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Innovation First Labs Hexbug

This is a great new robotic creature that even kids can control. The original Hexbug will change direction, and react to physical obstacles in its path, even changing directions to loud sounds. The line has been expanded to include an Inchworm, a Crab, an Ant, and the new Nano. The Nano even flips over by itself, and can be put through its paces in several habitat sets.

This is NOT a clone of last year’s unpleasant “Zhu Zhu Pets,” instead this is a step forward in true robotics. Prices range from $7.99 for an individual Nano upwards to $49.00 for a fully loaded habitat. Go to to get more facts, or to to make a purchase.

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Jump Gate


GAMES Magazine’s 2011 Traditional Game of the Year.  This is a board game that can be enjoyed by the entire family.  Explore far-away planets, and collect resources to gain fame and fortune.  But beware, your plans can be thwarted by other players.  This game is suggested for those 12+ and can be played by 2-6 players.

It has a very low retail price of $29.95, but may be hard to find.  It can be pre-ordered from Fun Again Games .
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Air Hogs Moto Frenzy Remote Controlled Stunt Bike

This is a pretty neat little concept for only $24.99. This Christmas is really shaping up to be high tech and value centric, as you can see by this inexpensive remote controlled motocross bike as well as some of the other toys we've looked at recently such as Paper Jamz and the Havoc Heli.

The Air Hogs Moto Frenzy is a mini motocross bike that can pop wheelies and pull other stunts. For the price, it's not a bad bet.

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The Most Anticipated Kids Toys for the 2010 Christmas Season

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Air Hogs RC Havoc Heli

This Havoc Heli looks like a fun and rather inexpensive r/c helicoptor. There are a few customer comments regarding their durability, but for the price, I think this is going to be a fun one to play around with.

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Fisher-Price Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster

Fisher Price might have a winner on their hands here. This remote control Bigfoot really has a personality and the ability to do some tricks that little kids will dig.

For instance, it can roar on command, throw balls, pound his fists, raise his hands, and even chew and burp. The remote is in the shape of a Big Foot. I think you could become the envy of a circle of kids pretty fast with this one.

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About Toys Bulletin

About Toys Bulletin: was created by a group of toy fans and game enthusiasts who wanted to share their experiences tracking down and testing the best kids toys and games available.  The site focuses particularly on uncovering those great toys and games that miss widespread coverage by the general media and frequently go undiscovered by most consumers.

There is no set format to the reviews or the subject matter we cover – it depends on what’s hot, in season, hard to find or really what we are buying for our own kids (or ourselves) at the time. { READ MORE...}

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Wow Wee Paper Jamz Thin Instruments

Pretty amazing price on these electronic "thin instruments" from Wow Wee. You can play with popular songs, do karaoke or freestyle on your own. Sound quality is surprisingly decent and the versatility make them a pretty cool toy for a wide variety of ages.

To really get a feel for what these offer check out this video. They also make amps, drums, and a few different guitar styles to choose from.

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