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Roll to Control – A Strategic Game of Placement

Roll for Control reviews a most unique game from Lazy Days LLC.

“Roll to Control” is an entertaining new board game, where 2-5 players compete to control the most colored zones on the game board.

The game contents include 360 Scout markers (one set of 72 for each player in 5 different colors) 21 Caprocks, which we decided was a dominant type of rock, taking the form of tall white playing pieces (2 occupy each of 9 colored zones, while 3 more occupy the remaining 3 zones, one in each), 5 Captain player pieces used to move each player around the perimeter of the board, 2 – twelve sided multi-colored dice, a game board that measures approximately 19″ x 20″ and a nicely illustrated set of rules. { READ MORE...}

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Slida – A Challenging Puzzle reviews a innovative puzzle ball from Slida.

SLIDA 1“Slida,” designed in Australia, is a 7 piece interlocking puzzle. When put together, it is in the shape of a ball, approximately the size of a baseball. We play tested the “Slida Classic” which is the original puzzle created by inventor Gianni Lavermicocca, who is also the founder and CEO of the company.

Slida 2“Slida” offers a real surprise to those who think they can easily solve a 7 piece puzzle in just a few minutes. To start with, the assembly of the pieces must be done in a strict sequential order. In fact, several of the pieces may look right at first, but users will quickly determine that the pieces must actually be turned and connected in just the right way to make the all important perfect fit. We passed “Slida” around our office and although several of our staff members struggled to solve the puzzle, others were able to get it together in 30 minutes or so. All did agree that “Slida” was a new kind of challenge that they thoroughly enjoyed. { READ MORE...}

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Zombicide – Amazing Game

Zombicide reviews an exciting Zombie game from “Cool Mini or Not” and “Guillotine Games.”

Every couple of years, the Toys Bulletin staff uncovers a really special game, and “Zombicide” is one of those games. Although new to us, “Zombicide” was actually first released in 2012, followed by numerous followup expansions and additions. This is a game for those who have been looking for the ultimate Zombie game. It can be played by 1-6 players, with a suggested age of 13 years old and up. { READ MORE...}

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Renaissance Wars – A Game to Behold

Renaissance Wars looks at a new game release from U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The first thing to mention about “Renaissance Wars” is that it is a beautiful game. The components, including the box, game board, playing pieces and even the rules, are all top notch. The artwork and overall quality make this a standout product even before a game is played. Not surprisingly, the game itself really does live up to the hype.

“Renaissance Wars,” while a board game, actually does invite us to take a historical journey back in time, as the game highlights “conditions” that were paramount to those critical years that generally include the 14th to the 17th century. The five “conditions” are Religion, Culture, Economics, Politics and Seeds of Enlightenment. Players will even get to choose one of six luminary cards, each representing one of the key figures from the period, including William Shakespeare, Martin Luther, Ignatius of Loyola, Filippo Brunelleschi, Christopher Columbus and Francis Bacon. Each of these luminary cards has a special value and can provide added scoring opportunities during the game. The object of “Renaissance Wars” is to acquire more Florin coins than anyone else by the end of the game. { READ MORE...}

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Hunt – A Monster on the Loose

Hunt reviews a new game of mystery from Victory Point Games.

There is a monster living in an abandoned mansion, and it is terrorizing the local townsfolk. In the game of “Hunt,” 3-6 players take on the task of entering a creepy three level house to hunt down this evil monster, and when one of those players successfully destroys the monster, that one player is declared the winner. But wait, there is a twist, it turns out that one of the players must assume the role of the monster, and try to cripple the other hunters to win for himself. Additionally, the hunters do not know which of their opponents is actually the monster. { READ MORE...}

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WWE Superstar Showdown – A Realistic Wrestling Board game.

Superstar Showdown looks at an exciting sports game from Gale Force Nine.

There are very few wrestling board games out in the marketplace, and none quite like “WWE Superstar Showdown.” This game truly presents players with a chance to feel the body slams and experience all the action as it takes place inside the ring. The game includes 6 actual wrestlers, Big E, Big Show, John Cena, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. Each of the wrestlers comes with their own miniature, displaying a menacing pose, a superstar stat card and a 30 card superstar deck. There are also some bonus cards, match cards, stipulation cards and some team color rings. Lastly, there is a large folding game board, with a wrestling ring in the center, that measures approximately 20″ x 20″ and a 15 page full color set of rules. { READ MORE...}

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La Isla – Discover New Animal Species

La Isla reviews an entertaining tactical game from Ravensburger.

“La Isla” is actually a feminine name of Scottish origin, but it also refers to an island off the west coast of Scotland, and in this game, it is actually a tropical island filled with mystery. The mystery surrounds the unusual species of animals found on the island. Players will be challenged to find, identify and capture these nearly extinct animals, earning victory points along their journey.

In addition to the interesting theme, “La Isla” presents a strategic challenge for 2-4 players ages 10 years old and up. “La Isla” includes an ever changing island game board that is assembled using 11 different connector pieces, which when randomly fit together, provides a different look every time. There are 45 small and large animal tiles, representing the 5 different species found on the island, 32 explorer player pieces, 60 resource blocks, 4 cardholders, 180 game cards, a special game board for keeping track of both animal point values and victory points, along with 2 player aid cards and several markers. The rules are just 6 pages long and explain the game very well. { READ MORE...}

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Houdini – Try to Escape if You Can reviews a new type of puzzle from Thinkfun Inc.

Houdini 3“Houdini” is another one-player game of skill from Thinkfun. This time around a player is able to actually become Harry Houdini, or at least sort of. The game includes 40 different escape challenges, using a trap cage, 2 ropes, a lock, 2 rings and a “Houdini” flexible figure with body and legs. In addition, there is even a handy travel bag for Harry and all the accessories.

Houdini 2There are 10 beginner, 10 intermediate, 10 advanced and 10 expert challenges, but it is best to start with the beginner challenges, no matter how much you consider yourself a master of escape. After selecting a challenge, the instructions illustrate exactly how to set things up. For example, in beginner challenge #1, the “Houdini” figure is placed adjacent to the trap cage, a rope is looped between his legs, while its metal clasps are attached to brackets on the trap cage. Houdini’s hands and feet are always chained together to make things even more difficult. A player must somehow free Harry without undoing the clasps, and all of the solutions can be done without exercising any force whatsoever. To make it a bit easier, there is unlimited time to free Harry, and once you have escaped, all that is left is to listen for the applause. { READ MORE...}

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