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Ryan’s Road Trip – Let’s Go Camping


“Wow Toys,” distributed by “Ravensburger,” has designed a great toy for kids’ ages 1½-5 years old.  “Ryan’s Road Trip” is a car and trailer plus two figures, a dog, and a campfire.  The figures fit nicely into the car, and the trailer includes a removable plastic tent as well.  This toy will certainly make kids eager for a camping trip.  The quality of this product is amazing, and it doesn’t require any batteries, which is always good news for parents...

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Mario’s Pizzeria – High Quality Playset from Wow Toys

"Ravensburger USA Inc." continues to expand its line of products, which includes top notch items from "Wow Toys," based in England.  "Wow Toys" are known for their toughness and expert design, plus none of their products ever require a battery.

"Mario's Pizzeria" comes with a pizzeria, an oven, a delivery trike, a chef, a delivery boy and 3 pizzas which can be moved around the playset.

The delivery trike can easily be pushed along and includes a special spot for one of the pizzas on the back of the trike.  The chef can be placed on top of the pizzeria and spun around displaying the various toppings available, plus a pizza, "ready for pick up," can be placed on a shelf near the front window.  The oven has a rack for a pizza, and by pushing a red button on top of the oven, cooking flames are shown...
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Viking City – A First Train Set for Your Toddler

"Viking Toys" is a Swedish toy manufacturer, and we are reviewing one of the featured toys in their "Viking City" collection. This is a 25 piece train set, which includes brightly colored curved and straight track, 4 green trees, a bridge and an engine with 2 trailing cars.  The entire set comes packaged in a handy carrying case with a red fabric handle.  The pieces are made of very soft plastic, which are surprisingly strong, and dishwasher safe.  The train features silent wheels, and every piece of this set not only fits nicely together, but is easy to assemble in a matter of just a few minutes.

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Super Spiral Play Tower – Fast and Easy to Play

"Kidoozie" is known for creating fun, simple toys for toddlers, and is one of the many successful brands under the "International Playthings LLC" banner of toys. The "Super Spiral Play Tower" was designed for kids 18 months and up, and requires no batteries. After simple assembly, there stands a tower containing 5 curves and slots at the bottom to capture either a ball, a small penguin or a crafty frog who travels down a center shaft between the curves.

Because of the intended age group, we tested the "Super Spiral Play Tower" on several youngsters under the age of 3 years old. We relied on our pre-school contacts to provide an empty classroom, where we first demonstrated the toy and then stepped back to watch the fun.

The kids immediately grabbed the balls and placed them on the spiral curves. The balls quickly traveled down the path landing in their intended slot. The penguin followed the same path as the balls, but spun around and around as it traveled downward. The frog would not follow the spiral curve as it was a bit too large, and was intended to only go down the shaft, where it whistled as it descended. A push of a large yellow button then released the frog so he could do it once again. The kids quickly discovered that the balls and penguin could not go down the shaft, but only around the curves.

Although they tried to force things just a bit, they really didn't care, and continually started return trips along the spiral curve. None of the kids wanted to leave when the parents insisted it was time to go. One little guy really wanted to take the frog home with him. I think mom promised him something to get him to release his grip on the whistling frog.

The smiles on the kids faces told the whole story for us. This was a winning toy for sure. It is sturdy, made of quality materials, very educational and it simply works as advertised. The "Super Spiral Play Tower" can usually be found for around $30.00. Look for it at
-- RJ Cullen
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Elefun – A Fun and Easy Butterfly Catching Game

The Elefun Butterfly catching game from Hasbro is a super simple little game that can be started in under a minute and it consistently kept the kids in our focus group entertained.

The premise is very basic.  The Elefun has a base unit that requires four C batteries, and a trunk made out of a light paper thin fabric material.  When the base unit is turned on, it shoots a light stream of air through the trunk which then expands vertically straight up from the base unit (kind of like those air filled figures you see dancing outside a store on their grand opening).  You just have to preload (the included) small light butterflies in the base unit and then those butterflies slowly make their way up and out of the top of the trunk.  The kids stand around the trunk with included nets and try to catch the butterflies as they fall to the ground.

The kids we tested this with loved it, even the little ones under 2 can participate.  It quickly becomes a contest who can catch the most butterflies.  The older kids really got into it, and even started shoving each other a bit as they jockeyed for position.

We think this would be a great birthday gift for kids between the ages of two and four, and it's just a nice toy to have on hand in the event you need to throw up a quick distraction.  The games don't last long, but it's a clever idea that the kids seem to enjoy.
-- Lance Manion
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weePOD basix – Trainer for Your Little One

“Toys Bulletin” rarely reviews items that do not fall within the toy or game category. Today is an exception. “Prince Lionheart” started out making quality rocking horses in 1973, and we were extremely impressed with their “Woody” rocking horse, which we reviewed back on July 20, 2011.

However, “Prince Lionheart” also has a full line of baby care products, including a fantastic line of toilet trainers. Their newest item is the “weePOD basix,” which is a cushioned seat that fits perfectly on virtually any toilet seat. It is designed to provide a safe, comfortable experience for toddlers during training time.

The seat easily attaches to the toilet seat with suction cups, and includes a built in splash guard. The “weePOD basix” simply wipes clean and can be stored in a standing position.

We showed the “weePOD basix” to a group of four young moms at our local preschool, and asked their opinion. They all were impressed with the shape, size and weight of the “weePOD basix.” They commented on how easy it would be to use and they loved the color (the test seat was Berry Blue). We also noted that it was available in Ash Gray and Poppy Pink.

As mentioned earlier, “Prince Lionheart” offers many unique nursery items, plus children’s items for travel and play. It is well worth a trip to their website.

The “weePOD basix” can be purchased at for $17.00.
— RJ Cullen


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