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New Perspectives – Time for a Puzzle

New Perspectives reviews an original jigsaw puzzle from Ceaco.

The Toys Bulletin staff always loves a good jigsaw puzzle, and we always seem to have one in progress on one of our game tables. This particular puzzle really got our attention, so we felt it was worthy of a review on its own. “New Perspectives” is a four-sided puzzle concept from Ceaco. By that we mean there are 4 related, yet unique scenes on each side of the puzzle. Our puzzle included beautifully drawn pictures depicting each of the 4 seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall. { READ MORE...}

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It is Panic Time Again – Dead Panic

Dead-Panic visits another Fireside Game, this time prepare for a Zombie attack.

We have previously reviewed both “Castle Panic” (see our review on 25 July 2014) and “Munchkin Panic” (see our review on 2 January 2015). This time we have gathered our strength to defend our cabin from Zombies in a new game from Fireside Games, entitled “Dead Panic.” This semi-cooperative game requires 2-6 players (ages 13+) to defend themselves from a Zombie uprising, call for help by radio, race for a rescue vehicle and hopefully get out of there without being eaten alive. The Toys Bulletin staff was especially eager to play this game, as we had heard it provided substantial scares and suspense for 90 minutes or so. We love this stuff. { READ MORE...}

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Cube Quest – Your Fingers Do the Attacking

Cube Quest reviews “Cube Quest,” a game of manual dexterity and strategic thinking from “Gamewright.”

There are very few board games out there that require both physical and mental prowess, but “Cube Quest” is just such a game. The object of the game is to knock your opponent’s king off the game board, before he does the same to you. This 2-player game is a contest to see who can assemble an army of cubes that can both defend their own king and attack an opposing army, with the king being the main target. { READ MORE...}

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Sons of Anarchy – Men of Mayhem

Sons of Anarchy 1 reviews the “Sons of Anarchy” board game from “Gale Force Nine.”

Back in January 2013, Toys Bulletin reviewed a game called “Spartacus-A game of Blood and Treachery,” and it went on to be named one of our “Best for 2013” (See our review). The game was released from a company called “Gale Force Nine,” and now we have another one of their games in our hands, and this time it is based on the hit FX TV series, “Sons of Anarchy.” { READ MORE...}

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Katamino – The Perfect Puzzle Game

katamino reviews a challenging geometric game from Gigamic distributed by Back Alley Traders.

“Katamino” is not a new game, but if you do not have a copy on your game shelf, you should order one right away. “Katamino” is a high quality educational puzzle game that includes 20 wooden pieces, a game board, a wooden slider and a spiral bound set of rules with challenges ranging from simple to a near genius level. Twelve of the wooden pieces are pentaminos, which are actually 5 juxtaposed squares, with each square measuring about ¾”. Each of the pentaminos is of a different shape and can be turned in any direction. The remaining eight wooden pieces are smaller singular and double size squares. { READ MORE...}

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Quartermaster General – Allies vs Axis

Quartermaster General reviews a war game from Griggling Games, Inc.

We are not going to waste any time in saying this…….”Quartermaster General” is a great game. Typically, games that try to recreate battles or wars from the past are long and complicated with setup alone taking 30 minutes or more. “Quartermaster General” avoids all of those types of problems, and instead Griggling Games has designed a fast moving, strategic game that is easy to set up and more importantly easy to play. { READ MORE...}

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Patchwork – Buttons Make a Difference

Patchwork reviews a new game release from Mayfair Games, Inc.

Although “Patchwork” does require the creation of a multi-colored quilt, this is not a craft project by any means. Instead it is a clever game testing two players in a head-to-head contest to see who can make the highest quality quilt, while collecting as many button tiles as possible.

The game contents for “Patchwork” includes 2 quilt boards (one for each player) measuring approximately 7½”L x 7½”W, with 81 squares on each (9 x 9 matrix). In addition, there is a two-sided game board (also 7½”L x 7½”W) that it used to keep track of turns and time as the game progresses, 33 assorted patches of various shapes, 5 special square patches, 50 button tiles (with values from 1-20), two player pieces (time tokens), a movement token and an efficient well illustrated set of rules. { READ MORE...}

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Krosmaster Junior – Strategy Game for Youngsters

Krosmaster Junior reviews a new game release distributed by Japanime Games.

“Krosmaster Junior” is an exciting new entry into the world of Krosmaster. Toys Bulletin had selected “Krosmaster Arena” as one of our best of 2014 (See review from 9 May 2014), and we were especially excited to see and play “Krosmaster Junior.” The game did not disappoint, as it laid out an introductory teaching version of the game that will delight fans as young as 7 years old.

First of all, Krosmaster has the best looking high quality playing pieces (figures) of any game around. With “Krosmaster Junior,” there are 4 Krosmaster figures, all featuring incredible colorful detailing. In addition to the figures, the game includes 4 Arenas (two doubled-sided game boards), each measuring approximately 11½” W x 11½” L, 4 Totems along with 8 Bushes (for scenery), 4 Krosmaster notebooks, a scoring pad, lots of Kama Tokens (money), Pet tokens (friends to the Krosmasters), 4 Treasure Chests, loads of injury markers, several specially marked dice and a nicely done set of rules. { READ MORE...}

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