Baby Stella Sweet Sounds – A Perfect First Doll

Baby Stella looks at a fascinating doll from The Manhattan Toy Company.

The “Baby Stella Sweet Sounds Doll” will provide genuine excitement to little ones holding their first baby doll. Made of soft velour material, “Baby Stella” will capture your heart as she makes sweet sounds just like a real baby. In fact, the “Baby Stella Sweet Sounds Doll” was selected as the winner of a 2014 Cribsie Award as the Ultimate First Doll in the Play Category, and the Toys Bulletin staff can certainly affirm the choice. We predict with confidence that “Baby Stella” will be the soft doll that inspires the most creative play in children 1-3 years old.

Baby Stella 2The “Baby Stella” arrival is also something special as she is securely fastened in an attractive green and pink box covered in large polka dots. The box is sturdy enough to store the doll, even creating a nice pretend “cradle” for the little baby. Adorable from her soft head to her lifelike toes, this 15” tall little bundle will say “momma” when you squeeze her left hand, “giggle” when you squeeze her right toe and make a “lifelike sucking sound” once you place the magnetic pacifier up to her mouth.  She sports a “newborn” tiny ponytail tuft (small strands of brown velour fabric) of brunette hair secured by a soft pink satin ribbon. “Baby Stella” also has whimsically embroidered facial features with brown eyes (including lashes), a happy expressive smile and a tiny nose. Her plump tummy is covered with a soft pink and green polka dot jersey dress made for easy removing. She even has a lifelike belly button and a removable diaper.

Baby Stella 3It seems that The Manhattan Toy Company thinks of everything as the “Baby Stella Sweet Sounds Doll” comes with 2 AA batteries already installed, allowing children to instantly play with her without mom or dad having to search for batteries. This baby doll actually comes to life with the three baby sounds that will make every little one smile, and there is little doubt that she is a perfect first birthday gift. The superb craftmanship of the body along with the durable quality of clothing makes this an especially good value at $45.00. The “Baby Stella Sweet Sounds” doll can be purchased directly from the Manhattan Toy Company website.

–Mary Kay

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