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A Toys Bulletin Quick Look: Crazy Eyed Birds from Tolo examines another fine Tolo Toy distributed by Reeves International.

Tolo Crazy Bird 1We love all things “Tolo” and we could not stop smiling while play testing a pair of “Crazy Eyed Birds.” We looked at both a “Crazy Eyed Peacock” and a “Crazy Eyed Pelican.” Each stands approximately 5 inches tall and features the quality non-breakable plastic core that has become a “Tolo” trademark. The primary colors used on these birds are bright and shiny, leaving no doubt that babies and toddlers will automatically gravitate to these eye-catching little marvels.


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NogginStik & NogginRings – New Parents Will Love These reviews two baby toys from SmartNoggin.

SmartNoggin 1It is always fun to see the latest toy ideas for babies. Toys Bulletin is especially interested in seeing what types of products catch a baby’s attention, and add to their early learning experience. SmartNoggin has developed a pair of real winners, and we are very pleased to review them both.

The first item is the ‘NogginStik,” which is kind of a super rattle. It lights up, has texture, sounds and even a mirror on the bottom. It stands approximately 5 inches in height and requires 3 LR44 button size batteries, which are included. The top of the “NogginStik” features a round ball-shaped face complete with two bright yellow ears which actually lights up in 3 different colors, green, red and blue. The light is easily activated by the simple touch of baby’s hand. The center body of the “NogginStik” even has a nubby feel, easily grasped by the littlest of hands. Of course, the “NogginStik” not only promotes both motor and cognitive skills, but it is also just fun to watch a little baby play with and entertain themselves with this clever new toy.


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Cuddle Barn – Plush and Much More reviews a pair of musical plush toys from Cuddle Barn.

Cuddle Barn 1Want to dance with a new stuffed toy? Well, we found some great products to get you started. “Cuddle Barn” designs stuffed toys with sounds and music that will surely get you a toe tappin’. Today, we will review in detail both “Party Parry,” and “Trooper,” two of our personal favorites.

“Party Parry” is a 10 inch red and yellow parrot who sings and dances to the sound of “Jump in the Line (Shake Senora).” She comes dressed ready to party and hit the salsa dance floor with colorful purple, red, and pink feathers that even sway as she dances. On top of her head, she wears a straw hat filled with a cloth banana, lime and apple. Her beak is cleverly designed to move exactly to the words of the music so she appears to be realistically singing. She is simply a delight to watch, and we are certain that she will please even the smallest child. “Party Parry” is recommended for ages 2 years old and up, but our staff here at Toys Bulletin had her performing every time they passed her by. She retails for $34.99, and can be purchased directly from the Cuddle Barn website. To really appreciate the sounds of “Party Parry,” scroll down from that link, and watch a great video of her performance.


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Spherovelo – Early Rider Bike

Spherevelo looks at a great first bike from Early Rider Ltd.

Are you having trouble keeping your baby engaged in constructive fun? Well, meet the “Spherovelo,” a unique (and very posh) award winning ride-on bike made in the U.K. by Early Rider Ltd. They have been designing bikes for children since 2008, and the “Spherovelo” is certainly a first of its kind, actually intended as an appropriate ride-on bike for babies from 10 months – 24 months of age.

Spherovelo 2No corners were cut when designing the “Spherovelo.” It is simply a high quality product from top to bottom. The “Spherovelo” has a sleek modern look with two large spheres making up the main body where your child sits. There are two smaller spheres under the main body of the toy that act as training wheels, stabilizing the rider and allowing your little one to freely scoot around from place to place. Once your child masters the rolling effect, the training wheels can be removed. When the two small spheres are taken off, the “Spherovelo” simulates a bicycle but with much more forgiveness, keeping your child safe from nasty falls.


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My Friend Teddy – Customize Your Own Cuddly Teddy Bear

My Friend Teddy looks at a new interactive Teddy Bear from Genesis Toys.

“My Friend Teddy” is a soft squeezable Teddy Bear that measures just under 12″ tall in a seated position. Our review Teddy featured tan fur, a blue short-sleeved shirt, brown eyes, brown nose and a cute tuft of golden hair atop his head. The most exciting thing about “My Friend Teddy” is that he can be customized to speak, tell stories, play games and memorize lots of facts input by its owner. Here’s how to set things up……


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Ronnie Rocket – Wow! reviews a toy for toddlers from Wow Toys distributed by Reeves International.

Ronnie Rocket 1Wow is right! “Ronnie Rocket” is sure to be a “blastoff” hit with children up to five years old. This colorful yellow and red space rocket includes its own action figure, Major Tom, a little removable spaceman who sits atop the rocket and helps children take off on their celestial adventures. Little ones will love the pull-cord motor which begins a countdown to launch, and parents will be pleased to learn that no batteries are required. Besides simply being a great toy, “Ronnie Rocket” is a sturdy imaginative product that encourages and develops fine motor skills and social development.


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Baby Stella Sweet Sounds – A Perfect First Doll

Baby Stella looks at a fascinating doll from The Manhattan Toy Company.

The “Baby Stella Sweet Sounds Doll” will provide genuine excitement to little ones holding their first baby doll. Made of soft velour material, “Baby Stella” will capture your heart as she makes sweet sounds just like a real baby. In fact, the “Baby Stella Sweet Sounds Doll” was selected as the winner of a 2014 Cribsie Award as the Ultimate First Doll in the Play Category, and the Toys Bulletin staff can certainly affirm the choice. We predict with confidence that “Baby Stella” will be the soft doll that inspires the most creative play in children 1-3 years old.


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Lyla Tov Monsters – Play & Protect

Lyla Tov Monsters takes a close up look at a new line of plush toys.

Look out Monsters! Squonk and Madeline are attacking and they will spare no monster left in the closet. These adorable, huggable “monsters” will rid your home of any luring, ugly, stinky or grumpy monsters. Easy to use too; simply hug and the monsters disappear. Four adorable “monsters” from Lyla Tov Monsters are now available to terminate bad dreams and serve as a protector of a good night’s sleep. Lyla Tov (“Good Night” in Hebrew), was the original creation of Lyla Black – a three year old who made her first monster for her dad, Eric Black, as a gift. The recipient of the 2014 Young Inventor of the Year TAGIE award, Lyla comes by creativity naturally. Her mother, Erin Black, a two time Emmy award winning costume designer for Sesame Street and the Jim Henson Company had worked with monsters for over ten years. Lyla’s father Eric has also worked extensively for the Jim Henson Company as well as for Scholastic Media. Hard to miss with this family combo team.


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