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Demolition Lab–Wrecking Ball

Demolition Lab wrecking ball learns how to demolish buildings with a great new toy from “SmartLab Toys.”

We were especially excited to hear and read about the newest addition to the “Demolition Lab” product line, that being the “Wrecking Ball.” For those readers unfamiliar with “Demolition Lab,” wall panels, roofs and floors are used to construct multi-story buildings. Then, a battery powered blaster, in the form of a plunger type detonator, is set and kids can watch the entire structure crumble to the ground. { READ MORE...}

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Build & Bloom – A Moving Garden

build & bloom looks at a grand building set from Learning Resources, Inc.

“Build & Bloom” is a very creative way for youngsters to create their own garden, filled with flowers that all move at the same time, thanks to a unique system of gears. The complete set comes with 116 plastic parts including base units, flowers, brackets, stems, cranks, butterflies, ladybugs, bees, stickers and lots more. The instructions contain no wording, just colorful pictures of the step by step process needed to assemble what is referred to as the “Spinning Fun Flower Garden.” The flower pieces form the basis for the gears, as each turns and moves the flower near by. This set is just one of many gear related sets marketed under the “Gears! Gears! Gears!” platform of Learning Resources. { READ MORE...}

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A Pair of Items from Magicforest

Petite Calin looks at two new items from Magicforest Ltd.

We recently discovered Magicforest Ltd., a great new company for us, which distributes some equally great toys. Today we are going to look at two of them. The first item is a lovely 11″ baby doll from “Vilac-Petitcollin,” which is widely considered to be France’s premier doll company. In fact, they have been making dolls since 1912. Our doll arrived in a wooden pink trunk covered in small white hearts, with metal openers and a carrying handle. Even before opening the trunk, we knew we were in for a special treat. { READ MORE...}

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Robo Bug & Squishy Zombie – A Fun Pair

Robo Bug reviews two unique items from SmartLab Toys.

We recently discovered another toy company that has a vast catalog of great looking products, that being SmartLab Toys. We are going to look at two of their offerings, a “Robo Bug” and a “Squishy Zombie.”

First off, let’s discuss the “Robo Bug,” which is a motorized Robot with glow-in-the-dark wings, that comes ready to assemble with just 24 separate parts. The kit is suggested for kids 7 years old and up, and the instructions are easy to follow. The completed bug measures just over 5″ in length and stands about Robo Bug 23″ high. It is powered by 2-AAA batteries in its belly, and this six-legged creature moves nicely while its front pinchers open and close. There is even a convenient on/off switch located at the rear of the bug. We really liked the way the parts were connected together, using tiny press on plastic bolts that held everything amazingly well. Lastly, there is a fun-to-read pamphlet included that discusses the insect world from top to bottom, with great photos of various insects/bugs, even showing an actual beetle side by side with our “Robo Bug.” So, kids get a fun building project plus some great information too. “Robo Bug” retails for just $14.99, and can be purchased directly at the SmartLab Toys website. { READ MORE...}

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Trix Track – 2 Way Flipper

Trix Track reviews a unique building toy from Wonderworld and distributed by Smart Gear Toys.

While roaming the aisles at the New York Toy Fair, we are always on the lookout for that special toy that really stands out and catches our attention. Here is a perfect example of something that met that criteria and then some. They call it “Trix Track,” a type of creative gravity play inspired by the great Leonardo da Vinci. With “Trix Track,” children can build a wooden track that carries a ball down, through and around their own creation, resulting in both a visual delight and utmost pride in their accomplishment. { READ MORE...}

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Build An Oven: No Tools Needed

Build an oven reviews a new building toy from the Imagination Supply Co.

We recently came across a new series of toys from the Imagination Supply Co. that teach young children how to build everyday items using real wood pieces with no additional tools. They currently have 9 items available including a chair, table, dining set, an oven, a teacher desk, a student desk, a kitchen set, easel and school set. Each of the items is assigned a skill level from 1 to 3, and the prices range from a low of $19.99 for the single piece chair or table up to $74.99 for the 3 piece school set, which includes a teacher desk, student desk and easel. We understand there is a car coming soon too. All of the items are designed and manufactured in San Francisco, California. { READ MORE...}

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Malia’s Beach House: A Magnetic Building Set for Girls

Build & Imagine reviews a high quality construction set from “Build & Imagine LLC.”

In the world of building toys, most of the construction sets are marketed toward boys. Now there is a series of building sets that are clearly pointed at little females ages 4-8 years old, although the boys may want to give these neat sets a try as well. “Build & Imagine LLC” has just released its first group of such sets, which include “Malia’s Beach House,” a “Marine Rescue Center,” and a “Day at the Beach” surf shop with cafe. Each of the sets includes magnetic illustrated panels that allow children to create a story while they are building. Dolls are also included with the materials to create even more fun. { READ MORE...}

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Modarri: A New Type of Toy Car

Modarri gets its hands on an exciting new toy car entry created by Thoughtfull Toys Inc.

We actually got our first glimpse at the Modarri line of cars at the New York Toy Fair this past February, and we left nodding our heads with approval. But, we also were thinking that a product such as that would likely be difficult to get to market by Christmas 2014 and also be way too expensive for U.S. consumers. Well, we were happily wrong on both counts as the Modarri car is now here and guess what, the price is extremely affordable. { READ MORE...}

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