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Battle Sheep: Control Those Pastures

Battle Sheep looks at a new game release from Blue Orange Games.

As expected, Blue Orange has put together another high quality game experience, this time called “Battle Sheep.” With Blue Orange, it always starts with the packaging and game parts, which again exceeded our expectations. The game contents include 16 pasture boards used to assemble an ever changing game board and 64 sheep tokens, each made of high quality plastic and very sturdy too. All of the game pieces are ready for action, with no card board punch outs needed to begin play. { READ MORE...}

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Ump-Rite: A Baseball Board Game from the Past

Ump-Rite takes a nostalgic look back to 1975 and a most unique baseball game.

From time to time, we actually do come across a toy or game that we have not played with or even heard of. Recently, a friend of Toys Bulletin loaned us a game called “Ump-Rite,” produced by Financial Consultants Coronado. He simply said it was sold briefly in the mid 70s, and we might want to take a look at it. Because our readers continue to clamor for nostalgic reviews of older toys or games, we thought “Ump-Rite” might prove to be an interesting choice. { READ MORE...}

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Knockout: Boxing at its Best

Knockout reviews a new boxing board game from Victory Point Games.

We always get excited when we get our hands on any new sports related board game, and those that deal with pugilism are among are favorites. As most board game players know, the first thing necessary before attempting to play a new game is to give a quick read of the rules. Well, after reading the rules for “Knockout,” we immediately knew that we had a winner, and we could not play soon enough. In fact, our first game was played between 1:30 am and 2:00 am on a Wednesday evening. I easily won over another sports fan on the Toys Bulletin staff, and we were hooked. { READ MORE...}

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Robot Face Race: Find the Matching Features

robot face race reviews a game for pre-schoolers on up from Educational Insights.

“Robot Face Race” is a clever new game for 2-4 players that combines the excitement of robots with a color matching scheme that will be great fun for kids 4 years old and up.

robot face race 2The game contents includes 20 robot tokens (5 in each of 4 colors), a colorful game board measuring 16″ x 16″ filled with 120 different robot heads, a “robot randomizer” and a very simple set of rules. But wait, what is a “robot randomizer?” It is actually a clear plastic shaker that is used to determine the color combinations of the facial features of the robot to search for on the game board.  There are 5 small colored balls inside the shaker (purple, green, red, blue and yellow), and when the “robot randomizer” is shaken, four of the balls land in one of the four small slots, representing the nose color, mouth color, face color and eye color of the robot that everyone will be looking for during each game turn. { READ MORE...}

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QIN: Colonize, Conquer and Build an Empire

qin looks at a strategic game from author Reiner Knizia for R&R Games, Inc.

“QIN” is a board game set in China over 2000 years ago. The Quin dynasty was a time of war and conquests, and this game asks players to compete against other to see who can bring the most provinces into prominence by building pagodas to symbolize authority and power. “QIN” can be played by 2-4 players (recommended for ages 8 years old and up) with a typical game lasting only 30 minutes or so. The game contents include 72 tiles in 3 different colors, each featuring 2 province spaces, 96 pagodas in 4 colors, a large two-sided game board measuring  22″ x 22″ and a concise set of colorful rules. { READ MORE...}

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Hot Tin Roof: Top Cat Wins the Game

Hot Tin Roof looks at an intriguing challenge from Mayfair Games.

“Hot Tin Roof” is a new game release from Mayfair Games involving pairs of cats racing along a city’s rooftops, looking for food and trying to outwit the other rival cats who have the same intentions. The game is designed for 3-4 players only, and is suggested for ages 10 years old and up.

The game arrives with 16 cat pawns, 16 shelter tokens for placement on rooftops, 24 catwalk tokens to allow easy access between buildings, 73 sardine can tokens (providing a source of food for all of the cats), 50 home tiles revealing rooftop locations, 14 fish tokens (the ultimate food choice of the cats), a game board measuring approximately 14″ x 20 ½” and a colorful 6 page rulebook. The object of the game is to be the player who has collected the most sardine cans at the end of the game. { READ MORE...}

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A Yacht Racing Game: Regatta – Sail Around the Buoys

Regatta reviews a sailing game from Gigamic and Back Alley Traders.

We are sometimes a bit apprehensive when we encounter a board game that does not include a board to play it on. But it only took a few minutes playing “Regatta” to discover we had nothing to worry about. This cleverly designed yacht racing game is packaged in a high quality 5 inch square cube box, including 53 racing cards, 4 different colored wooden yachts, 4 wooden buoys (2 white, 1 red and 1 green), a travel/storage pouch and a nice set of rules. The object of the game is to be the first player to successfully sail their yacht across the finish line after sailing around the 4 buoys. { READ MORE...}

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Scooby-Doo ! Mystery Mine Game – Stay on the Path & Avoid the Cart

Scooby Doo Mystery Mine takes a wild ride with a fun game from Pressman Toys.

The “Scooby-Doo! Mystery Mine Game” is an exciting board game combined with a “whodunit” mystery.  The game board itself is actually a large replica of a mine, including a runaway mine cart, winding paths and lots of traps.  First time set up actually takes just a few minutes, including some minor assembly necessary to get the mine, that arrives in the box, ready for action.  It is recommended that an adult add the colorful side panels, a piece of track, a mine shack, a spinner and a few labels.  Once completed, the mine stands over 12″ high and measures nearly 11″ wide.  It is mostly made of plastic parts, but the design is most ingenious and it is an impressive site for sure. { READ MORE...}

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