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The Village Crone – Witches Vying for Power

The Village Crone reviews a new board game from Fireside Games, LLC.

The Toys Bulletin staff has really enjoyed all of the Fireside Games we have played and reviewed over the past two years, and “The Village Crone” is another winner. This time we explore the world of witches, with their many spells and schemes.

The object of the game is for each player (1-6 can play) to assume the role of a witch and accumulate enough points, through clever use of their magical skills, to claim the title of “The Village Crone.” The game contents includes a six piece game board that can be assembled in different configurations so that each game has a different look, 6 Villagers (blacksmith, farmer, lord, miller, peasant and priest), 4 separate decks of Ingredient cards (fire, flour, silver and soil), 4 Eye of Newt ingredient wild cards, 6 Player-Aid spell cards, 3 decks of Witch’s Scheme cards (1, 2 or 3 point values), 6 types of Familiars tokens (witch’s helpers), five of each type, along with some Frog tokens, Binding Rings, Love tokens, a Broom to keep track of turns and a very complete 8 page rule book. { READ MORE...}

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Lost Cities – Both a Card Game and a Board Game

Lost Cities card game looks at a pair of “Lost Cities” game releases from Thames & Kosmos, LLC.

It is rare to see one game released as both a card game and a board game. But “Lost Cities,” which is now distributed in the U.S.A. by Thames & Kosmos, is available in both versions. Each game is suggested for players 10 years old and up, but the card game is strictly limited to 2 players, while the board game can entertain 2-4 players. It should be emphasized that each game is different enough to easily stand on its own, and although there are also many similarities between the two games, it our opinion that both deserve spots on your family game shelf. { READ MORE...}

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Avalam – A Uniquely Strategic Game

Avalam looks at a new release of a winning game from “Art of Games” distributed in the USA by “Back Alley Traders.”

“Avalam” is not a new game actually dating back nearly 20 years, but this updated 5th edition features a larger game board and colorful playing pieces. “Avalam” is the most awarded strategy game in Belgium and is a Mensa Select National Champion game here in the USA.

“Avalam” is a two-player game that includes 48 round counters (24 in each of two colors, red and yellow), and a playing board (shaped somewhat like an artist’s palette) containing 48 punched location holes to allow placement of the counters during the game. As is expected in games distributed by “Back Alley Traders,” the components are of exceptional quality, with the playing pieces made from environmentally friendly rubberwood. { READ MORE...}

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2 Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles – for Young and Old

Ravensburger Artist's Desk looks at 2 unique puzzle choices from Ravensburger.

Ravensburger continues to produce new jigsaw puzzles that are both challenging and highly creative. First up is a 1000 piece puzzle entitled “The Artist’s Desk,” which depicts a Disney-Pixar animator’s desktop and bulletin board, filled with drawings, pens, pencils, notebooks and lots of color. This puzzle features Ravensburger’s “Softclick” technology, which allows the pieces to neatly fit together without having to press hard or bend them needlessly. There is even a slight click when the pieces fit together to insure you made the right move. { READ MORE...}

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Bloodsuckers – Vampire vs Hunter

Bloodsuckers looks at another winning game from Fireside Games.

The staff at Toys Bulletin is very used to seeing what is purported to be a “new” game, but then turns out to be a simple rehash of an old idea. On the other hand, “Fireside Games” continues to release games that are genuine and new in concept, truly unlike anything else out in the marketplace. “Bloodsuckers” fits that mold perfectly.

“Bloodsuckers” is a game pitting Vampires (the bloodsuckers) against Hunters (those who are hunting the bloodsuckers), each trying to outmaneuver the other to gain control of the town of Blackwood. There are five key locations in the town where innocent bystanders are scrambling for their lives. Players will choose sides and do battle attempting to defeat their opponent, secure the locations one by one, and convert the bystanders to their way of thinking. { READ MORE...}

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Broom Service – Are you Brave or Cowardly?

Broom Service reviews a new game release from Ravensburger USA Inc.

“Broom Service” is a board game about successfully delivering potions throughout a magical kingdom. “Broom Service” includes a double-sided game board measuring approximately 14″ x 21″, 60 game cards, including 10 event cards and 50 role cards (5 colors of 10 cards each), 10 pawns, 5 victory point markers, 60 potions (20 of 3 colors each), 24 heavy clouds and 24 magic wands. There are also some additional game pieces included that are used with advanced games or variations to the basic game. Lastly, there is a colorful 12 page set of rules and a handy player aid card. The game is suggested for 2-5 players ages 10 years old and up. { READ MORE...}

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Bucky Lasek’s Ramps & Rails – Skateboarding for the Younger Kids

Ramps & Rails reviews a fast moving board game based on the sport of skateboarding from Mindtwister USA.

First of all, the game we are about to review was inspired by the daughter of vert skateboarding king “Bucky Lasek.” For those readers who are not familiar with vert skateboarding, it involves riding a skateboard on a ramp, and then suddenly changing from the horizonatal plane to the vertical while performing a variety of tricks. Bucky is considered to be among the best vert skateboarders of all time, if not the very best. His images are sprinkled throughout the game adding to a colorful fun experience aimed at kids as young as 4 years old. { READ MORE...}

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Poker and a Puzzle – from GEOtoys

presidents poker 1ToysBulletin gets a bit smarter with two new products from GEOtoys. 

First up is a game that will make you an overnight expert on the US Presidents. It is called “Presidents Poker,” and it features 44 presidential cards (every president included) and two wild cards. Each card is oversized, measuring approximately 3″ x 5″, and every presidential card lists that president’s birth city, college attended, number of children and height. Additionally, there is a drawing of the president on the card, his first and last name, birth and death year and the order of his presidency. Finally, there is yet another quirky piece of information listed on the presidential card, indicating whether that president was left-handed or had red hair. { READ MORE...}

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