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Gubs – Collect Them if You Can

Every once in a while, we play a game that makes us smile the entire time we are playing.  “Gubs,” a card game from “Gamewright” provides just that type of experience.  The game arrives in a sturdy 4” x 6” tin, containing 70 cards and a colorful folder containing the “rules to play.” “Gubs” is suggested for 2-6 players, ages 10 years old and up, and an average game can be played in just 20-30 minutes. 

When first examining the game, the Toys Bulletin staff immediately wanted to know “what exactly is a Gub?”  Well, it appears to be a small snail like creature, with two antennae sprouting out of its head.   The object of the game is for players to build a larger colony of Gub cards than their opponents.  They do so by carefully collecting, protecting, or stealing them.  Players can also lay traps, use tools or even hazards to improve their chances of building a winning colony of Gubs...

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I Say, Holmes – Arrest the Villain or Escape If You Can

I Say, Holmes” is a card game set in old time London, featuring the characters and even the illustrations from the original Sherlock Holmes stories. In creating this game, Victory Point Games (VPG) was inspired by a long out of print game called “Sherlock Holmes: The Card Game” from 1991. However, this new game has added quite a few new surprises.


The game arrives in a polybag and includes 120 playing cards and a set of rules.  The cards are die-cut and each measures 1.5”W x 2.5”L. 

There are several types of cards, including Movement cards, which allow players to choose appropriate transportation to the city or country, Information cards, which include Clue, I Suspect, Telegram and Disguise cards, Action cards including Inspector, Arrest and Constabulary cards, and lastly Alibi, Villain and special purple “I Say” cards, the latter providing certain intuitive skills to help further a player’s chances to win the game...

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Mystery Rummy (Case 1) – A Jack the Ripper Card Game

“U.S. Games Systems, Inc.” and designer “Mike Fitzgerald” have put together another winning game.  This time it is a variation on the standard game of rummy, with an exciting twist involving Jack the Ripper.  Players collect melds of 3 or more cards, as in rummy, but try to discover the identity of the Ripper at the same time.


The game is beautifully packaged in a high quality box, and contains 36 Evidence cards, 25 Gavel cards, 1 Ripper Escapes card and an easy to follow set of rules.  The rules first describe the rummy portion of the game and then describe the Ripper strategy.  It turns out to be a perfect match...

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Flag Frenzy – Match the Flags, Win the Game


“Geotoys” continues to be the leader in games revolving around geography. The game of “Flag Frenzy” is one of their best, and is suggested for 2-6 players ages 6 years old and up.  The game contents include 49 large “Flag Frenzy” cards, with eight flags from different countries depicted on each (56 countries represented), eight separate continent cards showing all flags from that continent on each, and a special laminated rules card.  There is also a full size world map, which shows the specific country location for all the flags used in the game...

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Dragon Hunt – A Fast Paced Game of Strategy

We were a bit embarrassed here at Toys Bulletin to find that one of our favorite games of 2012 was first distributed around 15 years ago. Yet, somehow, we had not played it during that time. We do not like that to ever happen.


Despite that, we are glad we finally found it, and had a chance to experience the joys of playing “Dragon Hunt,” in 2012.  “U.S. Games Systems, Inc” and game designer Mike Fitzgerald have created a very special game.  “Dragon Hunt” is a stand-alone game that at first glimpse resembles one of several collectible card games.  However, it is a hybrid version that requires no additional trading card purchases, and can be played as quickly as 15-20 minutes...

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KaiJudo – Rise of the Duel Masters – A Skillful Game of Creature Combat

"Wizards of the Coast," best known for the popular "Magic, the Gathering" collectible card game, has just released "KaiJudo-Rise of the Duel Masters" battle decks. This is a complete refresh of the card game introduced back in 2004, with almost entirely different creatures and spells.

The initial battle decks set includes 40 cards each and pits Tatsurion vs. Razorkinder. Each deck includes "super
rare" premium cards of each of them. The decks are separately packaged in two high quality magnetic battle boxes, which include playmats to position the cards during the game and a quick-play set of rules. It should be noted that the rules are very basic and extremely short....just enough to get you started...
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Doomed Queens – A Most Unusual Deck of Cards

U.S. Games Systems, Inc. has released a 52 card deck of regular playing cards, including the normal run of 13 cards from Ace through King for each of the four suits, Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs. This deck could be used like any other for various card games requiring a standard deck of cards. However, what makes this deck different from any other are the unique photos and biographies included on the cards.

In 2008, author Kris Walkherr wrote a 176 page book, entitled "Doomed Queens," documenting the demise of history's most famous queens, from Cleopatra to Lady Diana. This deck of "Doomed Queens" playing cards is based on that book and features photos of 52 members of royalty that met untimely deaths. In addition to a short biography, each card contains a special symbol underneath the identifying name indicating the type of death. The symbols are explained on a special "graphics key" card, and include deaths such as beheading, burned to death, imprisoned, poisoned, stabbed and assassinated, among others...
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Game Night 2 – Scopa – Scribbo – Mah Jongg – Canasta – and The Void Puzzle

We really enjoyed our first "Game Night" a few weeks ago, and we decided to do it again. This time around all of the games were distributed by "Winning Moves Games," which was founded in 1995, and has a solid reputation for their family card and board games, along with puzzles and a line of retro games.

We set up things very similar to last time around. We invited 12 individuals, ranging in age from 12 to 65, to play each of the 4 games by rotating from table to table. We also wanted everyone to have a chance to play against different opponents as we rotated. During breaks in the action, we also suggested that everyone walk over to a separate table in the corner, and try to solve "The Void Puzzle..."
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