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Tumblin Buddies + Frankie Frog and his Flying Machine is looking at two toys for the younger set both distributed by International Playthings LLC.

Tumblin Buddies 1First up is “Tumblin Buddies,” which is a interactive plush cube geared for kids 18 months old and up. It measures approximately 7″ x 7″, and features colorful pictures of different animals on each of the six sides. The animals include a duck, dog, cat, elephant, lion and monkey. To get things started a parent rolls the cube, and asks the child to name the animal that came up on the top side of the cube. Next, the child is given one of the cards (there are 4 cards for each animal) that matches the background color and type of animal shown by the cube. The parent then reads aloud the question displayed on the Tumblin Buddies 2back of the card, with the child acting out the answer. For example, if the duck is rolled by the cube, one of the duck cards reads, “How does a duck walk?” The child would then try to walk like a duck in response to the question. Anyway, I think you get the idea. We read all of the questions available on the animal cards, and found this to be a highly educational interactive experience for young children and a great teaching tool for the parents. Plus it will surely garner lots of laughter from the kids and parents alike. “Tumblin Buddies” retails for $19.95 and can be ordered directly from the International Playthings website. { READ MORE...}

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Brobo: A New Plush Robot Toy

Brobo reviews a futuristic friend for little ones from Hog Wild Toys.

It is always fun to see what will be coming next in the area of plush toys, and we have found a good one for sure. “Brobo,” from Hog Wild Toys, was recently introduced to an unsuspecting public, featuring some very clever nighttime solutions that will surely capture the imagination of youngsters ages 18 months and older.

Brobo 2“Brobo” currently offers 5 different designs, including Brobo, Pep, Trex, Mumu and Dog, each one a different color. We got a hold of an Orange Trex, which we are reviewing. Our Trex stands approximately 14″ tall, with a short body, cute face and a wonderful pair of larger than expected eyes. All of this is highlighted by a blue & white beanie placed strategically towards the back of his head. It is huggable for sure. { READ MORE...}

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Special Double Feature: A Fun Pair from Patch Products

Stinky Pig 1 reviews two unique items from Patch Products.

First up we are going to look at a great party game for ages 6 years old and up called “Stinky Pig.” With a name like that, it sure sparked our interest, and we were not disappointed. “Stinky Pig” is actually a squeezable pink pig that stands just over 4 inches in height. When you press on his belly, he hums a version of “pop goes the weasel” which ends with a short but very identifiable toot. The toot, of course, is intended to sound very much like the audible discharge of intestinal gas. We all know the sound. { READ MORE...}

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Stack & Pull Train: A Real Treat for Little Ones

Stack & Pull Train looks at an impressive wood train distributed by The Manhattan Toy Company.

The “Stack & Pull Train” is advertised as an activity toy, but it honestly far exceeds that simple description. It features 3 wooden cars, each attachable to each other, and 18 painted accessory pieces (also made of wood) used to fill the cars with various shapes sure to make little children smile. All of the pieces are interchangeable, colorful and meet the highest safety standards. There is even a cord attached to the front of one of the cars that can be used to pull the train. { READ MORE...}

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Baa-Baa Barn – Kids’ Toys Don’t Get Any Better

Baa Baa Barn reviews an impressive toy for toddlers from B.Toys.

“Baa-Baa Barn” distributed by B.Toys is one of those classic toys that is sure to last for many years filling your child with delight and fond memories. It is an interactive, musical and educational toy experience perfect for children and even some adults. B.Toys is a unique marvel that somehow provides sensory stimulation, fun and safety, yet always keeps environmental concerns in the forefront. For example, B.Toys provides totally recyclable packaging (including the ties used to protect the toys in transit) and soy-based inks are even used on their packaging. The toys are designed to be so sturdy that they are recycled the old-fashioned way – by being handed down from one child to another. { READ MORE...}

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Choo Choo Loop: The Non-Stop Train

choo choo loop reviews a great first train experience from Tomy.

We, at Toys Bulletin, love trains, so we were especially excited to see the “Choo Choo Loop.” It is not only a nice developmental toy for kids as young as 18 months old, but it is just plain fun. The “Choo Choo Loop” is extremely easy to set up as it includes just 6 sections of curved twistable track (each about 4¼” long), two bumpers, a tunnel and a train (3¾” long). The train does require 3 AAA batteries, which are not included. { READ MORE...}

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myPhone: An Amazing First Phone from Mirari

myPhone reviews an actual ringing child’s phone from Mirari and Patch Products.

If there is one item that kids want to play with at an early age it is mom or dad’s cell phone. Of course, most parents do not comply, and cringe at the thought of their child unintentionally changing settings or leaving sticky fingerprints all over the screen on their cell phone. Well, we may have found the best solution in years, as Patch Products is now distributing “myPhone” from Mirari. You may have thought you had seen clever toy phones for kids, but nothing like this one. “myPhone” is the first childrens’ phone that we have encountered that actually rings, and plays a recorded greeting from a loved one. { READ MORE...}

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i-Mat: My Animal World & Voice Pen – An Exciting Learning Experience looks at the “i-Mat” from Creative Baby Inc.

We have found a high tech educational toy that will please both toddlers and their parents. It is the “i-Mat: My Animal World & Voice Pen.” It arrives with 4 foam square mats, each measuring 24″ per side, 1 Voice Pen, a USB cable, a handy screwdriver and a brief set of instructions. To get started, the 4 foam mats are placed flat on the floor, then interlocked with each other to form one large square mat measuring 48″ per side. Once the pieces are in place, there is a colorful world on display, featuring drawings of animals and their names. The drawings are beautifully captured on the mat, and they are large too, making it easy to identify for even the youngest of children. The “i-Mat” is recommended for children ages 18 months and older, with a parent helping the very youngest.
61wYos9KlBL._SL1500_To begin play, the Voice Pen must be activated. It requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) and the screwdriver (included) is used to unlock the back of the Voice Pen, allowing for easy placement of the two batteries. This locking mechanism provides an element of safety, making sure those batteries do not get into the hands of the child. We can confirm that it would be nearly impossible to unlock the battery case without the screwdriver. { READ MORE...}

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