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Snapgammon: Herd those Cows onto the Train

Snapgammon reviews a clever variation on the game of Backgammon from Victory Point Games.

The Toys Bulletin staff has long considered Backgammon one of those games that has truly stood the test of time. And, it will likely continue to be one of our favorites for years to come. Recently and much to our delight, we read about a new game release entitled “Snapgammon,” and we immediately were a bit more than curious. After all, it featured a race with another cowboy trying to be the first to load all of their cows onto a waiting train. { READ MORE...}

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Marrakech: Amass a Fortune in the Rug Business

marrakech reviews another Gigamic game distributed by Back Alley Traders.

Gigamic Games, which is a successful French game company, continues to publish some of the best games we see, always using the highest quality materials too. Their games are distributed here in the USA by Back Alley Traders and today we are going to look at another one of their board games entitled “Marrakech.” The actual city of Marrakech is the 4th largest in Morocco, and continues to be well known for its fine Berber carpets. So, it makes sense that a game with this title would feature the rug market. { READ MORE...}

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Lords of Vegas: Risk vs Reward

lords of las vegas reviews a new board game from Mayfair Games, Inc.

The Toys Bulletin office is located in Reno, Nevada, so we are always ready and willing to play any game that features one of the two largest cities in the state. In this case, we are are looking at “Lords of Vegas,” a monopoly type of game with players buying property and building casinos along the famous Las Vegas strip. The winner of the game is determined based on the player who controls the best and largest casinos. { READ MORE...}

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Perplexus Warp: Unique Shape Increases the Challenge

Perplexus Warp looks at the latest version of Perplexus from Patch Products.

We got very excited when we first saw the “Perplexus Warp,” as the challenge was no longer hiding inside a transparent plastic sphere, but rather in an odd shaped egg-like container called a spherical octahedron. The game is played in much the same way as the four previously released “Perplexus” models, but this time there is even more to captivate your senses. Toys Bulletin had previously reviewed both the “Perplexus Epic and Rookie” models back in December 2011, but we had been hearing about the newly shaped “Perplexus Warp,” and were especially anxious to get our hands on one. { READ MORE...}

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Indigo: Build Your Route, Collect the Gems

Indigo looks at a fast playing game from Ravensburger.

Here is a strategic board game that can actually be played in less than 30 minutes, and is suggested for ages 8-99. “Indigo” was first released in 2012, and it is truly an enjoyable board game experience. The object of the game is to place route tiles to form a pathway to transport gems directly to one of the gateway exits owned by that player. The player who gathers the highest value in gems wins the game. However, it is not quite as easy as it sounds. { READ MORE...}

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1000 and One Treasures: Collect the Jewels of the 40 Thieves

1000 and One Treasures reviews a game of discovery inside a mysterious cave from HABA USA.

Some of the best games we see come from HABA USA, especially those geared to younger children. “1000 and One Treasures” is no exception, as it features a fast playing time (15 minutes or so), short easy to understand rules, high quality game pieces and a simply nifty idea for a game. The setting is a cave filled with treasures, just ripe for the picking by Ali Baba and his friends. But, there is a bit of a problem because the Bandit Thief and the 40 thieves happen to be on their way back to the cave. They will not be happy finding anyone stealing their treasures. { READ MORE...}

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Warhammer 40,000 – The Adventure Continues

Warhammer 40,000 takes a closer look at the history and universe surrounding “Warhammer 40,000.”

Back in April of this year, we reviewed a fantastic game called “Warhammer 40,000” on our website (see review). We continue to play the game today, and have even come up with some battle strategies of our own that we believe has raised our level of expertise considerably compared to just a few months back. Although playing the game has been particularly rewarding, our staff and readers wanted more. The question was how could we learn more about the world of “Warhammer 40,000?” Well, we decided that we needed to read and study the game in a bit more detail. As a result, we got our hands on several of the hardcover books sold by the creators, “Games Workshop Limited.” { READ MORE...}

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Castle Panic: Goblins, Orcs and Trolls…Oh, My!

castle panic looks at a cooperative monster game from Fireside Games.

We had read good things about a game called “Castle Panic,” and we just had to get a copy and take a look for ourselves. “Castle Panic” is a cooperative game suggested for 1-6 players ages 10 years old and up. The game basically pits a group of players defending their castle against attacking monsters who have them completely surrounded. The object of the game is for the players to work together and play through/defeat all 49 monster tokens, before the monsters overwhelm them and destroy all of their castle towers. { READ MORE...}

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