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tak•tak – A Strategic Battle Awaits You

tak-tak reviews a new board game from Twist On Games, LLC.

The Toys Bulletin staff may have play tested the game of tak•tak more than any other in recent memory. We did so because each time we played, we saw additional strategies and moves that had escaped us during previous games. We also played it a lot because we simply enjoyed the challenge.

The game arrives in a sturdy box containing 24 plastic chips (12 black and 12 white), and a game board measuring approximately 10½” W x 12½” L. The playing surface features a 6 x 7 grid of 42 squares where the game is played. Each of the chips (about 1½”  square) is numbered with either a 10, 20, 30 or 40 in one of 3 colors, blue, green or yellow. { READ MORE...}

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Kahuna – An Adventure in the South Seas

Kahuna takes a fresh look at the game of Kahuna from Thames & Kosmos.

We were especially excited to get a chance to play and learn the game of “Kahuna.” Although not a new game, it was a game that had somehow escaped our review radar. Now, in 2015, Thames & Kosmos, known for producing some of the finest science kits in the world, has entered the game arena, and one of the first games on their product list is “Kahuna.”

As it turns out, “Kahuna” is an easy game to play, but proves to be a challenge to master. The object of this two-player game is to claim control of more islands than your opponent. The game board measures approximately 12″ x 15″ and depicts 12 islands in the South Seas. The islands are all connected to one or more adjacent islands by a series of bridges. The game includes 25 black and 25 white bridge pieces (all made of wood), along with 10 black and 10 white Kahuna tokens (also made of wood), used to show which player controls an island. There are also 24 Island cards which allow players to build bridges and eventually gain control of various islands. { READ MORE...}

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Mancala and Make 7 – Games for Kids

mancala is excited to review two games made especially for youngsters from Pressman Toy Corporation.

“Mancala” is a type of board game that may date back as far as the 6th century. The actual word mancala means “to move,” which is a very good way to describe the basics of our game. Pressman has even released a special kid’s version of the game using animal shaped playing pieces to make things a bit more interesting for the younger crowd. Although the game is played with the same number of playing pieces, and on the same board as the adult version of the game, there is a slight rules variation to makes things go a bit quicker. { READ MORE...}

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Flea Market – Not Your Average Shopping Experience

flea market reviews a new dice game from Mayfair Games.

It is always nice to find a nice light fun game in our review queue. “Flea Market” is a new release from Mayfair Games, and it fits that description perfectly. The object of the game is to buy and sell items, be the first player to accumulate $45 and win the game.

The game includes a small game board measuring just 6″ x 8″, 5 pairs of dice (each set a different color), 3 white item dice, 16 item tokens, 5 player tiles, 60 money tiles, 1 active agent tile and a very short easy to understand set of rules. “Flea Market” is suggested for 3-5 players and for ages 8 years old and up. { READ MORE...}

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Homeland: The Game – Sound the Terrorism Alert

Homeland looks at a game of deception and intrigue from Gale Force Nine.

The staff at Toys Bulletin are great fans of Showtime’s hit TV show, “Homeland,” and we were eager to play the board game of the same title. We have previously reviewed two other board games from Gale Force Nine with tie ins to hit TV shows, that being “Spartacus” (see our review from 21 January 2013) and “Sons of Anarchy” (see our review from 9 March 2015). Both were very impressive for sure. { READ MORE...}

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Tsuro – A Path Building Challenge

Tsuro reviews an exciting fast-paced game from Calliope Games.

“Tsuro” is not a new game. In fact, it was first released back in 2004, and although several of our staff members have played it frequently over the years, Toys Bulletin had never written a formal review of this fascinating game. It is certainly time for us to describe this game to all of our readers.

“Tsuro” is a beautifully packaged game that includes 35 path tiles, each measuring 2½” square, 8 colorful stone markers, 1 dragon tile, 1 game board (18″ x 18″) and a concise one page set of rules. Each of the path tiles contains 4 paths, with a beginning and end, thus creating 8 entry/exit points on each tile. No two tiles are the same as the paths can be straight or rounded, long or short. The object of the game is for players to alternate turns laying one tile down at a time on the game board, making sure to never connect a tile to the edge of the board. { READ MORE...}

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King’s Ransom Deluxe – A Chess like Challenge

Kings Ransom Deluxe reviews an expanded version of King’s Ransom from Victory Point Games.

Millions of people play chess every day in all corners of the world. It is a game of strategy and extreme concentration, and its popularity is unquestioned. However, the game of chess does consume a great deal of time, so the designers at Victory Point Games have come up with a compelling version of a game with many of the same features as chess that can be played in as little as 15 minutes. It is called “King’s Ransom Deluxe.” This particular edition of the game even includes 110 additional cards (for a total of 160 cards) to make things just a bit more entertaining. { READ MORE...}

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Skateboard Madness – A One of a Kind Find

Skateboard Madness reviews a skateboarding game from Mindtwister USA.

There may be lots of skateboarding video games out there, but “Skateboard Madness” is the only true board game we have ever seen devoted to the sport of skateboarding, and it is well worth the ride. “Mindtwister USA” has two professional skateboarders from Sweden to thank for giving the company its start in 2006, that being Tony Mag and Mathias Ringstrom. But it would take until 2011 before their dream of a skateboard themed board game would become a reality. { READ MORE...}

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