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I Spy – Spooky Mansion

I Spy Spooky Mansion reviews a new release in the “I Spy” series of games.

“I Spy-Spooky Mansion” is a game from the Briarpatch division of University Games. It is part of their Play’n Learn System, with this game emphasizing Literacy, Coordination and Social Skills. The object of the game is for players to move around the Spooky Mansion spotting unusual objects, allowing them to pick up valuable keys and quickly exit the Spooky Mansion before their opponents.

The game contents include 20 Picture cards, 80 Word cards, 18 Key tokens, 4 Player pieces, 4 Mansion maps, 1 Die, 1-15 second Sand timer and a 3D game board that is used in conjunction with the game box. The game is intended for 2-4 players. { READ MORE...}

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Swift Stream Z-10 – A Fully Featured Camera Drone reviews the fourth of four drones from Swift Stream.

This is the final chapter of our drone week coverage. So far this week, we covered the entry level Z-4 ($30), the slightly more expensive, but still very affordable Z-6 ($40) and the Z-9 ($80), which was double the size of the Z-6 and added a Wi-Fi camera.

Swift Stream z-10 1Today is the big daddy, the biggest and best of the drones we will be reviewing – the Z-10. The price on the Z-10 is around $130 and it is much bigger than the others coming in at approximately 26” x 26”. We loved the functionality that comes with this model, but let’s start with a few of the smaller details. { READ MORE...}

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Swift Stream Z-9 – A Budget Priced Camera Drone reviews the third of four drones from Swift Stream.

This is drone week at Toys Bulletin, and so far we have reviewed a couple of lower priced models from Swift Stream, including the Z-4 ($30) and the Z-6 ($40). What we have found is that you can get an impressive drone experience for a rather low price, something that was unheard of just a few years ago.

swift stream z-9 2Today, we are going to move up to the Swift Stream Z-9. This model is approximately twice as large as the Z-6 coming in around 12.4” x 12.4” and the price jumps up to $80. But the Z-9 takes us into a whole new class of drone, and like the other products we have reviewed so far, the functionality, features, construction and controllability are all top notch, especially when you consider that we are still under $100. { READ MORE...}

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Drone Week Continues – Swift Stream Z-6 Drone reviews the second of four drones from Swift Stream.

As drone week continues here at Toys Bulletin, we are going to look at the next in the line of recreational drones from Swift Stream. We reviewed the Z-4 yesterday, priced at $30 and measuring 3” x 3”. It certainly proved to be a nice entry into the world of drones. The Z-6 that we are going to review today is a small step up in terms of price ($40), but it is bigger measuring 5 ½” x 5 ½ ” and offers a few new features that are worth noting. { READ MORE...}

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“Drone Week” Kicks Off With a Look at the Swift Stream Mini Z-4 Drone

Swift Stream z-4 reviews the first of four drones from Swift Stream.

This week we are going to take a look at a line of surprisingly affordable and highly functional drones from Swift Stream. We are going to focus on four models, at all ends of the spectrum, in what we will call the first ever “Toys Bulletin Drone Week.”

Drones seem to be all the rage these days, and I remember when only a few years ago, you would be lucky to find one under $1000. Everything available was a commercial grade pro video drone. But the technology evolved quickly to meet the surge in demand, and now you can find small, recreational drones starting as low as $30 like the Swift Stream Z-4 that we are reviewing today. { READ MORE...}

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Memory Yoga, Cards and Spinner – All from Thinkfun gets some exercise, as we review the latest games from Thinkfun.

Thinkfun Yoga 1The staff had to get up off their chairs this week, as we tackled three new Yoga related games from Thinkfun. First of all, each of the games asks the participants to move around and loosen up a bit before beginning play. In fact, the rules provide a link to a specially designed Thinkfun site, where warm up suggestions are fully explained and illustrated.

We decided to start with “Memory Yoga,” a game for 2-4 players, ages 3 years old and up. The game includes 36 Yoga pose tiles (18 different pairs), with each of the sturdy tiles measuring just over 2″ square. The beginner game is very simple to play, as the tiles are shuffled and placed face down in a 6 x 6 grid. Players then alternate turns by turning over one tile and trying to find its matching tile. If there is a match, the player keeps the tiles. If not, the tiles are turned back over face down. Play continues until all matches are made. The player with the most tiles is declared the winner. But wait, why did we have to warm up for that? Well, there is an advanced set of rules for ages 6 years old and up, and it is still the basic match game, as just described, but in order to claim any two matched tiles, the player must first perform the illustrated yoga move and hold the position for 10 seconds. The poses may seem fairly simple, but we were still huffing and puffing after trying to stay in one place for 10 seconds. But, after playing numerous times, we had to admit it was a fun physical test for sure. “Memory Yoga” retails for $9.99. { READ MORE...}

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Adventure Time-Card Wars – Fionna vs. Cake

Card Wars reviews a new “Adventure Time” game release from Cryptozoic Entertainment.

Back in 2011, “Fionna and Cake” premiered as part of the “Adventure Time” series on the Cartoon Network. Their characters, a girl and a cat, were gender spin offs of Finn, a boy, and Jake, his dog that had already proven to be highly popular on the “Adventure Time” series. The series continues to have an extremely loyal cult following of both teenagers and adults, and with that said, “Cryptozoic Entertainment” has released several card games that reflect the “Card Wars” game featured on the TV series. { READ MORE...}

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Geometry Strategy – The Sphere is the Key to Victory reviews a most unique game experience from BRIGHT of Sweden.

Geometry Challenge 1When a game is approved to enter the Mensa Mind Games competition, it is time to stand up and take notice. “Geometry Strategy” did just that, and it is well worth taking a look at. The game will actually make players do a double take when they first see the playing pieces spread around the board. This is because the playing pieces are made up of three dimensional geometric shapes.

Geometry Challenge 2The game contents include 4 sets of playing pieces (10 in each of 4 different colors), 15 Red Zone cards, 4 Challenge Ranking lists and 1 game board measuring approximately 19″ x 19″. The playing pieces include a sphere, helix, hexahedron, cylinder, pyramid, rectangular prism, prism, dodecahedron, cone and tetrahedron. After reading that list, players may fear that everything they learned back in high school geometry has come back to haunt them. But that is not the case, and there is no need to worry, as no knowledge of geometry is necessary to play the game. { READ MORE...}

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