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A Cooperative Game of Blocks: Stack Up – A Building Challenge for Toddlers reviews a great first game for young kids from Peaceable Kingdom.

“Stack Up” is a game for kids ages 2-5 years old, and it provides a fun experience and introduction to the world of building, while also teaching color recognition, counting and hand-eye coordination.  Peaceable Kingdom is well known for its line of “Preschool Skills-Builder” cooperative games, and “Stack It” is a fine addition to that collection of fine games.  The game includes 12 wooden blocks (3 in each of four different colors), a two-sided game board (10″ square), 1 spinner, 1 Stack Smasher with stand, 12 challenge cards and 2 Stack Sticks.  The object of the game is for all players to work together trying to build a vertical stack of 12 blocks before the Stack Smasher moves around the game board and smashes the stack.


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A Toddler Toy : Smart Stack Rainbow Color Cones reviews another educational toy from Learning Resources.

Does anyone love ice cream more than toddlers?  The “Smart Stack Rainbow Color Cones” set, distributed by Learning Resources, cleverly combines the excitement of receiving an ice cream cone with a learning development toy, and the result is just perfect for all of those inquisitive toddlers out there.  This is indeed a “smart snack” that will not ruin the appetite for learning and a delicious alternative for improving hand-eye coordination.  In fact, it is a perfect toy to stimulate play anytime and anywhere.

To get things started, the child is asked to build an ice cream cone with the 10 colorful ice cream “scoops”.  This requires the youngster to do some stacking of various colors (flavors) to complete his ice cream cone.  Small children love the repetitive play of “preparing” ice cream cones for friends and family to share.  This is a game that can improve a child’s counting, stacking, and color identification skills, all while having fun.  It even stimulates active play as children pretend to “eat” their delicious treat.  

prod7349_1_lgThe attractive box shows the 10 ice cream scoops and 2 Cones included in the set, and the sturdy packaging keeps the “scoops” from getting damaged during shipping.  The scoops and cones are each made of a durable bendable plastic, and they seem virtually unbreakable.  We have to admit that a completed ice cream cone is so lifelike, it is honestly difficult to resist taking a lick.  And maybe the best part of all is that all of the pieces can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth.  The “Smart Stack Rainbow Color Cones” set, suggested for ages 2 years old and up, is sure to delight all the tiny ice cream lovers out there.  


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Plush Animals Arrive : Soft to Touch from The Manhattan Toy Company looks at a pair of irresistible plush animals.

The key word to start this review is soft.  We may have found the softest most plush texture we have ever encountered in any toy when we touched the large version of “Genna Giraffe,” part of the “Lovelies” collection from The Manhattan Toy Company.  Genna stands approximately 10″ high, and measures 9″ long and 6″ wide.  She is primarily orange in color, featuring the appropriate spots befitting a giraffe.  She can sit on her own, and is highlighted with an adorable appointed face.  When you first see her, your first instinct is to squeeze and cuddle this precious treasure.  We showed Genna to two toddlers (a boy and a girl), and they both grabbed her, kissed her and pressed Genna against their chests.  The love was immediate.


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cropped-cropped-Toys1.gifThis site has been up and running for more than four years, and we have been asked by a few people why we have never updated the design. The short answer is that the site worked, and we’ve learned before that if something works online, don’t mess with it. But the time has finally come for a refresher, a new design and layout that provides a host of benefits for readers.

First of all this new site will load much faster. The previous site was code heavy and a bit of a patch work Frankenstein job that accumulated a lot of excess size over the years. This new site is optimized to run much faster.


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Walkness Monster – An Activity Walker for Toddlers reviews an interesting item from B.Toys.

WalknessMonster2The “Walkness Monster” is a toy that resembles a shopping cart, but has the capacity to accept up to 9 colorful balls (included) and send them flying around a circular bowl (basket) and out a opening into a tray at the front of the toy. It is recommended for ages 10 months up to 4 years old, and can be used as a walker for youngsters just learning to take their first steps, or a more traditional push toy for the older kids.

WalknessMonster1In either case, the fun element is the movement of the balls, which can easily be placed into a neck hole in the top middle of the handle. Next, the balls come racing out of another hole in the bottom side of that same handle, and twirl around the inside of the basket, down another hole and then out what is described in the instructions as a poop hole, into the waiting tray. Multiple balls can be sent through this process at the same time, so kids can keep things moving just as fast as they desire. The poop hole also has a sliding door that can be closed, which will stop the balls from entering the front tray, allowing the balls to be stored in the basket.


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Toys for the Little Ones – Pop Up Dinosaurs and Funtime Fishing looks at a pair of winners from Tolo Toys.

 popupdinosaurs2The staff at Toys Bulletin were extremely pleased to get their hands on two items from Tolo Toys, both with extremely high play value and educational too.

The first item was the Tolo “Pop Up Dinosaurs,” set, suggested for children 12 months and older.  The base measures just under 11” in length and all components are made from ABS plastic that is very resistant to impact.  The “Pop Up Dinosaurs” set has a certain toughness that is a trademark of all products carrying the Tolo name.


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An Infant Toy Review: Daisy Box Castle – from Quercetti takes a look at a child’s first building toy.Daisybox2

The “Daisy Box Castle” is an Italian toy from Quercetti and distributed here by International Playthings LLC.  It is a perfect challenge for the littlest of hands, as children as young as 1-2 years old get a chance to build something for the first time.This is a 20 piece set including 10 double size connectors (3 shapes) in 5 colors, 8 single size connectors in 3 colors, a large storage unit measuring approximately 13” in diameter and 5” deep and a cover that serves as the building base.  Of course, all of the pieces are very large, and safe for even the smallest of children.


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Our List of The Best Zombie Products Available – Toys, Games, Books and a Few Surprises takes a look at some of the best Zombie products available. 

There is little doubt that one of the most popular media frenzies of the past several years revolves around a single word, that being Zombies. Quite frankly, they are everywhere. The public’s initial infatuation with Zombies may have begun with the release of the classic horror film, “Night of the Living Dead” in 1968. But more recently, the popular TV shows “The Walking Dead” and to a lesser degree, the Sundance Channel release of “The Returned” have continued to fuel the Zombie fires. Add to this the latest theatrical releases, including Brad Pitt’s “World War Z,” the Zombie comedy “Warm Bodies,” and even an animation hit, “ParaNormal,” and you have some idea what kids and even adults are putting on their Christmas lists in 2013. They want something related to Zombies. 

The staff at Toys Bulletin decided to put their heads together and create a list of some of the best and craziest Zombie items for 2013. We are not going to review these items, although we will admit to having purchased many of them as gifts for friends, family or ourselves. There are some creepy products out there, but we kept our list a bit more “family friendly.” Even so, many of our selections may not be appropriate for everyone. Consider the list a general guide to the world of Zombie merchandise. 

The format will be simple. We will provide a simple list (in no particular order), a brief description of each item, an approximate price, an age recommendation and, of course, a mandatory photo. All of the items can be found by performing a simple search on the Internet, and in many cases, is one of the best sources. You will laugh at some of the products, and be startled with others. In any case, have a good time. Here we go… 


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