Castle Combat – Keeps Getting Better looks at some new game cards for “Castle Combat” from KidRealm.

Castle Combat 1For those readers unfamiliar with “Castle Combat,” here is a quick rundown on the game. Do you remember the game of War, where a standard 52 card deck is used to match cards against each other, with the card of higher value winning. The game continued, sometimes for hours, until one player had captured all 52 cards. “Castle Combat” takes the concept of War much farther and creates a lot more excitement.

In “Castle Combat” there are loads of cards to collect and choose from before declaring war on your opponent. It is important to note that all cards are considered either a common card or a legendary card, and are also rated as good guy, bad guy or neutral cards. Each card also features a colorful drawing of a certain type of warrior, such as Undead, Viking, Princess, Beast, Jester, Knight, Wizard, Elf and others. Every card also has a Power Rating, representing the Strength, Magic and overall Skill level of that warrior. Many cards also have a Special Ability listed on the card, and there are also cards of different colors shown by the shield surrounding the Power Rating.

Two players compete in a game, and each must first select their Army Deck of cards, which contains 16 cards. There are specific rules when picking your Army Deck, or players could and would stack their deck with an unbeatable team of powerful cards. The tournament rules are simple to follow, and here are the most important of those rules…half of the army can be legendary warriors, and half must be common. Players are not allowed to mix good guys with bad guys, but neutral warriors can be used by either, and Armies can also be a mix of two colors.

castlecombat 2Players begin the battle by first drawing 3 cards from each of their Army Decks to form their hand. Next, each player chooses one of those cards to start the battle and places it face down on the field of battle. Players then flip both cards over, activating any Special Abilities listed on the cards. Next, each player rolls one die and adds that number to the Power Rating on their warrior card in play. The higher total wins and the losing warrior card is placed in the dungeon. The winning warrior card is placed in that player’s winning pile. If there is a tie, both cards go to their respective winning piles. Players then draw back up to 3 cards. When a player’s initial Army deck is exhausted, that player then is able to use his winning pile and continue play. The game continues until all of a player’s warrior cards have ended up in the dungeon.

castle combat 3There are all kinds of special situations that can occur during a typical game, sometimes forcing 2 out of 3 contests, or Epic Battles where 3 warriors go against 3 of the opponents warriors. Rivals may come up against each other providing even more of a challenge and certain powerful warriors may be able to negate the abilities on other cards. These are just a handful of the possibilities.

But, the reason for this “Castle Combat” update, is to mention the huge number of new cards available for purchase. These cards will only enhance the game play even more. There are all sorts of new and unusual Special Abilities on the cards, and many new warrior cards at varying Power levels have been added as well. The drawings on the cards are again first rate and “Castle Combat” continues to be a great entry level card replacement game for players as young as 5 years old.

Go directly to the Castle Combat (KidRealm) website for information about the game, booster pack availability as well as purchase information for new players.

–RJ Cullen

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