Breyer & Canterwood Crest: Horse and Book Set

Breyer Canterwood Crest 1ToysBulletin reviews a classic horse and young adult book distributed by Reeves International, Inc.

Breyer Animal Creations is world renown for their exquisite equestrian models. They are huge favorites among collectors, and we at Toys Bulletin are especially excited to review our first today. In fact, as a bonus, we are looking at the initial release of a horse/book combination set based on the best selling Canterwood Crest book series from Jessica Burkhart (See photo).

Breyer Canterwood 2The horse included in the package is named Charm (a thoroughbred/belgian mix) who stands approximately 6″ tall and measures 9″ long, which is about 1:12 scale. Charm is brown in color with a white blaze running along the bridge of his nose, white markings just above his front hoofs and a slightly lighter tail.

The book included in our set was the first in the Canterwood Crest series called “Take the Reins.” The book centers around Sasha Silver who attends a very elite riding school. Her riding talent and her horse Charm are quickly noticed by her classmates and she is put to the test to prove herself time and time again. There are some 20 books in the series and the books are generally recommended for ages 9-13.

“Take the Reins” is an extremely easy read with fast moving chapters and only 249 pages. It is a perfect book for today’s teenagers. There is no doubt that the addition of the Breyer model horse to the set was an excellent idea. Teens will likely insist on having both the horse (Charm) and the book. Breyer Canterwood 3This special combination package is just the first in the series to be offered. We have also included a photo of the second horse and book set, featuring the Breyer model horse Aristocrat and the book titled “Chasing Blue.”

Both of the sets, Charm with Canterwood Crest’s “Take the Reins” or Aristocrat with Canterwood Crest’s “Chasing Blue” retail for $24.99. Each can be purchased directly from the Breyer Horses website.

–RJ Cullen

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