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KEVA Maker Bot Maze – Navigate the Obstacles reviews a inventive maze from MindWare.

KEVA Maker Bot Maze 1Before reviewing this product, we had to find out what “KEVA” was all about. It turns out that “KEVA” generally refers to something that has stability or permanence. From a toy standpoint, “KEVA” is usually associated with wooden planks that measure 4 ½”L x ¾” W and ¼” H. They are used to stack and build structures that are amazingly sturdy, and young kids find them simple to use. { READ MORE...}

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Empires in America – The French and Indian War, 1754 – 1763 reviews the second edition of “Empires of America” from Victory Point Games LLC.

Empires in America 1The French and Indian War (“Seven Year’s War”) was fought between France and Great Britain from 1756 until 1763. However, the total conflict that took place on North American soil lasted from 1754 to 1763. France was joined by Indian allies to fight the British forces, thus the name, “French and Indian War.” Victory Point Games has recreated that war in a single-player board game, where you control the French and Indians and the game controls the British. { READ MORE...}

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AnimaLogic – Move the Animals to Safety reviews a brainteaser from the Fat Brain Toy Co.

animalogic 2“AnimaLogic” is a clever and challenging game for youngsters ages 5 years old and up. The idea is simple, there are 16 animals (4 each of lions, hippos, giraffes and camels). Each animal in their respective group is also a different color, either yellow, blue, green or red. The animals are trying to cross a river and get to the other side, but they are required to move according to a strict set of rules, that being that they must cross the river one at a time, must travel right to left on their given path, cannot jump over another animal and most importantly each animal must either follow an animal of the same color or follow an animal of the same species. { READ MORE...}

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Silhouette – A Unique Shape to a Beautiful Puzzle looks at a new type of jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger.

Silhouette 1Jigsaw puzzles have certainly evolved over the years. It used to be that there were 500 and 1,000 piece puzzles, rectangular in shape and usually featuring an outdoor landscape, or maybe a castle. Then we saw an increase in the variety and types of photos used, along with significant changes in the quality and number of pieces. Next, we saw three dimensional puzzles, which are still very popular today.

With that being said, we were especially excited to get a hold of a premium “Silhouette” puzzle from Ravensburger, since it is so unlike a regular jigsaw puzzle. Although several different “Silhouette” puzzles are available, our review puzzle featured the skyline of New York City, complete with close ups of a NYC taxi cab and the Statue of Liberty in the foreground. But what makes the puzzle so different is its shape. The entire puzzle actually forms a outline around New York, so that the peaks of the skyscrapers and the burning torch of the Statue of Liberty appear almost real when the final pieces are put into place. The edge pieces of the puzzle are designed to take on the shape of those famous landmarks, and it is a masterpiece when completed. { READ MORE...}

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“Find It” – Fun for both Kids and Adults reviews a pair of new “Find It” releases from Identity Games USA.

Find It 1“Find It” games are clever self-contained games that come in clear plastic cylindrical containers measuring 11″ long with a diameter of 4″. All of the fun rests inside the container, which is filled with thousands of tiny colored pellets hiding small items. Each of the “Find It” games has a specific theme and the hidden items relate to that theme. To view the items, the container must be twisted, turned or shaken, which allows the items to be spotted and identified. The container cannot be opened in any way. { READ MORE...}

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Evolution – Can Your Species Survive? reviews a new type of game from North Star Games.

evolution 1The Toys Bulletin staff has never played a game anything like “Evolution.” As far as we know, its basic concept and format is unlike any other game around. “Evolution” explores the world of animal species, having players develop their own species, nurture and protect them. The object of the game is for each player to earn points based on the number of surviving species and their corresponding traits, the population of the species and the amount of food consumed by the species. “Evolution” is suggested for 2-6 players ages 12 years old and up. { READ MORE...}

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Geometry Strategy – The Sphere is the Key to Victory reviews a most unique game experience from BRIGHT of Sweden.

Geometry Challenge 1When a game is approved to enter the Mensa Mind Games competition, it is time to stand up and take notice. “Geometry Strategy” did just that, and it is well worth taking a look at. The game will actually make players do a double take when they first see the playing pieces spread around the board. This is because the playing pieces are made up of three dimensional geometric shapes.

Geometry Challenge 2The game contents include 4 sets of playing pieces (10 in each of 4 different colors), 15 Red Zone cards, 4 Challenge Ranking lists and 1 game board measuring approximately 19″ x 19″. The playing pieces include a sphere, helix, hexahedron, cylinder, pyramid, rectangular prism, prism, dodecahedron, cone and tetrahedron. After reading that list, players may fear that everything they learned back in high school geometry has come back to haunt them. But that is not the case, and there is no need to worry, as no knowledge of geometry is necessary to play the game. { READ MORE...}

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Key to the Front Door – Educational and Fun too

Key to the Front Door looks at a new board game from Debra Avara.

While wandering the aisles at the recent New York Toy Fair, we met Debra Avara, an Assistant Professor at Amarillo College where she teaches Sociology. She was promoting a new game she had designed to teach kids all about how to cope with living like an adult. Since it is highly probable that many of today’s teens might find themselves out on their own after high school graduation, Debra felt there was a real need to explain the realities facing young adults starting out with a new job, an unfurnished apartment and lots of bills. She had already successfully presented her ideas in numerous books and seminars, and the thought of learning from a board game seemed like the next logical step. So, she created “Key to the Front Door,” which is kind of a hi-octane version of the board games “Life,” and “Monopoly.” { READ MORE...}

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