently introduced a new line of three 16″ cloth dolls and accessories that make up the “S.C.O.U.T.” collection. “S.C.O.U.T.” is an acronym for Smart, Curious, Open, Unafraid and True. The dolls are named Leaf, Finch and Sofia, and each certainly has their own sense of style. We are going to look at Finch today in more detail.

SCOUT Finch 2Finch is a young lady with lots of friends, who also loves to go skateboarding, and when she is out on her board, she wants to go as fast as she can. Finch has eye-catching brown curls and embroidered facial features. She wears a light blue shirt that reads, “fast faster fastest” (how appropriate), covered by a smart black jacket with a Velcro fastener, a short green skirt with a fish net overlay, polka dot black pants and black strapped sandals. She is even carrying a pink backpack to complete the look. This young lady certainly has her own sense of style. { READ MORE...}

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My Friend Teddy – Customize Your Own Cuddly Teddy Bear

My Friend Teddy looks at a new interactive Teddy Bear from Genesis Toys.

“My Friend Teddy” is a soft squeezable Teddy Bear that measures just under 12″ tall in a seated position. Our review Teddy featured tan fur, a blue short-sleeved shirt, brown eyes, brown nose and a cute tuft of golden hair atop his head. The most exciting thing about “My Friend Teddy” is that he can be customized to speak, tell stories, play games and memorize lots of facts input by its owner. Here’s how to set things up…… { READ MORE...}

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Mixxie Mopsie – A Doll Not to be Missed

Mixxie Mopsie looks at a new doll release from Adora.

“Mixxie Mopsie” is a 16″ soft doll that currently comes in two different versions, “Jazzy Sparkles” and “Hugsy Daisy.” Our review doll was “Jazzy Sparkles,” and she arrives in the classic Adora pink and purple box, greeting you through the see-through plastic “window.” She is colorfully dressed in a fluffy purple tutu with bright green and dark green tights, complete with darling pink shoes that are covered in tiny white hearts and a fixed velour pale blue bow. Her soft blue striped knit body even features two embroidered pink hearts. There is also a sturdy pink and white polka dot romper that provides a complimentary interchangeable outfit for your little one to play with. { READ MORE...}

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Dolls Made in Paradise looks at a pair of dolls from Paradise Galleries.

Little Red Riding Hood:

Little Red Riding Hood 1Another Paradise Galleries’ work of art, “Little Red Riding Hood” is a fine example of beautiful design and craftsmanship. Sculpted by world renowned artist Sherri Williams, this 12” tall doll is made of a fine bisque porcelain and is remarkable in every detail. This edition is only limited to 90 porcelain firing days and arrives with a hand-numbered certificate authenticating your collectible edition heirloom doll. Of course, she arrives in Paradise Galleries’ signature blue with pink and white flowers box. This sturdy box can become a suitable storage place to keep “Red” safe as well. { READ MORE...}

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Baby Stella Sweet Sounds – A Perfect First Doll

Baby Stella looks at a fascinating doll from The Manhattan Toy Company.

The “Baby Stella Sweet Sounds Doll” will provide genuine excitement to little ones holding their first baby doll. Made of soft velour material, “Baby Stella” will capture your heart as she makes sweet sounds just like a real baby. In fact, the “Baby Stella Sweet Sounds Doll” was selected as the winner of a 2014 Cribsie Award as the Ultimate First Doll in the Play Category, and the Toys Bulletin staff can certainly affirm the choice. We predict with confidence that “Baby Stella” will be the soft doll that inspires the most creative play in children 1-3 years old. { READ MORE...}

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Lyla Tov Monsters – Play & Protect

Lyla Tov Monsters takes a close up look at a new line of plush toys.

Look out Monsters! Squonk and Madeline are attacking and they will spare no monster left in the closet. These adorable, huggable “monsters” will rid your home of any luring, ugly, stinky or grumpy monsters. Easy to use too; simply hug and the monsters disappear. Four adorable “monsters” from Lyla Tov Monsters are now available to terminate bad dreams and serve as a protector of a good night’s sleep. Lyla Tov (“Good Night” in Hebrew), was the original creation of Lyla Black – a three year old who made her first monster for her dad, Eric Black, as a gift. The recipient of the 2014 Young Inventor of the Year TAGIE award, Lyla comes by creativity naturally. Her mother, Erin Black, a two time Emmy award winning costume designer for Sesame Street and the Jim Henson Company had worked with monsters for over ten years. Lyla’s father Eric has also worked extensively for the Jim Henson Company as well as for Scholastic Media. Hard to miss with this family combo team. { READ MORE...}

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A Pair of Items from Magicforest

Petite Calin looks at two new items from Magicforest Ltd.

We recently discovered Magicforest Ltd., a great new company for us, which distributes some equally great toys. Today we are going to look at two of them. The first item is a lovely 11″ baby doll from “Vilac-Petitcollin,” which is widely considered to be France’s premier doll company. In fact, they have been making dolls since 1912. Our doll arrived in a wooden pink trunk covered in small white hearts, with metal openers and a carrying handle. Even before opening the trunk, we knew we were in for a special treat. { READ MORE...}

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My First Adora Doll – Dots

My First Adora Dots reviews a 14″ play doll from Adora.

Introduced at the recent New York Toy Fair, “My First Adora-Dots” is a machine washable play doll for little ones as young as one years old. This baby doll is super soft and cuddly from head to toe. Dots, such a perfect name for this doll, is wearing a pink and white lace trimmed polka dot dress. She sports two matching hair ribbons in her bright yellow felt hair, while soft fringed felt bangs frame her large flat embroidered face. Dots also has a heart shaped pink My First Adora Dots 2pacifier that attaches by a pink ribbon to her right arm, thus preventing it from getting dropped or lost. And don’t forget to look for her little pink embroidered heart belly button that is almost hidden by her white cotton undies. That is such a clever touch from Adora. Her clothing is all removable and the entire doll is 100% machine washable, certainly great news for the moms out there. We suggest that this snuggly baby doll might just replace the “binky” that toddlers love to drag around. Dots is truly “love at first hug.” { READ MORE...}

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