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2 Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles – for Young and Old

Ravensburger Artist's Desk looks at 2 unique puzzle choices from Ravensburger.

Ravensburger continues to produce new jigsaw puzzles that are both challenging and highly creative. First up is a 1000 piece puzzle entitled “The Artist’s Desk,” which depicts a Disney-Pixar animator’s desktop and bulletin board, filled with drawings, pens, pencils, notebooks and lots of color. This puzzle features Ravensburger’s “Softclick” technology, which allows the pieces to neatly fit together without having to press hard or bend them needlessly. There is even a slight click when the pieces fit together to insure you made the right move.


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Poker and a Puzzle – from GEOtoys

presidents poker 1ToysBulletin gets a bit smarter with two new products from GEOtoys. 

First up is a game that will make you an overnight expert on the US Presidents. It is called “Presidents Poker,” and it features 44 presidential cards (every president included) and two wild cards. Each card is oversized, measuring approximately 3″ x 5″, and every presidential card lists that president’s birth city, college attended, number of children and height. Additionally, there is a drawing of the president on the card, his first and last name, birth and death year and the order of his presidency. Finally, there is yet another quirky piece of information listed on the presidential card, indicating whether that president was left-handed or had red hair.


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New Perspectives – Time for a Puzzle

New Perspectives reviews an original jigsaw puzzle from Ceaco.

The Toys Bulletin staff always loves a good jigsaw puzzle, and we always seem to have one in progress on one of our game tables. This particular puzzle really got our attention, so we felt it was worthy of a review on its own. “New Perspectives” is a four-sided puzzle concept from Ceaco. By that we mean there are 4 related, yet unique scenes on each side of the puzzle. Our puzzle included beautifully drawn pictures depicting each of the 4 seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall.


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Katamino – The Perfect Puzzle Game

katamino reviews a challenging geometric game from Gigamic distributed by Back Alley Traders.

“Katamino” is not a new game, but if you do not have a copy on your game shelf, you should order one right away. “Katamino” is a high quality educational puzzle game that includes 20 wooden pieces, a game board, a wooden slider and a spiral bound set of rules with challenges ranging from simple to a near genius level. Twelve of the wooden pieces are pentaminos, which are actually 5 juxtaposed squares, with each square measuring about ¾”. Each of the pentaminos is of a different shape and can be turned in any direction. The remaining eight wooden pieces are smaller singular and double size squares.


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Sunny Day Pond: A Cooperative Puzzle Game

Sunny Day Pond looks at a new cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom.

With “Sunny Day Pond,” players will not mind getting a little “rained on.” Intended for ages 3 years old and up, this quality, cooperative award-winning puzzle game will be fun for all. The object of the game is for players to cooperatively complete three animal puzzles before the six rain drops are placed on the game board. All players help each other as they try to find matching puzzle pieces – and everyone wins or loses together. Could there be a better way to teach color matching, social developmental skills and fine motor skills? There is also no reading required to play “Sunny Day Pond,” which is a definite plus for younger players. In fact, a simple spin of the spinner determines every move, and identifies which color puzzle piece should be turned over. Once all three animal puzzles are completed or all six rain drops are on the board, a winner is determined -the players or the game itself.


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Perplexus Warp: Unique Shape Increases the Challenge

Perplexus Warp looks at the latest version of Perplexus from Patch Products.

We got very excited when we first saw the “Perplexus Warp,” as the challenge was no longer hiding inside a transparent plastic sphere, but rather in an odd shaped egg-like container called a spherical octahedron. The game is played in much the same way as the four previously released “Perplexus” models, but this time there is even more to captivate your senses. Toys Bulletin had previously reviewed both the “Perplexus Epic and Rookie” models back in December 2011, but we had been hearing about the newly shaped “Perplexus Warp,” and were especially anxious to get our hands on one.


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Wooden Puzzles – from Red Fish Toys

Red Fish reviews a pair of high quality educational puzzles.

Red Fish Toys is located in Bayville, New York, and was founded in 2010 by a mom just looking for the best quality products for children everywhere.  Her travels led her to start a line of wood puzzles.  But this is not your ordinary line of puzzles, rather these puzzles are made out of rubber wood and crafted by hand in Sri Lanka.  The quality is superb, and all puzzles use non-toxic coatings which meet or exceed all U.S. testing standards.


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4D Cityscape Time Puzzle – A Quantum Leap in Jigsaw Puzzles

We have been working with puzzles of all types for many years, and one category of puzzle that has seen very few changes during that time is the standard jigsaw puzzle.  Well, “4D Cityscape” has created something very new in this category.  They have designed a series of puzzles that depict the landscape and architecture of some of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world.

Putting together each puzzle is actually a three-layer process.  First, you are asked to assemble layer one, which is a historical map of the city.  This layer is similar to the standard jigsaw puzzles that all of us are familiar with.  Layer two includes landscape pieces that are assembled separately from layer one, but when completed, layer two is carefully placed directly on top of layer one, effectively merging the two.  The two layers are held perfectly in place with small strips of double-sided tape which is included with every puzzle...

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