Bring Your Own Book – A New Type of Game

ToysBulletin looks at a new game release from Gamewright.

bring your own book 1“Bring Your Own Book” is a game that requires players to bring a simple prop with them in order to play. That item is a book, and it can be a classic novel, a cook book, your child’s favorite bedtime book or even a Bible. It could be a hardcover or paperback, a favorite book or even one you were disappointed with – all you need is any type of book to use as your tool for the game.

The game requires three or more players (ages 12 years old and up) to play, each with a book of their choice. The game contents included 100 prompt cards, with two prompts per card. To begin play, one player serves as the judge, and chooses one of the prompt cards at random. The judge then chooses one of the two prompts, reads it aloud and players are asked to find the best words, sentences or paragraphs from their book that best fits the descriptive prompt on the card. Once a player yells “got it,” meaning he has found a nice answer, the timer is turned over and the remaining players have 60 seconds to also find an answer in their book. When all players have their answer, the judge chooses the one he thinks is best and awards that card to the player with the best answer. The player judge, who did not participate in the search, passes the judge’s hat on to the next player and the game continues, with the player winning the most cards (generally first to get 4 cards) being declared the overall game winner.

Here are some examples of prompts shown on the cards:

“A Line From A Ransom Note”

“The Secret Password to a Magical Cave”

“A Ridiculous Tabloid Headline”

bring your own game 2A nice variation can also be introduced after a player gets two cards. How about all players must pass their books to the left so everyone has a different book to choose from. That makes things interesting for sure.

We play tested this game with a group of 6 players and it was a blast, including lots of hilarious moments and fun competition. “Bring Your Own Book’ is a game that never grows old, because it changes every time depending on the books brought.

Whether you are a book fanatic or think even one paragraph is way too much to read, “Bring Your Own Book” has great appeal to everyone. This is a true party game, and it retails for just $14.99. Look for it at the Gamewright website.

–Peter Lythgoe

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