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12 Days – A Family Card Game

12 Days reviews a card game from Calliope Games.

Here is a great little family card game. It is easy to learn, suggested for ages 8 years old and up and best of all, a typical game is generally completed in 20 minutes or less.

The game is called “12 Days” and yes it is based on the famous Christmas song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The game includes 92 cards, 78 of them representing “gift cards” from the 12 “Drummers drumming” (12 cards each with a value of 12) down to 1 “Partridge in a pear tree” (1 card with a value of 1). In addition, there are also two special “gift cards,” represented by Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. The remaining 12 cards are called “holiday cards,” and there is one card for each of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” numbered from 1-12.


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Saboteur – Tunneling for Treasure

Saboteur reviews a clever card game from Mayfair Games, Inc.

“Saboteur” is an easy to play and easy to learn card game for ages 8 years old and up. Most of the players (3-10 can play) in “Saboteur” are dwarf miners attempting to build tunnels. But in some cases, there is one or more saboteurs among the players, who are trying to slow the progress and stop the tunnels from being built. The dwarf players (miners) are working together to build an uninterrupted path to treasure and share in the gold nuggets. If no tunnels are completed before the end of the round, the saboteurs earn the gold nuggets.


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Ugh! – A Perfect Family Game

Ugh! reviews an exciting card game from Calliope Games.

We are always pleased to report on a fun family card game, and “Ugh!” is certainly one of those. If you are looking for a game to play over the holidays with 2-6 players that is appealing to anyone over the age of 8 years old, this may be the game for you.

“Ugh!” is extremely easy to learn and play, with a typical game lasting only 15-30 minutes. The game contents include a total of 110 cards, all with superb color illustrations. There are 78 numbered cards, 26 in each of three colors, purple, orange and green. Each of those cards is numbered between 1 and 5. In addition, there are 28 “Ugh!” cards and 4 Wild cards. The object of the game is for players to accumulate as many locked sets of 3 cards (containing one card of each color) in front of them and score the most points.


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Conquest at Kismet – Control the Galaxy

conquest at Kismet looks at an ingenious new game from Victory Points Games.

We have to admit that our first reading of the rules to “Conquest at Kismet,” really threw us for a loop. The “Battle Stations” phase (attack portion) of the game seemed a bit unusual to say the least. So, we decided to just go ahead and play this two-player game, proceeding very slowly, stopping as needed for any rules clarification, and especially taking note of the four part “Battle Stations” phase as it occurred.


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Lost Cities – Both a Card Game and a Board Game

Lost Cities card game looks at a pair of “Lost Cities” game releases from Thames & Kosmos, LLC.

It is rare to see one game released as both a card game and a board game. But “Lost Cities,” which is now distributed in the U.S.A. by Thames & Kosmos, is available in both versions. Each game is suggested for players 10 years old and up, but the card game is strictly limited to 2 players, while the board game can entertain 2-4 players. It should be emphasized that each game is different enough to easily stand on its own, and although there are also many similarities between the two games, it our opinion that both deserve spots on your family game shelf.


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Zeven Card Zombie/Seven Card Samurai – Choose Your Genre

Zeven Card Zombie 1Toys Bulletin reviews a pair of games from Mindtwister USA.

We love Zombies and Samurai, and the folks at Mindtwister USA have created two strategic fun family games featuring both. In “Zeven Card Zombie,” players must collect and protect the most brains, while in “Seven Card Samurai,” players must defend their village and its valuable rice from Ninjas and bandits.

Seven Card Samurai 1Each game contains 74 playing cards and a bag of 80 markers. There is a rummy feel to the games, and both have identical rules. However, the illustrations on the playing cards are far different for each game and all of the cards are beautifully done, featuring your choice of Zombies or Samurai. The Zombie playing cards are also shaped like a coffin, whereas the Samurai cards are a traditional rectangular size. The markers feature either Brains or Rice pictured on circular stones. So, pick your favorite genre, and get ready to play.


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Dragonwood – Two Powerful Dragons Stand in Your Way

Dragonwood 1 reviews another exciting game from Gamewright.

The fine folks at “Gamewright” have delivered another top notch game to the marketplace. The Toys Bulletin staff always reads each and every page of the rulebook for every game we review before we play test the product. After reading the rules to “Dragonwood,” there was no doubt that this would be a winning game, and after actually playing the game on and off for about 4 weeks, we were right for sure.

“Dragonwood” is a game for 2-4 players (ages 8 years old and up), combining dice and cards into a thrilling experience that can be played in just 20-30 minutes. The game contents include 64 Adventurer cards (5 different color suits with cards from 1-12) plus 4 Lucky Ladybug cards (allowing two draw cards instead of one), 42 Dragonwood cards (including 29 Creature cards, 9 Enhancement cards and 4 Event cards), 6 specially designed six-sided dice and 2 player-aid cards.


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Poker and a Puzzle – from GEOtoys

presidents poker 1ToysBulletin gets a bit smarter with two new products from GEOtoys. 

First up is a game that will make you an overnight expert on the US Presidents. It is called “Presidents Poker,” and it features 44 presidential cards (every president included) and two wild cards. Each card is oversized, measuring approximately 3″ x 5″, and every presidential card lists that president’s birth city, college attended, number of children and height. Additionally, there is a drawing of the president on the card, his first and last name, birth and death year and the order of his presidency. Finally, there is yet another quirky piece of information listed on the presidential card, indicating whether that president was left-handed or had red hair.


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